Wednesday, 24 January 2007

I have Blogorrhea !!!

Don't blame me i just can't stop blogging..

so i finally got to see my boyfriend after like a month and a half..and he just lives like 45mins away for me.I don't even want to go into it sha..Well we just talked but we seemed so far apart like we've lost that spark,that connnection and i just wish we could go back to before.Rewind like that paolo nuttini song..

So he said i lost weight(and he's not just saying it cause he's my boyfriend)...well he's in the best position to say whether i have cause he hasn't seen me for over a month and immediately he saw me he was have lost yeah i must be doing something right and that just got me even more motivated to keep on exercising and all..soon and very soon oh...una go see fine girl no right

Oh well he left we didnt really resolve anything and we didn't talk for more than 20mins...i was sad sha...really sad.How did things get to this point.

So my mother has been getting on my effing nerves..i followed her out yesterday and this woman is just out of control she can never let anything go...she probably abused all the okada men on the way to our destination and every friggin person that just annoyed her.At one point she was shouting at some dude in a car,cussing him out and i was looking at the dude he resembled all those area boy types and i was like...

Hmmm..hmmm...if that man should come out and say he wants to beat u,the fact that i look like i can take on king kong will not help oh.Cause he will beat me,beat u and beat the both of us at the same time and probably do something nasty to ur car so just hold it there...and me am not ready for them to naked me in just coolu temper o! yeye kid crossed her in a hurry and she almost came down and beat the shege out of the alakoba but she was like "o ni lo joko si bi kan, alakoba! ti n ba gba e danu e...oniranu" (u wont go and sit down want to put me in trouble...if i gba e danu e...useless person) me i was just laffing on my own.

But my mother should cool down sometimes,there are somethings u should let go..even if u want to leap out of ur car and start strangling that okada man...they r not worth trading words with at times.

I also hate being in the car with her when i've done something like yesterday,because i didn't want to pray with her the night before she didnt let me hear word.Jumping out of a moving vehicle never looked so tempting.
"you will see, shey am asking you to pray with me you dont want to...useless girl..idiyoot...blah blah that time(she'll now bring something that happened in 1874 and cuss u for that one too)

Oh boy i need me an ipod,so while she's ranting on and on it's that time i'll bring the ipod out and i'll be listening to "oma rundown e wo lo ma rundown,mo ma funk e up(abi watever they say..i love it when my friend obinna says it)"...or my new favorite song "e ti won bota, e ti won si konga"(lol..that song makes no friggin sense but it's catchy n quite popular.

i gata run,i might come back to update ..gata see a friend.ciao people...its actually anthony am going to see.


Okay so i just saw anthony and we couldn't hang out at my know for fear of mumcy and pupcy's wahala... i just don't want their wahala we hung out at an eatery in the area and guess what mumcy jammed us just know she's going to have something to say.

So yeah it was nice to finally meet someone from the blogworld...we gisted and got to know each other better sha...and he did some blogmebo(blog amebo) just told me some stuff that happened on blogger brought me up to speed and all..and we just talked about a bunch of stuff and i actually had a nice time.Hope to do it some other time.

When i got home mumcy was like "Who is that again? And am like whats the again for? Like she's seen me with loads of boys..that's probably the second boy she has ever seen me with.And then she asks about my boyfriend...and i was like i dont want to talk about it and walked away.


kemi said...

HI Lady am i glad you have blogorrhoea! At least i get a fix from you daily. Sorry about you and your boyfriend having issues might as well ake time to talk it over now instead of living in limbo for the next how many months again. try not to annoy ur mom when she is those moods o she will just transfer the iya she was planning to give others onto you. Take it easy lady.

Nilla said...

You won't kill me with laughter...

I'm learning new things daily...blogmebo..LOl

Hope you get to sort things out with boyfriend.

bibi said...

hahahaha gurl.. my mum is worse o. shes not naija and u shuld see the way she curses those danfo u would hear her shouting agbaya.. lol the stupid danfo drivers instead of the to move out of her way, they would laugh and start shouting.. oyibo and that pisses my mum off so much.... she also uses emere for small kids..
sometimes i just laugh and tell her to easy, or shout on her to stop embarrasing her self o.. or if she doesnt care bout her self at least me.. lol
she once did it to one of my classm8s... see me laughing and i was like.. thats my classm8 there o, pls dont let him start making fun of me in school, the next day, homeboy made fun of me mumsi ehn..chaii
some daughters do ave them o.. that includes me...hahaha

Omohemi Benson said...

Blogorrhea??! ke! ewo lo tun je be?
I guess every blogger has it nigba naa!

I guess most naija mums are the same,pray our daughters don't nag bout us too.

Abeg spread the blogmebo gist around o!
My ears are itching. lol

exschoolnerd said...

@kemi...thnx definately trying to make things work o! Am trying real hard.And about mumct ive found out i annoy her even without trying so i dunno what to do about her case...just avoid her maybe.
@nilla..thanx nilla..i do hope things work out too..yes o blogmebo!! mum is a hyper version of ur out of a naija movie...
@omohemi...abi i pray our daughters to blog about us like this in the future..ill try not to be d crazy sha..
about the blogmebo..hmmm..hmmm...hmmm...i dunno o!

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Thou shalt not tell!
How have you been?

azuka said...

Hmmm. There are some people in my family I don't like going out with. If people want to disgrace themselves do they have to disgrace you as well?

exschoolnerd said... amebo lips r sealed.
@ azuka..i feel u

Life through rose-tinted glasses said...

hey babe. havent read this blog but i'll get around to. i saw the comment on my page and it made me smile...i like that ur curious yeah i went to CCI thats how i know and u wrote a couple of things bout it that made me laugh, the whole wilson thing...

Anonymous said...

'she'll now bring something that happened in 1874 and cuss u for that one too'...tell me about it!! too true..

ur blog is so funny..but do ur parents read it???