Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Mad Stalker!!!!

I just discovered that not only mad people go about saying ‘hungry hungry’ in dirty, tattered clothes with unkempt hair and putrid body odour. They are some other people who seem normal but have totally gone mad.

See me see wahala o! I was going home jejely feeling somewhat angry I don’t remember why now, me and my friend deji had a lil tiff and I was sorta angry and all so as I was making my way to take a bus home when I saw this suit wearing, tortoise resembling, man following me closely.

“I just wanna talk to u, I just want to make u a model. Please sister, pls I just wanna know ur name..my name is abi…warreva I cant fucking remember the retards name…

I just kept walking cause I wasn’t even in the mood and anything I say would come out as a slap…not in words...and he was exhibiting some traits of a mad person so I just jejely entered a bus, he entered the same bus and sat beside me.

Shift now, somebody else wants to enter…he said no that he was with me. I looked at him “u are with who?

Okay so I wanted to pay for my fare and the conductor was like I no get change I no get change talking their usual nonsense, and he just shouted “Conductor shebi I don pay for her now, shebi I don pay” I was like shuoo….the way he shouted ull think he was fighting with the conductor, everybody was now staring at him. I was like which kain madman be this.

He brought out one yeye popcorn he bought and started munching on it, offered me some I said I didn’t want. He started offering everybody in the bus even the conductor. Minutes later he picks up his fone and called an imaginary person even a fool will know he wasn’t talking to anyone he was like “Tope by the time I get home I don’t want to see you there, I am in charge now, yes I am incharge”…he cut the imaginary call and started asking me questions I just turned my face the other way.

He kept on munching on the popcorn, annoyingly pouring some on my body. i have never wanted to slap someone like I wanted to do him at that point in time.

Finally I got to my destination he got down too…I crossed the road, he crossed the road too..and started following me all the way….

“I like u, I like your stature, ur tall and big and u look intelligent. I can make u a model.

Ehn..u can make me a model in what agency “crazy are us” please leave me alone I don’t know u and stop following me.

You are going to be my wife, by the grace of God I just know it…u are going to be my wife. Oh I have found my wife. Ah u are lucky…u are very lucky.

Why don’t I get some hot Reggie Jones lookalike, tailing me around Lagos telling me that I am his wife and he must marry me. Why do I have to get the weirdo’s following me around?

I just hissed and was now convinced that I had a mad stalker…where is pepper spray or a tazer when u need one..make do some damage to his yeye ass and leave him lying on the road long enough for me to escape without him following me.

He followed me to my area and offered to pay for me a second time I told the driver not to collect the money that I was capable of paying for my self…he started singing u are my African queen shaking his head that looked very much like that of a tortoise as I stared at it from the back I just wanted to hit the bloody thing so his brain can turn the right side up. …I couldn’t resist laughing.

I got down and wanted to surf the net so I entered a café he followed me inside and insisted on paying for me I told the dude at the café that I could pay by myself. He came to sit beside me…..i was so so angry and disgusted…all the way from Maryland oh this man followed me to ketu….ayo called me and i went outside to receive the call he followed me….if I go to the left he’ll follow me if I turn right he’ll follow me…I just lost it and started shouting on him on the road and people were staring….i was so angry. I had to cut the call cause the wereh wouldn’t leave me alone.

I went inside the café again and he started telling people some stuff about me, and then he picked up his fone to do his imaginary cally again…
”Tope why are u doing things to make me angry, u are driving me away, u didn’t buy the foodstuffs, the microwave where is it, I cant find anything, I love u baby, u know I love u…I love u sweety….i love u my darling..i love u” and on and on he went…everybody in the café was visibly disgusted and tired and wanted him to just leave…he got up and started singing and dancing to a song being played on t.v and I think someone asked him if he was okay….after a while he started saying “Bullshit!” bullshit! Probably referring to me…..and he walked away…and we all had a good laugh when he went.

I thank God he saved me from the madness that was that man, who knows what he was capable of.

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catwalq said...


sugarlomps said...

na wah 4 stalkers the guy surely dey craze
followed all the way home, jobless man.
well you even try if na me i would have slapped him silly or shout ole!!!!!!!!!!!!
enuff respect 2 wavemasta and his show but if lady tyra catch am ehnn he go hear am.
enjoyed ur story

Anu boy said...

LOL... well picture this, we were drinking oh at a local spot, when next thing, a guy comes and shakes my friend, he shakes everyone, and he pulls a seat on our table, he seats and then, we order him a drink, next thing the dude starts talking to himself and he is cursing, oh my... we now ask our friend that what was wrong with his guy, next thing, friend says he does not know the dude from anywhere, that was when it dawned on us that he was not normal.... yipee, we now started noticing sand in his hair, dirts, the body odour mehn, we left that zones oh...

LurLar said...

Akoba..Adaba,God shld pursue dem far away from us. I can imagine d guy's tortoise head.lol

bllk wolf said...

why BLAQ WOMEN no dey APPRECIATE better thing?
no LOOK me like that o!!!
the Bobo sing for u
(and made a fool of himself), tried his luck on acting a script (and still made a fool of himself),
not to mention his "GENEROUSITY" (even though u still get am for kudi)
...now let me break it down.
its romantic when a guy sings for u,
its even better when he knows how to act out in public,
and every lady loves a GENEROUS fella who picks the check after a meal.....
u had all this in one day and u BLEW IT???hellllllllllooo!!!....
did u ask him to leave a FORWARDING ADDRESS?

REDRIBS said...

Is it that same rapist Deji u had a tiff with?

Mad people dey now, u no know? dem plenty o. Hope u enjoyed the experience, it seemed like fun to u dint it? lol

Pele my dear

bllk wolf said...

update dear UPDATE!!!!!

Obinwanne said...

hey Laide... now im here in blogspot.... make sure to check me out okay: http://www.obinwanne.blogspot.com

take care...

princess said...

Hey that was a real mad man o! Thank God say e no bite you sha.
Mad man wey like beta thing. Him own madness no reach there abi?lol.

exschoolnerd said...

@princess..lol at biting me...

GIJEANIE said...

Stalkers! That can be a scarey thing;-)I had one but it was girl. My husbands ex. It was a little wierd!

Anonymous said...

@ redribs: What part of your brain made you think it was acceptable to make fun of someone who has been raped? Did you think you were being funny? Just pray no-one does it to you or any of your loved ones so you never have to know how traumatic it is and next time let your brain precede your mouth/fingers.