Sunday, 22 July 2007

A week of firsts!

I always thought my t.v debut would be when i was receiving my Nobel

prize for Literature(shurrup it can happen! and from there my guest

appearance on oprah, larry king and so on).

Or on CNN in cuffs for the murder of the person behind the

show "Teletubbies"..Or on E! with my

marriage with kanye west as the head lines.....we'll have our own name

"ka-ide" like tomcat...or my 10 million dollar lottery win (a girl can

dream cant she) but it came sooner than i expected and this was last

week thursday.

Okay i am usually behind the scenes on funmi iyanda's show...behind the

camera's sitting comfortably...laughing...listening..learning and

jotting down stuff about the show for their website but today they had

their interactive show...where a couple of the fan's of the show come

over and they talk about a particular issue...that days topic was

about "fearless women" and about how young girls need to step up and

stop looking for excuses to be lazy and always depending on a man for

everything we want.It was about we speaking up for ourselves,taking

charge and facing our fears and i feel there's a need to re-educate

young women cause they have totally lost the plot...the game plan is to

just marry a rich man and make enought babies and try and get into city

people or ovation so people know ur living it up...what's that?

Anyways they didnt have enough people to occupy the seats where the

fans were supposed the sit so they begged me to pls join.I objected at

first cause me i dont do t.v, i am a writer i dont talk alot..i get all

tongue tied in front of t.v,crowds...but give me a pen and paper and

ill do my thing.

Anyways i agreed and sat in front, i didnt contribute even though i had

alot to say the words wouldnt come out of my mouth and i just know that

even though i have everything i wanted to say in my soon as

itake the mic and start speaking into's either out of

nervousness i start speaking gibberish or i tiyaun and say something l

take the mic and start speaking it's either i start talking gibberish

or i tiyaun and be like "I has something to said" and just disgrace

myself on t.v so i just shut up and if u watch the show and i look all

didirin like...its on i think my breasts

might have been showing(now ur definately going to watch it shey)....i

know whats with me and my damn was one cleavage showing

shirt like that...i didnt know i was going to be on t.v...i think it

air's wednesday by 10:00am on NTA...i want to watch it and i

scared...just remember t.v adds just minus 5pounds from

what u see...okay! Hope i dont look like bloam bloam.(razz way for saying balloon)

Its been a week of firsts....i went on my first proper date ever since

i ventured into the world of dating..Not those kain kuru kere dates

were u'll both enter bus and that it has happened to

me...or ull get sumwer and the dude will be saying 'money no reash" and

yall have already ordered and ull start looking at ourselves like

Am not a longthroat if u dont have dough u tell me...i've actually had

to pay once when me and this dude went out those times when i had money

oh)..not like i cant pay,i have no problem with that but when he had

already agreed to foot the bill which kain nonesense be that...Well

this wasnt one of those dates that always have k-leg,or the kind of

dates that afterwards he'll be expecting something...because where he

comes from taking a girl out on a date means he has to at least to

fondle one of her breasts...idiyoot!

This date was nothing like that,it was perfect...there was

conversation, it was fun,laughter,fweaky stuff...we saw a movie..die

hard 4...that movie is the shit! the stunts were ridiculous..i mean u

need to watch not at home on ur go-slow purchased dvd...cause u

wont really enjoy the mvoie..there r movies u could watch at home but

some u need to watch at the cinema's to really take it all all

for watching my go-slow purchased dvd's and all in my crib on my bed

and all..munching on something but i wouldnt have enjoyed it as much as

i did.. it has officially entered one of my favorite movies of this

year. ...wanted to see transformers...but ayo with his big head who

doesnt watch movies..(like who on God greens earth doesnt like movies)said we shud see die hard.

ayo ur a weirdo!

i had fun ...the date went well....hopefully there's another date

around the corner..that'd be nice.

oh yeah and i submitted my first assignment...did i?


Fo said...

wow me firsty...hapi me me(baby tongues)...(hate teletubbies too...soooo bad!!!)...first time on tv,thats cool...wld try watch NTA,just to see how u went...not coz of the other stuff u real date!!cool...well wish u all the best of more firsts to come....

Anonymous said...

Lol. I think the whole world hates Teletubbies. I think the purple one is black - check out his dance moves. Wish I had NTA over here so I could watch your debut. Something tells me you'll be famous one day.

psykotikdiva said...

i think i may have had a deprived childhood cus i never saw teletubbies,i so want to be on TV,i would have dominated the stage ooo.awww, first real date, thats soo cute,ive seen die hard,it was crazy, you should really see transformers, saw it today and i wasnt disappointed atall.i see a second date around the corner.

LurLar said...

I can't stand teletubbies mehn. Congratulabia on ur t.v debut,but i no get NTA for my side,i 4 watch. Wishing u many more happy dates like this.

catwalq said...

bloam bloam!!!!

Nyemoni said...

Awwwww, I wish I could watch you but Alas! I'd be at work... Don't worry girl, it cant be that bad... or can it? Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh I'v rily misd watching new dawn, cos we dont get to watch NTA here.
I'll go sheck the pictures out on their website anyway.
Thanks for stopping by my space girl. Dont stop dreaming big (talking bout the oprah and larry king hook ups). Eh ehm dunno about the teletubbies sha, lol! And what has ayo done to u o? This one that u'r considering kanye west. Let him catch u!
keep doing ur thing!

Ugo Daniels said...

Yea, i know that feverish feeling that comes with doing a TV cameo. I've seen Die Hard 4, the hackers are the ish. damn, if only i can get half their knowledge, i'll be!

And your date, is he THE ONE?

princesa said...

I missed it!! I mean the show on T.V. I for like see u o! Bloam Bloam or not.
Anyway congrats on ur start to Stardom.

יש (Yosh) said...

noice! I dunno if I can catch on NTA that early. If there could be a re-run of it...

And sure, DieHard-4 was the shiznit!

exschoolnerd said...

@all my t.v debut has been shifted to wednesday by 10:00am

Fo said...

no wonder i dint see it!! whts the show called???10.0am making it 11.0 CAT right???

Manda said...

abeg write date jare cos pple like us wey don old no dey understand all these. 10am on the 25th of July 2007 rite? berra! meanwhile, i have a colleague abi boss dat loves teletubbies o! sometimes i just feel like knocking her on the head! Cant wait to see d bloam bloam

Miss Opeke said...

For us in Yankee & Jand, can u send us a YouTube link to view or just anything so we can see our Celeb in d makin'...pllllleeeaaasssseeee!!!

Teediva said...

mehn...wish i cld watch o...but i'd be at work at that time n i cant get away...yeah do post a link for us ok?

Anu boy said...

see ya head.... uhmmm nice one sha...

uknaija said...

Looks like you're having fun.

Talatu-Carmen said...

wish i could be in naija to see it. I've been silently "stalking" your blog for a while, and I love it! I have a question for you. I'm at a university in the U.S., and next semester I'll be (assistant) teaching a class called "Africa: An Introductory Survey." Most of these students are kids who have hardly been out of the state, let alone the country, and they have all kinds of stereotypes about Africa. I'm trying to put together materials on contemporary popular music, video, etc. to show them the exciting things going on in Africa (ie. not safari animals, dying, starvation, etc. etc. ad nauseum). Would you mind if I added the URL for your blog to my syllabus of resources for them to check out? I love your writing, and I think that, as fellow university students, they would find a lot of things to identify with on your blog.

If this freaks you out, or you don't want random ignorant American college students reading your blog (and perhaps leaving ignorant comments) let me know and I won't do it.

Thanks for a great blog!