Monday, 22 January 2007

Just some stuff

As i was walking to the cafe one yeye okada man was like "see how you carry breast they waka for road,you one cause accident"..and then some fools were laughing.I just looked at him and shook my head in my mind i was like "u wey go still enter under trailer"...idiyoot!

Ehen jare...better people.
How was ur weekend yall?
Mine was pretty much uneventful.
I am sad oh,very sad and am sure man.united fans around the world feel the same way.I didnt hear word with arsenal peeps calling me after they beat us 2-1.Sall good sha, we live to fight some other day.
And the award for the best jollof rice ever goes to-ME!
So i finally cooked some very tasty j.rice...U know like those party J.rice u eat at those owambe parries.See pot scraping,they all abused me for not cooking much the one time i managed to cook something eatable.A fluke,thats what i call it.Will i be able to cook something as tasty next week.I seriously doubt it.How i wish i have many more flukes like that when i get married.Unless its sikirat in and me out.Of course mummy dearest had something to say about it.BITE MEMOMMA! For once cant i just be praised for a job well done.

So i want to start something new on my blog.You know how we bloggers love to talk about ourselves and all.Of course why shouldn't we,it's our blogs for crying out loud.But i want to do something a lil bit different and once every two weeks i'll talk about a friend of mine, someone very special,someone whose frienship i truly appreciate and i'll talk about how we met and all that good stuff.Basically just gush about the person,talk about the good times,bad times and maybe add some pictures.And am calling it

"Exschoolnerd's true Friendship Story"

So yeah enough of my rants,there are a couple of,will i say pet projects that i've put on the hold but i seriously hope to accomplish one,if not all of them this year.

It is by no means an easy task to run a magazine.And i dont knw half of what it entails but i have a partner who does.So with my creativity,his expertise and Godsgrace we could make it work.Its not going to be the usual photo albums masking as mags.We have people that do that all to well.But a mag with alot more substance,something that'll be worth ur moneys worth.
*BOARDING HOUSE MEMOIRS*- i was going through this funny webpage My school life page. Anyways its about boarding house memories of an fggc owerri girl ..I was literally rolling on the floor when i read it and immediately after, i wrote mine and thought it wouldnt be a bad idea to have people send their school memories(maybe a funny or inspirational thing that happened in school and sort of make in into a book.I got some replies after i posted this on my old blog exschoolnerd but not enough.So if ur interested in sending your stories email it to me at

I actually forgot about this for a while till i came across a website (check out their gallery..warning!!too much eye-candy) that re-ignited my my interest in them.
Am a creative person and this has just always been something i've wanted to do for a long time no,even before i entered the university and it's something i know i will do even if am 30(thats if i don't do it before then).I love those shirts with funny,dirty,though provoking,inspirational slogans and it's something am very much interested in.To satisfy the creative side of me and also for profit purposes oh..but mostly to satisfy my creativity...I've been looking for someone to partner up with,someone who knows all about tailoring and all cause the people i've met i didnt really dig their work cause their finishing were usually poor and i want to put out quality stuff. Something that i can wear myself,something that can match with what'son that site.And there's the capital that i dont have(yet)...but anyways i've been piling my ideas who knows what can happen.If your interested in this email me at
And there's also the books i've been writing for the past sixth months.I haven't really gotten anywhere yet sha.But i have two books in the works.One that's gonna take a very long time for me to finish but has a good story.The other one is loosely based on my life but am just scared of divulging so much stuff.I mean my parents will get to read it eventually.That's probably the only reason why am holding back and maybe cause am so caught up with writing something perfect instead of just letting it flow.
Gatat run.leave some love.


azuka said...

Some people can be so rude...

I think we've all got funny secondary school experiences. Would I be willing to share them all? Ummm, many of them are pretty embarassing...

Nilla said...

The Okada man...That's naija for you (That's supposed to be harrasment, but in Naija...that's a girl's daily life).

Look forward to your "true friendship stories".

Anonymous said...

me again. was that dude watering at the mouth(salivating). i can never understand why women find a boorish compliment in bad taste. its a COMPLIMENT. glad you "install" that pic, on the homepage,its a shocker. cant believe a pretty face such as yours have so much internal turmoil.
wish you the best in your creative ventures.
the scientist.

Anthony Arojojoye said...

And when are you gonna give some of us the priviledge of forwarding your book?

Yosh said...

Hmm, I like the output on the tops on NSEffects. A friend of mine at Yabatech knows this guy who makes dough from making custom made tops and I own a couple. If only the finishing were like those I saw on NSEffects. But hey, one's gotta start somewhere, shey?

Go GUNNERS! Too much mouthing from United. It sure was sweet victory and would be sweeter if it were @ Ol' Trafford. Enuff of that...

And oh, the first option of writing for a mag or yr own mag sounds good, too! I could have a word or two for software to use when publishing and all...sha, till then.


exschoolnerd said...

@azuka...pls share..many of mine are embarassing too.but i bet it'd make for a good read.
@nilla..abi o..naija 4 u..looking forward to starting my true friendship stories too o.
@the scientist...compliment indeed.thnx for the uh compliment. soon as i can get it off my p.c..i sha told u the wahala i have with it.
@yosh...lets hear word about the whole gunners win abegi!
plus when r u finally moving to blogger...i cant wait.

Vincent said...

Laide u inspire me with all ur writing and stuvvs keep it up...i 'v finally opened my blog again maybe ill put something in it

And ohh just for the record...GUNNERS ROCK... too bad for Man
when we won i thot alot bout how u'ld look...didnt wnt to call and torment u like i did d oda man u fans...take it izzy ur still on top ehh...were gettin there

exschoolnerd said...

@ vincent...aww that's so nice glad ur back blogging am looking 4ward to reading ur blog oh..and thanx for not callin me to rub it in..u rock!

Life through rose-tinted glasses said...

hey babe this is my first time leaving a comment on ur page but i've been reading ur blog since exschool nerd and i must say i love the way u write, ur totally awesome just keep it up uve come a long way from CCI lol...take care

Anonymous said...

what a stupid stupid okada man... dang... they're so rude.. the worst one i heard is that when those garbage carriers come around and are stinking up the place.. if you cover up your nose.. they throw garbage on you.. how fucking rude is that?!?!the mag idea sounds perfect.. we're behind you luv.. and i'm definitely looking forward to the true friendship story.. can't wait to read the books either.. babe you have a lot on your plate sha.. gluck with em all!

nosa101 said...

now that's funny.....the okada man

c0dec said...

i fit kill for those party j.rice meals

exschoolnerd said...

@ life thru rose tinted glasses...gurl i need to know who u are abeg..u went to c.c.i so curious right now..holler at me
@ONB..oh thanx sweets..i cant wait too jare...i'll put it up pretty soon for yall to read.
@nosa...not really can can i!

Ayohla said...

hey ma!!! hit me up 4 any one of them projects yeah... got ur back!!! had 2 books as well but my mum formatted my p.c and i didnt have any back up files.... imagine dat!!! i was depressed 4 months but hwta can u do heh? been writtin em for six years as well!!!

exschoolnerd said...

@ayohla...will do