Sunday, 14 January 2007

What a day!

Lord of mercy..blogger has shown me wen...i've been trying to post an entry for the past week but to no avail...kai the thing has been doing my head in i even thought of moving to wordpress.

No vex about the name change,i figured am not going to be fat forever(or so i like to tell myself) and even though am an "ex-school nerd" i'll forever be a NERD!

So yeah am real body still aches from thursday night.Get your mind out of the gutter.

What happened, oh me and my friends odun and ngozi went to tejuosho to change money and buy jeans oh.But those crazed ibo bois have a knack for just making your already horrid day even more horrid.Instead of answering me they were deliberating whether i was yoruba cause a fine girl like me can't be yoruba(their words not mine) as far as am concerned they'd have said the same thing if i were a guinea fowl as long as i wanted to buy stuff from them.

you get ibotic looking fellas that look like they had a head on collision with a tank of bleaching cream dragging you rom left to right."Ah fine girl,my size! big baby!orobo! ur mama do well o!" spitting ibo to me."odikwa riski riski riski"(forgive me thats the only thing i know in ibo o!)..Lemme the fuck alone, no i dont want to buy victoria's secret or gbemisola's secret or "versachi" why should i come and see your shop when i dont need what ur selling.Better relax yourself and get out of my front jare.Tej is hectic!

Three years back id have followed my mumcy to alade market while she went to one "try me boutique" to buy clothes for me and she'd ask for 3 extra large and i'll be like "thanx for indirectly telling me i look like a cow" of course i was nothing near that size but can you argue with mum-no!

Then she'll pick some fab top of the rack and i'll be like finally something that king kong himself would not reject and she'll be like "Gerrout it's for me!" it's me you want to be rocking some ol' mama duds and you want to be doing some ol' mama youngee!

I am glad that chapter of my life is closed.All the 3 extra large clothes are now rags and it hurts me cause they were expensive.If i had all that money we used to spend now i will close down

By the time we were thru it was like 6:00pm and i have a 5:00pm curfew o! So there i was at the bustop till like 7:30pm.I always fancy myself as half ajebutta/half ajekpako..but that day the ajebutter came out oh...i started crying...flashing my folks to call me.My mom finally called me after shouting at me, i asked her if i could take a cab "Never! at this time dont u know its dangerous...yada yada yada" my dad collects the fone "Wo laide take a cab now now!"...mum collects the fone "Laide wait for a bus dont take a cab i've said my own oh"....and they argue back and forth and i just cut the call jare.Wasting my bloody time.

Anyways i finally got into a bus but it wasnt reaching my area but anywhere was better than there,well the same bus decided they'd go to my area but i had to pay triple of what i usually pay..i didnt mind o.The hold-up was a killer and it felt like a cockroach was clibbing up my skirt and u know me and cockroaches..i would have dabaru-ed that bus ehn.

Got to my area by 8:00pm had to chill at an empty total petrol station and called my bro to come and pick me and he took his time sha.My mum ate me raw but my dad was a bit more understanding.

Had to skip my night exercise cause the day itself was an exercise.I hadn't had anything to eat all day except the miserable wrigleys i bought standing on the unilag line at yaba and one sprite my brother shouldn't know about.But it wasn't my fault the sprite was calling me calling me...."laide baby!"..and when a sprite goes out of its way to communicate with u.You answer dammit!

Don't want to have to go throught that again abeg.

Happy sunday!


azuka said...

Those market boys. Just put on your severest look and walk like you're ready to kill someone. Most will keep off, but some don't care.

Anything for business.

exschoolnerd said...

@azuka..those bois dont send o! if u see me sef i already look like someone that can kill.But they still dey try me.


welcome to blogsville o. i know im late. but better late than never ehn!!!!

Anonymous said...

stumble across this blog. read a couple entries from your recent site. i then asked myself the question " don't this girl get bored doing this?" well i suppose by putting it here she will answer. another thing why cant you give us a total picture of yourself? headshots alone wont suffice.Lets be the judge on whether you're fat or not. you kinda make me curiousso u gotta know. will be back to see if you answer.
The scientist.

Lee said...

If you are looking for the chinko version of Ibo bois, then come do some shopping in China. Though they are not as bad as Ibo bois because the chinese people respect foreigners to an extent.

confusednaijagirl said...

happy sunday too!! the market boys story is bringin back bad memories for me !! thanks for stopping by.

Biodun said...

lol, I love this post. I so remember those teb-boys forever grabbing n touching, I so used 2 curse them out, I think one almost beat me one day, lol
Glad u made it home safely, thanks for stopping by my blog, will be back here!

Biodun said...

oops I meant tej bois, lol

UnNaked Soul said...

lol... the free pass boiz... lmao

Yosh (BJ) said...

Yes o, I'd be known as Yosh on Blogger, when it's time, but some spice of "BJ" here and thurr.
Wow, so you took the leap to blogger before me, eh! :) I've been seriously considering it, so I might as well do it. No hard feelings towards Xanga.

What's with the not wanting to go home from the TOTAL station!? :| Is it that bad now going home? Sha, I remembered the whole traffic craziness in Lagos, plus the humidity that hangs so close to one's head!

As for Tejuosho...

Calabar Gal said...

Blogger can be horrible sometimes.
As per those market boys, na their way - all you can do is continually ignore them.

Came over from OWNB's page. I'm interested in reading the post you talked about on Overwhelmed's page being the gbegborun that I am - (smile) Been over to your Xanga site. Even you will have to agree that going through ur archives is no mean feat. Though I'll try. Could you please send me the link? I'm loving ur mum though - arent they all like that? Fussy, Nosey but extremely lovable.

BabaAlaye said...

Kpele dear.
I heard the best way to get rid of the Tej Ibo boys is to actually smile and wink at them. Then confusion go come catch them as pe you don flip the script on their tura cream asses. You know say dem no get liver to toast women normally.

exschoolnerd said...

@anonymous..yay! my first anonymous comment...hmmm..not as scary as i thought..bout if i get bored with blogging...nah..not yet. there)
@lee...thats what them ibo bois lack..respect..when u decided to use pepper spary on their assess katakata go bust.
@C.N.G....thnx o jare..same 2 u
@biodun...they almost beat u11 those bois are cray sha..yeah do come back..
@yosh..can't wait till u switch over josh..looking forward to it.
@calabargal..will send the link.
@babaalaye..thnx for the tip..will try it out one of these days..

exschoolnerd said...

@36 inches of brown legs...whoa..that was long...thanx alot,i appreciate the holler.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i like exschoolnerd better!lmao@versachi... oh my gosh.. now you're making me crave naija oh babe.. i really gotta see this in person.. eww@ the bleaching stuff... nasty!!!