Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Emi o gbede!

ok so am a yoruba girl father is yoruba but my mother is from rivers so am not entirely yoruba but it's always the father's side u claim right..

When i was growing up not once did anyone speak yoruba to me at any point in time, in school yoruba was strictly prohibited,i never went out much so it wasn't like i got to mix with yoruba peeps i mostly had ibo friends yeah am 20 now and i cant speak yoruba..really is it my i supposed to have some special yoruba speaking abilities when u reach a particlar age...just cause my pupcy is yoruba...if nobody spoke it around me or with me how am i supposed to knw the language.

Dont get me wrong i love the yoruba language it friggin trips me especially when my mumcy uses it to abuse me and my cousin...m so fascinated by it..but the bottom line is i just dont know it too well.. I can understand but not entirely.

Nobody ever learns to speak yoruba from studying it in school, i mean it's the only language novbody minds getting an f9 in..

"oh what did i get in yoruba f9..*hisses* i tried sha."

We'd dub during exams and tests from the konk yoruba and ibodudes and girls and still get an f9..

The teachers never explained properly and neve rtranslated anything into english for us to really was always last period and my mind was on the closing bell ringing and my lunch and the possibility of it being slammed by some evil glutton in what the teacher was yannig sef wasn't entering...

The only thing i ever learned in yoruba in school was " faweli aranmupe, gbewiri, obo,oko, all them cuss words and that song bata me aju kon ko ka..or warreva..." that is all...we couldnt be bothered about listening in class..all my yoruba teachers have had one problem or the other

the one in jss3's mouth smelt so bad we used to scale classes.....

while the one in ss1 and ss2 we named 'box head' so u know we dint take his over sabi tabon expert ass seriously..

So yesterday when the repair man came to do some work in my room i called out to our cook :Mr oyekusibe

"Eyele! (i call him eyele which means duck and he calls me leke leke which means leke rememeber that silly song "leke leke gimme white finger" am still waiting on my damned white finger)

so i was like "Eyele e ba mi mu ladder yen wa so ke" of course it didnt sound anything like yoruba..

If you see the speed at which my father ran out of his room..fila still on his head and in his pyjamas.

"Who thats speaking that dirty yoruba in my house"

Fear catch me..i thought i had done something more grave.

"it's me sir"

"If u cant speak yoruba properly, then dont speak it that clear?"

"Yes sir, but sir your the one thats always saying i shud be ashamed of my self for not being able to speak the language and now am trying u shud be encouraging me"

And he smiles and like that project runway dude he's like "ok carry on!"

My oyekusibe is the only person am brave enough to speak yoruba with,even though he laughs at me and sometimes he says

"laide your yoruba dey give me headache"

i tell him "je ko ma fun e headache e wo lo kan mi n be"

I love being Nigerian and i cant help but be yoruba but i cant speak the language all too well so sue me, so the yoruba police that harasses me everytime saying

"why are u doing like ajebutta speak yoruba jare"

that stuff annoys me the next idiyoot that walks up to me and say that ill flit in his/her bloody eyes like Mr.fine boys wereh driver

They act like speaking yoruba is a prerequisite to going to heaven and carry it on their head like june 12 elections and even go as far as calling me a disgrace..that shit isnt funny at times..which is why most times i hang out with ibo peeps cause there's not so much pressure..they dont speak yoruba and they dont speak their language either....

But once you meet a yoruba person it's almost like a reflex action..they musto ask "Omo ilu wo ni e"...and they'll start speaking yoruba and when u reply in english they'll start some stupid tirade about u not embracing ur culture and yada yada yada...watever..can't be bothered...yeah i need to know yoruba culture and what it entails...but i dont really care to know all about it just a lil bit...

I am a yoruba girl and i can't speak Yoruba all too well..if that kills u..gaan jump off third mainland bridge.


Simply Gorgeous said...

Ex- First!!! Let me go and read and come back- yipee...

Simply Gorgeous said...

I know what it feels like to come from mixed parentage. It is not easy.

obinwanne said...

the pressure is always too much on yoruba dudes.... sometimes they even want you to speak yoruba all because you lived in lagos... they even say you're a disgrace...."u live in lagos and u no fit speak yoruba" ..............its a choice anyway....

Yosh said...

roflmao @ "oko", "Obo"...

[epistle]So true. If you are gonna learn a lingo, one usually starts with the cuss words. I was born and bred in Lag so speaking Yoruba grew on me, just as my parents' local dialect grew on me- so I swing both ways. But for me, my cousins, sibs - we all grew up in Lag and even parents sometimes, you'd find us speaking Yoruba more often than u see us speaking in our local. We only use the latter when we want to pass coded messages.[/epistle]

Ma da awon advocates yen loun jare. Jeun soke

Waffarian said...

I wish I had learnt in school sha, I was actually doing progress in Igbo class untill my teacher started making fun of me. I decided to skip to yoruba, in that one, i was thrown out cos our yoruba teacher who was also an intellectual babalawo got angry cos through out the "Oduduwa+ chicken+ rice creation story", I laughed my head off! Infact the yoruba in my school was basically a "yoruba history" course, I am sure it would have done well as a university course! To even be in the class, you had to understand serious yoruba! So I gave up with languages untill SSCE registration when they said "one Nigerian language is compulsory", I went to hausa. Till today, the only thing I know, is "mallam".

scomiss said...

that is so true.. luckily i speak both my father's language (delta ibo) and my mother's (eka)'s just annoying when people from other igbo speaking states are like kedu and then they go off, i am like umm my ibo is different sory

Anonymous said...

"When i was growing up not once did anyone speak yoruba to me at any point in time, in school yoruba was strictly prohibited,i never went out much so it wasn't like i got to mix with yoruba peeps i mostly had ibo friends"

Thats exactly my in d states, my uncles and aunts be laughing at me. They call me akata saying i'm trying to pretend like i'm americana. And i tell them its not my fault...see i try to speak it but when i do, it sounds like one of them ibo spare parts dealers so i stopped but if i really think for like 10 seconds before blurting out each sentence, trust me, i'lll fire them back with something hard too...ah ah!!
The only person i speak yoruba with is my step-grandma and thats only when she comes to visit my aunt over d summer time. She insists i speak it and who can turn down a request by an 80+ year old woman? So i speak it then but once i step out my aunt's house, its either pidgin or d lil ibo i know or my small yankee fone oh!!! lol...wetin man pikin go do?? So to make my long story short, i feel u jare send those people...but my boys speak it with me on campus when we are around those stupid akata or oyinbo pple...a ma wa kpa...amin!!!

Rayo said...

Speaking of the Yorubas....It's funny how contagious we Yorubas are. Every Ghanian person that I know here swears that they are Yoruba. And it doesn't stop there...when my Ghanian mechanic started speaking Yoruba to me, I knew it was over.

Please Oo, dont mind the idiotus stupofoshi's...continue to practice your Yoruba. It's good that you're trying...It's the only way that you're going to be able to speak the language (trust me, just listening is not good enough).

Nyemoni said...

No kidding you MOTHER is Rivers? where exactly? And don't tell me Ikwerre or Ogoni..... LMAO!!!

I didn't understand a word of your yoruba post so NO comments! :-*

exschoolnerd said...

@simply gorge...u cn say that again

@obiwanne...the disgrace thing gets me angry...

@yosh....arant u an ibo boy? @ all u know is mallam...bwahahah..
@scomiss...sheila for real..u cn speak both languages..hmmm.who wudda known...nice! speak ibo...hmmm...thats at speaking yoruba when those stupid oyinbo people or akata's are around...i cn imagine how hilarious it'd be.

@rayo...ghanians..claiming to be yoruba' weird..but i bet it's be funny..i cn only imagine.

@nyemoni...she's from omoku..i bet u knw where that is right?

azuka said...

My Dad is Ukwuani, my mom, Yoruba. I speak neither.

Anonymous said...

ok why are we diverting from d topic to which village now? abi e wo ni ele yi now? lol...i'm tryna show off my yoruba...or my nna bros will say, "ogini????"

omohemi Benson said...

I am also of mixed tribe,
I feel you totally on this post.

But I didnot totally enjoy my yoruba classes in secondary school,
but my yoruba teacher was very good.

I had a B3, I didnot believe it!
I agree with you jo,you has probs should jump off the bridge. lol

Yosh said...

sorta...I'm from Delta state, the "Ibo" speaking part...But the Igbo man will quickly pick me aside in a crowd of other "Igbo" people and tell me I am different from them..*hmph*

exschoolnerd said...

@azuka..welcome to the club..
@omohemi..b3 u try sef..kan gerraway..
@yosh...hmm..i have a thing for delta peeps..*wink wink*