Monday, 29 January 2007

sha sha sha.....

So i finally got to watch war of the worlds yesterday night,when it came out i didn't want to watch it on them vcd/dvd thingies cause they might not be clear and if it ain't clear you just don't enjoy the movie...or they skip i told myself like i always do when there's a movie i really want to watch but not on vcd/dvd...i told myself i'd wait for a year and watch it on m-net.So yeah yesterday i finally got to watch the movie and it is officially the best alien invasion movie i've ever watched(not like i've watched many) but i doubt if it could get better than that.It made independence day look like two girls fighting in the shower....i was quite impressed..what else do i expect from the spielberg-cruise combo.No one could carry that movie along the way mr intensity himself tom cruise did and the performace of dakota fanning and the son was quite something.But sha there was a time when i wanted to put my hand thru thr screen and wring dakota fannings neck...Lord knows if tom cruise was a naija they are were leaving his house with supplies he'll carry his koboko along.Aliens can't be causigs havoc and turning people into dust and u sef go they give me the time i knack this thing for your head three taims kpere...u'll hear word.

If u remember in the movie when they where in the basment of that weird dude(i forget his name now)...and that snake-like thing descended from the space ship into the basement to find people lurking in there and they were all hiding..If na naija pikin....the yeye girl will just jump out..thinking they r playing hide and seek... "Daddy see i haf cash it"...the father would just grab his head in horror "Mo da run, iru omo buruku wo le le...."....the thing spots them and grabs both of it's taking them up..pupcy will remove slippers and start naking the child "Oti!(knack 1) oti!(knack 2) oti!knack 3) Oti je kan ri wa ni si..olori buruku omo...the slippers falls down..takes the one on his other leg..aims the girls head...*kpass*.....he will beat shege in that child ehn to the point were the alien sef go talk "baba baba! O ti to now, so fe pa ni"

But it has definately entered my 'best movies of all time list oh' along side lord of the rings,about a boy, chitty chitty bang bang, a few good men,the truth about cats and dogs and a host of others...

Ehen that aside, my dad sent me on an errand and am just coming back oh!

Anyways sha in the bus on my way home oh...wonders shall never end..people haven't restricted their tapping to nepa poles o! Naija men have perfected the art of authorised current tapping in buses nowadays.And i am just about to slap the next nigga silly who tries that shit with me.See this pervert of a man o, i siddon jejely in the back of the bus where i always do for easy exit...and this huge dark-shades wearing dude sits near me...okay so at one bustop the girl by his side needs to come of so he has to turn towards me so she can pass through...and as he did that i felt all his fingers pressing into my breasts...i didnt do anything at first cause i thought maybe it was a mistake and he had no alternative cause it was pretty tight...anyways at another bustop some other chick tries to come out and he does the same thing..this time i grab his finger and bend it..and he shouts like "Ah wetin be that..yada yada yada"..and am, like why are you trying to grab my breasts and he's like "you no see say this place tight and shit"..and am like u can raise up your hand.does that mean you must carry all ur fingers and press them into my breasts....did i tell u i wanted you to massage my breasts...then the people in the bus laugh...and he's still acting all innocent...talking rubbish and shit...i wanted him to try it another time so that i'll show him the mini-agbero in scumbag(lol always wanted to call someone that)....when something happens to them now...they'll say it's one sister in their compund that's doing them...they won't remember all the girls breasts they've been pressing in buses..they think they'll go scot free...bastard.

wo! i gat a 5pm curfew oh(at my old age sha)..gata be gone like nsync...okay that was dry..but sharrap jare..but i gata go sha..before i go lemme leave u with one small quote like this.

Exschoolnerd's sayings: If housegirl too fine,housewife no go too tay for outside.


Anthony Arojojoye said...

LOl @ the tit-grabbing. You already know why I won't blame him too much :-) (am I being naughty?).

If you keep waiting for MNET to show these movies, do you know how many blockbuster ones would have come out between the time they were released and the time MNET shows it? Even if they have MovieMagic 1 to 10, the stations won't be enough to air them. It's better you make do with what is on ground now. You can watch theem again if shown on TV.

Competition makes people stand on their toes.

Anonymous said...

@ Anthony Arojojoye comment. WORD!!!
Christmas in January. Bet that Guy is still smiling.
Never did watch War of the Worlds,now i got to go get it. wanna see what you see, wanna know what you know.
The Scientist

Yosh said...

"Oti!(knack 1) oti!(knack 2) oti!knack 3) Oti je kan ri wa ni si..olori buruku omo...the slippers falls down..takes the one on his other leg..aims the girls head...*kpass*.....he will beat shege in that child ehn to the point were the alien sef go talk "baba baba! O ti to now, so fe pa ni"

roflmfao! Sorry, I had to post it again cos it really got me rolling! Hahahaha. I haven't seen the movie sha, but I don't dig Sci-Fi movies that much...yeah, I'm razz lyk dat.

And nice u got the guy embarrassed by asking him whether u asked for a boob massage! I can imagine how he'd have wanted a trap door exit to open up under him so he can "ja" from d bus.

Be safe!

exschoolnerd said...

nwa@lol...ur insane..well i do watch some new movies when they come out..but others that i really want to njoy..i wait till dey show it on mnet o!
@ the scientist..a.k.a anonymous..yeah go and watch it u wont regret it..
@josh...dont worry just go and borrow this one,you'll really like it..i promise u..howu been sef?

c0dec said...

LMAO @ "Daddy see i haf cash it".

but them buses tight

My Talking Beginnings said...

you are brilliant! Your blog is the wittiest i have ever lol lol all the way.x