Thursday, 15 March 2007

you must not koba me, you must not koba me

The blackmailer gets blackmailed..

Wonders shall never end sha......

Okay yesterday that yellow paw-paw resembling razz ibo boy they called obinna was supposed to come over to my crib but the goat came very late...i wanted him to come early so we'd like have the house to ourselves and all..but no...he had to come two hours later when Mr.Oyekusibe was around...anyways no wahala...

So we are chilling in the parlour but it's too open to get up to any mischief plus e remain small make Mr. oyekusibe throway one of im eyeball inside parlour make e dey look the thing wey we dey do...and i didnt want to give him something to talk about so we make our way to the other parlour...where i could scope the car park very well incase mumcy and pupcy decide to make an unannounced we can arrange ourselves sharp sharp...

I tell obinna that if my mumcy just walks in and sees us its from the entrance that she'll use her bag and stone me.

So we went to the other parlour o!..i opened the curtain well well...i still didnt feel comfortable and we decided to go under the r chairs under the stairs oh...but from there someone could see you from upstairs but the only two people around where mr oyekusibe who was busy cooking the poison he calls food and my cousin who was sleeping upstairs...or so i thought..

Anyways sha omo girl was a lil bit horny and all and am kinda attracted to obinna and he is it was only a matter of time before we hooked up(i sound like dem laguna beach beeshes)

Okay so kpa kpa kpa we play doctor,teasher.conductor..gbo gbo e...and we make our way back to the other parlour...only for my brother to just walk in 5minutes later..meaning if i had listened to that alakoba called obinna my brother would have gbabed me ehn...

Anyway obinna leaves around 5 and i go back home..

Later in the evening in the parlour with my brother watching t.v, my cousin blurts out

"Aunty laide i saw what you were doing with that your friend oh"

chinehhhhhke!...see dis small evil witch.

I look at my brother to see if he heard...he looks back and smiles...

I grab her arm and pull her upstairs...

You saw me doing what?

Smiling sheepishly...."I Saw what you and your friend where doing'

"Wo if you can't say what you saw just gerrrooout from my site jare"

"You kissed each other and you were now sitting on his laps...i saw you from the library'

"Your a fool,u saw me doing've started lying again'

"It's true i saw you,i even saw you when u knelt down and you (CENSORED) da run

'we weren't doing anything,he was just helping me check something in my hair'

'Its a lie i saw you, you were....

"thunda faya you if u finish that sentence'

I sha saw you and ill tell mumcy...

'con here,say what?

'i'll tell mumcy if you report anything i've done'

.......i Laughed.This girl used to be scared of me before oh..a few brests and butt cheeks laters and she's threathning moi..

I've told you times without number that before them born you,them born me....

first of all i have like 7 things i still need to report your ass for and since everybody knows that lying is both your talent and hobby...who will they believe.

'But i saw you, i saw you and ill tell daddy'


*Ye!, holding cheeks*...Acting like she wants to cry

Better behave yourself your not a small girl anymore...whats crying you?

Now you did not see me doing anything..and if you want to see my blue,red,and yellow eye all together go and say what you did not see...

*eyeing me*

By the time i woze that your evil eye it will stop co-operating with you..

"your mouth like you saw me"

"Hey your trying to blacmail me...for that sef where's that letter that idiyoot sent you asking the both of you to take covenant..your own has spoilt today...covenant in this house.."

"After our MFM deliverances...let mummy just see if..woe betide you..infact lets go sef..

"Ah aunty laide...sorry sorry..okay i wont tell"

"you wont tell what,whats there to tell..tell now...oya go and tell now sef

(fear they catch me oh,but i just wanted to call her bluff)

"Am not telling anything am sorry,please dont give it to mummy'

'Nonsense,dont lemme hear that thing come out from your mouth saw me doing something and you now said it infront of brother T.

*I hiss and walk out*

Chei..close call...i just hope iv einstilled the fear of mummy in her long enough for her to shut up.

I saw you doing something....sawers club...silly ram.


Anonymous said...

what an episode, tom and jerry can't be more interesting, like i use to say. Next time learn to send them out to look for what is not lost.... U self 4 postpone "the playin wit ur hair" stuff till u guys hv more I guess ur bodi dey on fire then....

Nyemoni said...

LMAO! This is too funny... Nice post girl... Razz Ibo boy you were seen -usin your words -doing like dem laguna beach beeshes! Seiously, what were you doing when you knelt down? :-|

Anonymous said...

your cousin is something else.can u blame her though??at that age anyone would be intersted in watching such!moltosexyxx

azuka said...

Aunty Laide, you too razz! If na me I for talk oh!

exschoolnerd said... really he was really checking something in my hair...
@nyemoni..i'll NEVER tell..... guess so.
@azuka...and i for break ur head.

obinwanne said...

hey laide! what if your mumsy walked it... and saw obinna removing something from your hair..... yawah for gas ooo! but i guess quickies are the the thing hol you for katangwa! nice one

exschoolnerd said...

@obiwanne...who said anything about quickies..yall r just so quick to jump to conclusion..shessh..

Waffarian said...

heheheheheh! chei! you get heart oh! you actually called her bluff! fear no catch you!

Nilla said...

You're just a character...using reverse psychology on your cousin ehn?!?!

lol @ whats crying you?

Have a wonderful day.

Thanx for checking up on me Missy, that's so sweet :-)
Anyways I'm doing a whole bunch of stuff now (and probably for the next few weeks), that's why I'm so scarce..

omohemi Benson said...

Exschoolnerd,you don become crazy terrorist! Haba.
But you&this your cousin sef,the stories shall never end.

This post just got me laughing.

Simply Gorgeous said...

ex babe- funny post... errr what are you censoring?( smile) you are too naughty...

exschoolnerd said...

@waffarian...fear catch me small.. quick and finish up what ur doing..we miss u on blogville.
@omohemi...its my cousin oh...the heffa has wahala..
@simply for my eyes only..but imagination will set u free.

Anonymous said...

Ok thats a funny got me crackin up and i like ur sense oh but my sister was too sharp for all that one wey u use for ur cousin...her amebo level no get mate oh!

Mr.Fineboy said...

Haha...funny post! You just dey woze the poor girl for nothing! LOL!

exschoolnerd said...

@fineboy..she deserved it oh!