Saturday, 20 January 2007

My BIG FAT Boring Saturday

Woke up this morning to the sound of 'this love' by the lovely donell jones,i set it as my alarm tone.There's nothing like waking up to your favourite song in the should try it sometime.'s a saturday..whooptie doo(not) my saturdays are forever boring i never get to go anywhere.thanxs to my over protective folks.All i do is sit at home and mope all day and fight for d.s.t.v rights with my brothers and cook some lousy jollof rice that everybody always has something to say about.Shut up! and eat afterall yall finish it so whats the problem.i didnt ask to be housemaid did yeah am stuck at home...well until my okoro-in-shining-armour comes to whisk me off to his banana island mansion...yeah till then.

I got pimples, they are multiplying...see ehn my face has always been a pimple free zone but suddenly it has become a choice destination for pimples around the world.It's all clustered and very annoying...i dont know what to do.I've never had to deal with pimples...arrrggggh!!!!
Am finally off my period *does a happy dance*...i hate being on my period...apart from the fact that i turn to hitler during that period the killer cramps..mad! the last day of my period i ran out of my 'always' winged pads and had to use my mums 'always' that bears a striking resemblance to those N40 naira agege breads.I couldnt even close my legs cause they were too wide and damn too short..who do they make these things for..wide-assed midgets.Maybe they got a customer care line i can complain to..cause even the winged ones are too bloody short...and it's not even like i carry ikebe so i can imagine what my more endowed counterparts must be going thru.

And there are tampons...haven't tried them before am just scared its when i try it,it'll get stuck up there and ill have to tell my mum and it'll turn into a family affair and they'll send a search party down there with a torch light to remove the damn thing.Thats why i haven't had the balls to buy contacts yet am just afraid ill mistakenly remove my eyeball while taking them out...being the klutz that i am.

so na race i take pick comot for my house o! why is it when i decide to go on a bloody diet that everyone starts buying stuff that i love.My mum bought those 4litre ice cream yesterday and today she asked me if i wanted belle was like "hell yeah,which kain dieting be this one"....but i had to resist i swear in my mind all i could hear was "pom pom pom pom pom pom this na temptation,with a little confusion"...i decided to leave the parlour only to enter the other parlour to see my brothers getting familiar with some nando's and they had the audacity to ask me if i wanted some.Never in the history of our family life has such an offer been made and now they ask me..thunda will surely faya them in due time.

Pupcy always gives me stuff, he also called me...laide do u want part of my chicken.See ehn e don tay wey i don eat chicken oh..but i had to resist...the bible says flee temptation...and that's what i did with immediate alacrity..i fled my home and i'll be back when they have all finished getting acquainted with their individual mouth watering,tasty,long-throat inducing meals...

Back to my dieting...the thing is kinda hard but i gata be determined so i can be flaunting that bodacious bod *fingers crossed* before my birthday in april.Plus i have never exercised as much as i have these past weeks but am getting used to it.And i've been chowing down alot of veggies and fruits...all this musn't be in vain oh.

They are times i have lost weight in the past but not on purpose-that's also known as 'going to boarding house'.

Anyone got any dieting tips..feel free to share!

Happy saturday yall..

Up manunited...hope they thrash arsenal.


Nyemoni said...

Hope we trash em oh!! or else.. Hmm, Lemme not even imagine sha...

On dieting tips...

- don't eat carbs aftr 6pm.. they don't digest easily as you know and our metabolism is low at that time due to low activity (unless you be night-labourer) so the cards basically convert to fat.. Its better to eat fruits and veggies after 6pm.

-exercise! Run jog, go on ther trad mill, SWIM.. They definitely work...+ exercise is good for your heart!

-Age old but it helps! Drinks lots of H2O... serious...

-Cut down on food if you eat too much (go on a diet) i see you are already doing that

- Don't starve yourself!! You'll eat twice as much if you do and the result would be a larger you!

Anonymous said...

hmmm! my saturdays are also very boring, but for today i'm going to see a movie "blood diamond" i wish i can tak you along, anyway keep up the good work, someday a man will sweep you off your feet and take you out every sat.

exschoolnerd said...

@nyemoni....thanx alot for the tips..totally appreciate em..

@anonymous(i knw wu u r)..blood diamond..should be fun..AMEN O! One day na one day.i'll find that someone.

c0dec said...

lmao...this is one blog that guarantees to make me smile. try and enjoy your weekend. rebel against your folks.

azuka said...

thunda will surely faya them in due time

When last did I hear that?

Anonymous said...

she got the wrong dude that time. your "boring sat" post was like a private msg, saying who you are. hope they got the msg. love it though. Ice Cream.... have me salivating already. best way to maintain body size... eat healthy and play lots of physical games. i wonder if you were referring to this anonymous when you say you know who they are? anyway thats another matter. cant imagine whats it like to have multiple siblings.

yeah this blog has grabbed me.
The scientist.

exschoolnerd said...

@codec..thanx for stopping by sweets.
@azuka...probably in a naija the kind of thing they can say.
@ anonymous a.k.a the scientist...i meant the other anonymous guy not u..i dnt know who u are but i sure am curious.

Calabar Gal said...

LOL!! Laide. So u no carry backside eh? (smile)

Boarding house used to do wonders for me too. Too bad I'm past that now. Miss the good old days.

Nyemoni has said it all. Stick to that and there should be a little bit of improvement. Cood Luck!! Cheers!!!

exschoolnerd said...

@calabar gal...i no carry oh..sadly.God do me strong thing on that.
thnx for stopping jare.

Nilla said...

Missy, you make me laugh/smile any time I read your post.

Regarding the dieting thing:
Eat regularly, but in small potions and continue with the fruits and vegetables.
And like Nyemoni said, drink a lot of water.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Kaydee said...

LMAO! Trash who? It ain't hard to see who got trashed! Invitation is still open and i won't rest till u be a Gunner.
What makes U think u fat? O.k,when did U grow fat?
I got solution 4 ur Saturdays.Read a novel every sat and it keeps u busy till saoccer time.As 4 me,PS2 is ma best girlfriend eva.She will neva leave me alone. I like "This luv" like crazy too.I'll holla when i get ma phone back.

Lee said...

The pimples might be because of your period; you just got off right?
Then it may be what you are eating that's bringing the pimples back.

As for Diet, its all good.. Goodluck.. Im about to remove White sugar from my shelf..

exschoolnerd said...

@nilla...glad i could do that to u.Hope u had alovely weekend too.
@kaydee..join ARSEnal...not even for amillion bucks(wait oh maybe)
@lee..yeah some one told me that might be the cause...but i dont know what to use.

Omohemi Benson said...

Haba,tampons are not that diffcult to use,just insert carefully.

I hate my periods too,isn't there a way we can just live without our periods?!

All the best with your diet.

exschoolnerd said...