Monday, 8 January 2007

New year,New blog.....

Okay so i finally moved from exschoolnerd, it's been four wonderful years blogging there and i just felt like i needed a change and the new year provided the opportunity for me to make the transition to blogger.So am here now...looking forward to blogging here meeting new people and reading lots of awesome blogs.

Since this is my first entry i guess i should re-introduce myself(for those that think they know me) and introduce myself (to those who dont know me).

Hi my name is lighdeh and am an achoholic..j/ wanted to say that.

I've spent aproximately 7,498 days on earth(as at d time of composing this) now ur regretting stabbing all those maths double periods shey.Olodo!

I am 6ft tall,dont be scurred,i know i seem lik agiant bt i come free without the attitude.Gentle giant is more like it,but anyways am just a sweet lovable teddybear u'd wana hug wen u meet but probably shudnt.

I am fat,plus sized or plumpy or possess big bones or any other euphemism u choose to use.Though am nt obesebt am nt exactly slim so i guess if i was to fall under the slim or fat category...It'd b fat.

I am nt a very social person i live a sort of hermeticexistence,which isnt all my fault.I blame it on allthe people who i trusted and totally spat on my trusting let me down and made me the misanthropist i am.

I am not as smart as i want u 2 believe,yet i am not as dumb as u.Ouch! Just kiddin.Or i just dont want u to think i am as smart as i think i am so u think i am dumb and then i prove u wrong.I cant tell which one it is.Keeps u guessing huh.
I am insecure..Well who isnt.I am 2 emotional,which sometimes proves to be my downfall.

I love a good laugh,if u cant make me laugh or if ur totally void of a sense of humour stay away from me.Its for your owngood.

I detest anonymous commenters.Hw lily-livered cn uget.

I am a boy in a gals body.Wel at least i feel datway.

Movie buff,couch potatoe.Music lovah.

Love writing and am gud at it.Glory b 2 God.

I love God,i rili do but m not just at d point where i want to be with him.And i strive 2 reach dere everyday and have the that relationship i so crave.

Hope to get married sumday.Though i dont really think i will.Its none of dat self esteem shit.But i just think id make a crazy wife.I mean am no Nigella Lawson,am not the best cook.(see rapid cancelling of my name on potential wifey list) down o!

U could expect some burnt meals an oversalted or undersalted meal once in a while.(why am i telling u this) but i can whip up some mean ass egusi and chinchin.Lol..If that counts for anything.

In d future i hope to be working in an advertising gagency as a copywriter and a graphic artist by Godsgrace o!
I dnt live a happy existence,ive been depressed,unhappy but am looking to God to feel that void inside.
Am nt perfect just like everyone of u imperfect beings,ive had my fair share of regrets,complete acts of stupidity,what was i thinking moments.Yeah things i wish i could take back.

Yeah like dat one time when i was with that dude and okay mind ur bizness amebo!

last but not least.

Welcome 2 my blog.

hope to have a proper entry the next time i luv!


c0dec said...

finally! woot! woot! i was always lazy to register at xanga just so i could drop a comment.

BabaAlaye said...

Hey finally i can comment on your Blog.
I think you've got mad writing skills darling.Your creativity is off the hinges. You're smart and funny as hell.Welcome to Blogger. I think Xanga just lost a Blogging Legend.
Your writing style is refreshing and it may sound like i'm gushing out all these compliments but truly very few writers get my attention. And you, beautiful, get me reading for hours on end.
Once again Welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hey luv... welcome to blogger.. I think i've been on your blog once or twice(the xanga one) but I got pissed cos i could never leave a comment.. i'm so happy you transferred to blogger(which truly rocks).. your style of writing is fantastic.. I already love it!!! i'm definitely bookmarking you... Once again... welcome to blogsville.. and Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

oh and by the way.. I just wanted to say... it's hot to hear about another tall Naija girl(I'm 5 ft 11 and you'll probably never catch me in anything shorter than 3 inch heels).. so rawk on mami!

Anthony Arojojoye said...

And we are rolling the drums out for .......abeg change the title of the blog, i think i prefer exschoolnerd. Kaabo sha!

Thanks for the love on my bday. I'll make up for it some day.
Hw abt lunch?

xsn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exschoolnerd said...

@codec..thnx ucan leave me comments wenever.
@babaalaye...see as u dey make me blush...thnx for the love o jare..appreciate it..u knw u rock too.
@ONB....girlie i read ur blog alot oh..thnx for the welcome...this chic appreciates it too much..wen i get the hang of blogger ill update my links oh
@anthony...wetin be ur own o!
lunch hmmm...if u can rescue me from the prison called my house...why not?!

kaydee said...

By now,U shud know that i'm ur shadow.I think this is better too but honestly,i prefer the exschoolnerd name 2 this.It's O.k.

x said...

wat d Osama-Bin-laden is Fat Girl diaries? XSN rawks... zanga's crying for your demise right now, babs....

Nilla said...

Thanx for welcoming us to your

I loved your post...and you really do write well.

Welcome to blogger/blogspot.

Lee said...

Welcome to Blogger!!!

rotimishort said...

Okay..truth be told, you really are the bomb. Your writing is simply off the hook. You just got urself a new fan !

BOA said...

great sense of humour...I'm a sucker for that... and yeah, you write well... you'll enjoy yaself in advertising... you seem "crazy" enuf to cope (lol)

Anonymous said...

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