Monday, 6 August 2007

Big brother Africa!!!

Thanks 2 psychotic diva and princesa for the jollof rice recipe's i tried it out on saturday and it was fab and for the others i'll use ur recipe's too..thanx!!!

Okay i am a big brother fan and i am not ashamed to say it...I watch Big brother south africa, big brother Nigeria and the last Big brother AFrica..i dunno the appeal to me i just love watching people act out and not be theriselves and just act like we humans do generally.And here are the 12 with my little comments underneath.

I stole the pictures form bella naija's blog!!! am sorry.

Miss Meryl 21, from Namibia...its just the first day and i already hate her...why okay she comes inside the Big brother house and Mr ova sabi from kenya is like "I know where u are from Nigeria!" and she replies "Oh God! NO! what is that supposed to mean?All her breasts are spilling.. Plus she is so dumb she says she hates people who gossip and the likes but she's going to go as far as back stabbing just to get the money.Plus she is such a motor mouth....her mouth didnt stay one place all thru the night jst chaw chaw chaw...but let me not be hard on her..but the whole Naija comment has angered me.Beesh!

Justice 23,...home boy from Botswana is SHORT! i mean i am talking bout 4ft sumthing stuvs here, well i dont know how he's personality is like but i just hope is height doesnt work against him.

Tatiana 26, from Angola..dont know much about her yet...but she looks like she's going to be one super amebo..but only time will tell.She's an actress so we'll see how much of her acting she brings into the game.


Maxwell 26 from Zambia..The first time i saw him i thougt to myself "Opelope at last won ti mu eye candy wa" then i looked well and i had a re-think.Okay sometimes he looks good but other times he looks too ibotic for my half expecting him to break into some ibo anytime soon..and he has this smugness about him that am sure will cause wahala in the future.

Miss ofunneka 29 , Nigeria

Please dey no just try for naija, please come off it we all know big brother is about looks and who's entertaining...on the looks part she no just get am..personality wise i dnt know yet..lets just hope she has a personality fine enough to win hearts.I know she looks cute here and all but be not fooled.

Richard 24, from Tanzania..The only married dude and quite good lookign which is common with tanzanian dudes...reember him!

Lerato 23, from South Africa...We dont know if she's pregnant or if she's just fat.She talks too much, flirting on the first night.Drunk even!She and the beesh from Namibia are already friends...and the only reason i like her is cause she's going to be fun.

Maureen 27, from Uganda

Bertha 28 from Zimbabwe..seems like a pretty nice girl.....Boring!!!

Code 31, from Malawi....usually na so so bolo;s dem dey send from Malawi but it seems like sey the malawians protested this time that we n go gree o! no more bolo's cause i think code's quite nice.

Jeff 23, from Kenya...Mr ova sabi we have not heard word oh! he knows everything about model....hmmm....

Kwaku....from his mind he is a fine boi oh! see as e resemble Ghana bread.Imagine him saying he expected eye candy...imsef e be eyecandy...eye agbo!

I think that is everybody if i missed anybody na deir lucky...i guess they r not that important.I will kee u posted on events in the house and ill be sure to really spice it up.I know i am jobless what can i say..but i love Big brother!!!!

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omohemi Benson said...

lol! you this girl,but its true sha looks help in BBA as far as am concerned.

So I see you are Big Sister watching her from Nigeria keeping us updated, okay o! I dey wait.

omohemi Benson said...

I am first and second too!

princesa said...

Ok so am first!
U are fery fery welucome girl!(am trying to be ibotic). I no taste the rice so i cant score you.

Which one be ibotic?!?! Ehn laide??
i hope u know say u just commited the same offence the Namibian babe commited.
Now tell me, how many strokes of cane do u deserve?
No worry i forgive you cos u be first time offender.

princesa said...

Ah!! See omohemi!! She just tooked my place!!(still trying to be ibotic)

Fo said...

ya BBA like watch it 24/ not like that sha...but am guessn u a Big Fan!!well keep it up..nd enjoy

Fo said...

sori..meant *some like watchn it 24/ guessn u got it anwys..

Omosewa said...

Yayy, please keep us posted. I love the show...

You're mean o LAWL...Ofunneka, shd sha not disappoint.

wavemasta said...

han han laide, you realli cracked me up here, see as u yab poor kwaku, saying he looks like ghana bread....lolz...thanks for the laff!

azuka said...

This girl sef. Are you sure you shouldn't be a contestant?

We'd vote for you...

Teediva said...

arrgghhhh, finally. been waiting for sm1 to talk about it. hm, so i am not the only one who thought that guy was eye candy until i looked closer. he kinda looks like ebuka from bbnigeria abi? i am loving the show and hating lerato n meryl, but i do hope they last tho cos they spice up the show in spite of their nastiness n vulgarity. keep us posted jo.

Teediva said...

besides, u just come bone my blog these days. i do u smthn?

Kaydee said...

Lol! Lemme see how much u watch now!. I think they always pick the worst Nigerian and the best Tanzania's got

Kaydee said...

Woah!!!!!! Shower hour is back.Let's see if someone beats Warona this time

Aloofa said...

Hey, did u miss the application form or u think u ren't BBN-worthy?
I think u should 've been there?

Nyemoni said...

LOL.. LOL.... LOL.... I think your commentary was on point.... I no fit shout o! I did not want to make early judgment but I quite agree with you on almost everything... here's my jara: Meryl sure is a loud mouth, Lerato too... I think they tried to establish their presence from the moment they got into the hose by making a lotta noise and generally overdoing... Richard knows he's a fine boy so I think they're gonna get a lotta attitude from him... he has been doing a lot of studying so far...Justice will have a big height issue.... Lerato's already calling him Leppy (short for Leprechaun) and he's expressed his displeasure at some of the housemates calling him "special"...Tatiana to me is lil miss know-it-all... I will watch to see how far, but that's the vibe I'm getting...Yeah Maxwell is quite Igbotic... (sorry my nna bros and sistas) remember he wore an orange shirt, green tie and crean abi na beige suit into the BBA house... the ensemble was quite horrible and he really feels like a correct dude o! Maureen from Uganda seems quiet most of the time but I reckon a lot is gonna come out of her later...Bertha is pretty much the same as Maureen...Code seems pretty very different from Zein, the last Malawian house mate from BBA1, Jeff to me is a GOON... lol.. He's 23? Who woulda thought? He sure loves to cook though! Kwaku I gathered is a local Ghanaian celeb so that should explain his attitude...And now to Ofunneka! Na wah o! The girl no just sabi talk sha? She has been almost mute and yesterday I watched for a bit after work only to hear her badmouthing Lagos and talking about how they rob in Danfos and how they sell drugs, bla bla bla... are Nigerians our worst enemies? Instead of her to say something good about 9ja before going on to the bad, she don dey misyarn..Na wa o!

Abeg sorry for the long epistle o!!!

Anonymous said...

The boy from Kenya looks Ibo.

The boy from Ghana is freaking handsome. He is edible. I love him already! Hot, hot, hoooot!

I like ya blog!

bighead said...

na wah to una o! wetin igbo pple do? commentary is funny tho' and while i admit that SOME igbos behave 'funny' AT TIMES, we could say same about every culture.

Dr said...

Hey what do u mean ibotic? I use to read ur blogs. But ur very immature statements about Ibos is just beginning to get on my nerves. Since I know u are yoruba,... not too surprised because u must hv been raised up tribalistic. U bettr cleanse urself of these narrow ethic bigotry before u join ur tribal legionnaires.