Friday, 26 January 2007

Exschoolnerds True Friendship Story 1- OBINNA.

In a previous entry i talked about posting once a week an entry about a friend of mine and talk about what the person has come to mean to me.And basically like a ode to this particular person and i've met a whole lot of awesome people over the years and i'd just like to talk a little about here's my first exschoolnerd true friendship story..expect many more to come..



Obinna my ronnie,my R.I.B as he is fondly called by me. Which is actually short for Razz Ibo he knows i love him to death even though we diss ourselves and call each other names.

I met obinna online in 2004 when a certain reality show was going on in africa- Project sure you all remember it.The one where dare art alade was a contestant.Anyways i was a huge fan of dare so i decided to make a fan site for dare and all DARE FAN SITE and it was quite popular and thats where i met obinna o!

He left a msg and i hollered and later we exchanged numbers and we started talking,am the kind of person that needs to find that extra thing to want to get to know a person more and obinna had that zing thing.Though i had a slight problem with him cause i thought he was a tad bit cocky but maybe i just couldn't understand how a person could be so confident and sure of himself that it came of as arrogance to me.So that caused a slight problem in the beginning of our friendship cause i just couldnt deal with him being all am the man and all...but along the line i got to know this ibotic fella a lot more and i realised beneath the whole macho man exterior is a sweetheart(i know u don't do mushy obinna but ama be as mushy as i want) that no doubt song "Your really lovely underneath it all)

Me and obinna diss ourselves alot..i once sent him a text that i just saw him on sunday rendevouz remember those dance shows they show on NTA..with a group of people dancing away like their life depended on it in a club only to win a yeah and he was knacking his "I LOVE NY T-SHIRT'..with the chino's wey his friend wey just do freedom sew for am and his GSB'S(go-slow bones) and them FEELA canvas....and he'd retaliate and be like no be sey na from your neighbour window i dey watch D.ST.V wey i dey take claim cable.It was just a fun friendship and he was the kind of person you could never have a dull moment with.He could imitate a host of voices..and he especially cracks me up with his ibo man impersonation...but he does everything from johnny bravo to speedy

Obinna actually went to the same secondary school(chrisland college) as i did but at different times,i guess it just wasn't time for us to meet yet,we have been through similar experiences and its so good to have someone who can also relate to issues you've have to deal with.We talk about everything from how to work them vagina muscles to who we intend to vote for in the upcoming elections and i find myself opening up to him and telling him stuff i probably can't stand infront of the mirror and tell myself..thats how at ease he makes me feel.

I decided it was finally time to meet him after like two and a half years of chatting and calling,i cannot for the life of me understand why i waited that long to see him.But i guess i just wanted him to know me and me know him(but i guess two and a half years is quite long innit) but i do believe that is why our friendship has lasted that long.We arranged to meet about two weeks ago at my say i was nervous was putting it midly..i guess i just wanted everything to go well.
So Mr. man came over to my crib and obinna is not fair o! more like yellow and has the sexiest eyes ever(if he wasn't wearing contacts o!)....and we hung out and i prepared some food for him and we just gisted and nothing was diffrent it wasn't like those first time meetings that you later feel like should just have been left for just phonecalls..They was a energy..between the both of us more from his side

With obinna am Amaka(my alter ego) the wild and free side of me,the side that doen't give a fuck.The side that wants to live life to the fullest,the side that knows she's all that and nothing no one or anybody can say can bring me down...Yeah Obinna brought out that out in me.And has thought me never to expect less because i am worth the best.(see am even rhyming sef)

I love obinna,i love the person he real it's unbelievable, confident..but slightly cocky,sexy...(he will never let me hear word now o)...I love the person he has made me become through his words,his ever assuring words,endless advising and friendship.I have never met anyone who believes in me as much as he did and makes me want to believe in myself like he does and even more.

Whenever i tell him am having a problem with someone he's like "fuck em"...everything "fuck em"...and i swear when am feeling insecure of shy..all i remember is obinna saying "fuck em"...and i say it out loud and am alot better.."the fuck em therapy"..i call obinna says "laide nothing do you now,fuck em if they dont like you" thanking fucking them thanx to fucking them real good.

Thank you for being you,for not told me what you've been through and i guess it is what has shaped you into the confident young man that you are with the brightest of futures.I believe you just as much as you do me.Your confidence has slowly started rubbing of on me and am starting to feel alot better about myself thanks to you.For putting that much needed smile on my face and making my head swell countless of times.And for telling the truth when the truth needed to be told.(with that ur evil mouth)

And that's what friends are supposed to do,they are supposed to come into your life and make an impact,spurn a positive change one way or the other.Whether it's putting a smile on a friends face or boosting their confidence and you've managed to do so and i thank you my R.I.B..

Obinna sweets you rock big time and am just glad to know your cocky ass.Don't stop being you,it'd be the biggest disaster since the titanic if you do.(this is the point where you blush uncontrollably..ode)

Love you fool!


Nilla said...

Yeah, never expect less cos you're worth the best.

It's nice that he had a positive impact on your life...
Waiting for your next installment.

Have a wonderful weekend!

hook,line,sinker+fisherman said...

lol @ the "f*&k 'em" anthem...

it's great to have a friend that takes u a notch or two up the confidence scale... ..ride on!

exschoolnerd said...

@NILLA...thanx girl..for stopping by..appreciate it..have a wondaful weekend too.
@h.l and s...yeah everybody should have friends like that..thnx for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Good pals cut accross tribes. I'm happy u found some1 to trust. Some of us are not that lucky. Now who dare says online chattinm is worthless.

layi kamoju

OmoIbadan said...

Ok...I just discovered I am an RIB too...kewl:)

Emmie Johnson said...

Hey! That was an excellent blog!!!!