Monday, 2 April 2007

Stupidity is to Exschoolnerd, as Biro is to Paper


I am offering my brain at a giveaway price, it’s not old, its in good condition.. It’s not even second hand it can pass for tokunbo. I mean I’ve only used it once or twice.

Okay at times I just have this random bouts of stupidity where I just do very very stupid things that I get to regret much later.It happens once in a while but every time it happens ud think I’d learn..but no!!!

Infact hold on sef, let me give myself a dirty slap!!

I went out with this dude which can be classified as one of my many stupid moments…u see ehn…Ok he seemed like a nice chap (seemed being the key word)..At first I just wanted to be there for him cause he seemed to have loads of problems…he was from a polygamous home, mumcy was separated from dad, he was rebellious, drinking, partying, smoking and not taking school seriously and I thought somehow I could make a change in his life….the mother Theresa that I thought I was…so yeah we hung out and all…but it led to the both of us going out and all…I didn’t love him but I just cared a great deal about this wounded soul..he just seemed like his life was so devoid of love…and I thought if he knew at least someone cared about him it’d soften him and he’d change..

But he turned out to be jealous, possessive and a tad bit violent…instead of that my inner voice/split personality/imaginary friend called LIGHDEH that usually gives me mental konks to konk the hell out of me and tell me to run away the heffer just stayed silent.

Who’s a heffer?

Oh so you are awake now, when I was rubbing kerosene all over my body and heading for fire instead of you to warn me you just stayed silent, aren’t u supposed to be the voice of reasoning,the one that slaps me upside my head when am about to do something stupid.

Beesh, I can’t baby u all the time, when have u ever listened to me sef? Love nwatin tin mother Theresa oshi…want to change someborri that’s not willing to change himself..

This babe..meeen!! c see ehn…r u a bastard..i’ll treat your fuck up oh…

(omigosh ive gone bonkers am talking to myself)

There are times when he’d take my fone and start going thru all the msgs and would be like I don’t want to see all this msgs here tomorrow…and I’ll be like shuooo…say what…ehn u don’t have to see it now…all u have to do is not go thru my fone…any wahala there?

If we are walking on the road and I see someone that I know and I go up and say hi or I wave fear will be catching my that this guy will not just embarrass me with one heavy abara..

We went somewhere once and I saw a friend of mine and when I was going he chilled for me at the exit and I had to tlk to him…when I got out homeboy was like that ur friend was waiting for u ehn, I dnt want that to ever happen again, whenever your with me you must not talk to any other guy…

The stupid heffer of an inner voice didn’t tell me to run then oh!

Whenever I say am leaving he’ll be like your going to see your other lovers shey, laide I know your seeig other people behind my back…That stuff used to drive me insane cause I wans’t doing nothing like that..what did he take me for?

At one point after I started showing him that am not like all the other swegbe’s he used to shout at before and they’d take it..he started apologizing and changing his tone with me and I thought I was making progress..


Obinna told me to be careful and all and just know what I was doing, I thought I did,it was fun…he was okay company and plus he was my lil make-sane project….instead of me to just him be..

He hated obinna with a passion cause every nite he’d call and be like who were u talking to and I say obinna..and he’d be like “you better not let me meet that Obinna of a boy..shey he’s ur lover”…and am like wtf?!?!?

So the accusations flowed everyday, the fuck-u’s continued…the pushing and shoving, and the shouting and the possessiveness but I just felt it was because of the kind of life he has lived and if I leave now he’ll get worse..

Get out now…no…was still doing mother Theresa, I can change him, I can change him…

Until he did something that I just couldn’t forgive him for and that was the camel that broke the straw’s back…yes oh…not the other way round…

Even after then I was still pitying him but hefferella here…finally started speaking and told me to just leave him alone…I can’t force someone who doesn’t want to change to change..He said we should do a sequel of our failed relationship,the first one was no box office hit so why would I want to invest my everything in a proposed flop…I said MBA!!!

I told him it was over he abused the shege out of my life…I said wahala no be me sey make I go out with pesin like u….

Anyways I thought he had moved on.i was already celebrating with that song

"Bye bye to rege rege, bye bye to jaku jaku, bye bye to jati the name of Jesus bye bye to rege rege..

only for him to call back some days later begging me and all..that he’s sorry and bla bla bla that we should seee..i saw him and I realized I didn’t even care about him anymore and it was then I said I wasn’t gonna see him anymore..still he begged and begged..until recently I told siree…mo ya ara mi brain.

The heffer has spoken!

That’s how we started our own war of words reminiscent of the Shanna Moakler and travis barker showdown on myspace..we started our own on hi5…well he started it and I dont believe in trading words with him so I just told him to back the fuck up and leave me alone….but he wont listen…he keeps sending me rubbish and saying all sorts about me and I had it with this nigger…

Unreciprocated love is a bitch…boo-hoo, cry me a river but quit acting like some pussy-whipped pussy and get a move on…your not the first person to be broken up with so act like u got some sense. That’s what u get when u go out with a 21year old.

Please if sumborri, anybody knows this boy tell him to leave me,he said he has a new girlfriend and she lets him have sex with him unlike me...good for him i am happy he has gotten what he has always wantd all his life
a vagina punching bag..but he shud leave me alone.

Before i go there are two new blogs am so so happy about

obinwanne from south africa (show him some love)
and my future ex- husband olu (holla at his blog he's hella funny)

one love peeps!



this girl, i swear u don kolo!!!!!

exschoolnerd said...

thnx..i actually take that as a compliment.

Yosh said...

That's good he's out now...damn, that's some super-glue u almost got yourself.

Anonymous said...

Laide...u are the BOMB!!!! For real!.I'm glad you left the idiot.Let this be a lesson to you. My mom married a man she thought she could rescue(my dad) and she ended up being his puncing bag for 17 years. He finally threw her out after numerous black eyes and hospital admissions.
I can see you have a nurturing type of personality. which is actually a good thing and is an asset to a female but it can also be a curse because...we want to save the poor bad boy who has had a rough life. Bikko my sister....SELF PRESERVATION is the primary rule.You are not God to change such a person. If you really want them to change pray for them from AFAR ie far far away. NEVER put yourself in that position again. You are too precious.Continue to love yourself and people will treat you as you ought to be treated. In fact the boy is an EEEEEDIOT. I'm so angry on your behalf. Good riddance.Take care my dear.

exschoolnerd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exschoolnerd said...

@josh...yeah am quite happy..he's gone...if only he would stop sendn me msgs and really be gone..

@anonymous...aww sweets..thanx..yeah i guess ill be alot wiser sorry about ur mum..really am..hope shes good now..yes pray for them from pretty good advice oh...

Anonymous said...

"Bye bye to rege rege, bye bye to jaku jaku, bye bye to jati the name of Jesus bye bye to rege rege.."

Ok that's a classic u also got me when u said u have used ur brain like once or much u dey sell am sef? Hahaahhaha

I was wondering how girls subject themselves to such lousy touts like that boy...but then u know like guys who treat u like shit. Its we good guys that care for you that u love to see as a friend and then d bad guys that gets u going ga-ga!!! Hmmm...I'm sha happy u left d bobo...if not, na me for come give d guy correct slap...nonsense!

Ugo Daniels said...

Na waooo, nyways carry go dear, nothing dey happen!

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

this girl you will not kill me.. lol. what a hell. vagina punching bag..

Simply Gorgeous said...

I have always known you were mad!! Online in blogsville this girl dey talk to herself. Sorry oh- I am sorry he has pushed you to this madness.

He is not healthy. I was trying to do the same thing with this guy once. A person who has a diseased soul, there will never be a cure.

Lots of Love Babe..

Anonymous said...

i'm still

bimbylads said...

lol.. clown!again... why is he now distomping u? send him to me, ill DEAL with him severely for u.. hisss

exschoolnerd said...

@bimby..helep me ask the wereh now sef he's sendn me msgs...and calling my fone...saying all sorts...which can of pesin did i gaan meet...e ma gabi mi oh!

law_damsel said...

EX: I dont know wat 2 do wiv u anymore!!!ur 2 much 4 me..which kin pikin be dat boy ehn??

where u dey meet all d spooks n u say when i come lagos we go dey waka 2 gether..i no 2 sure anymore..


omohemi Benson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
omohemi Benson said...


Thank God you got rid of the EEdiot(acc. to anon).

We are do stupid things somethings in name of love.
You are special and deserve only the best.

londonnaijachic said...

thank God he is gone.Some people no amount of care and devotion is enough for them they still have to doubt and act terribly towards u.Thank God u jaboed him, Good riddance to bad rubbish

Omotayo said...

Hmm, so why is everybody surprised dat there are guys like dat......if there weren't, how would gals appreciate cool guys like us (lol)...well Laide, so U finally made up Ur mind......U know we talked about this a bit...keep Ur head up gal. Take care of U........U might have noticed am not in town now...will try and keep up with the blog though..easy - Pelli

Kingsley 4rm S/Lere said...

well its def sayanora to bad rubbish. thuogh u do deserve bigups 4 ya humanitarian efforts ( chop knuckle three times). Oh and by the way this is ma first comment on this cool blog, so lemme take da opportunity to tell the whole world that I met this crazy but def lovable chick called laide. and I also want everybody to know that she def got saomething hot going on 4 her. kerp it up girl. and b4 I 4get happy birthday laide, hope all ya dreams keep cumin true

Simply Gorgeous said...

Ex- I have updated.

dolly said...

good u left d idiot

exschoolnerd said...

yes am happy i if only he will leave me too.

Voyeur said...

This had me holding my stomach laughing my head off: ''Oh so you are awake now, when I was rubbing kerosene all over my body and heading for fire instead of you to warn me you just stayed silent'' but it was also very serious and poignant.

Thank God you had the strength to walk away. By the way it's not stupidity, it was an act of kindness that was not appreciated for what it really was.

Some people are tainted and no matter what you do, they'll always have that chip on their shoulder and act accordingly. You tried. I'm sure you've learned from it - you only have one go at life so live it for you and no-one else.

I made the mistake when I was younger of always trying to please/help others, sometimes to my own detriment but never again.