Sunday, 26 August 2007

Birthday wishes and Big brother Africa update

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BRO LEKAN....i didnt put this up earlier cause we were quarelling..i know how petty can i be.LOVE YOU LOADS AND YOU KNOW I WISH U ALL THE BEST..muah muah muah!!!!

Big brother Africa update…

For pictures of the housemates scroll down to the first post i did about them...i dnt have time to start putting up pictures jare!

Okay so it’s been 21 days since they’ve been in the house, so far I don’t have a favourite…so unlike me sha…I dunno I dont really fancy anybody this time…so what has transpired.

They’ve had series of Boring tasks, a couple of quarrels here and there. Gossiping has already started…which is fun to watch.

Justice- (THE UNDERDOG) One of the people I am rooting for, because he has been tormented cause of his height (I also have this unbridled love for the underdog). I mentioned it might be a problem for him at the beginning right. Well he has a complex and he is very insecure…and the housemates aren’t making him feel any better.He has probably quarreled with everyone and gets quite irritable when he is drunk…homeboy can’t hold his liquor.
He is a debate nut, and everybody is probably tired of hearing about debates because that’s all he talks about 24-7.Debate this, Debate that…..i want to debate, can we debate, I won a debating championship, I want to start a debating club….WILL U SHUTUP ALREADY!!!..He is up for nomination anyways.not surprised.Vote to save him please so he can drive the other housemates mad!!!

Lerato- Talks a lot, laughs a lot, acts like she knows a lot about a lot. Already forming some kind of relationship with Max (the Zambian dude).Yeah she is great fun but can be very irritating, had a tiff already with our naija girl Ofuneka…and called her a…I am kind of in between with her. Ofunneka does look like a witch sometimes so its not her mid-riff is a mystery to everybody…sumthing is just not right there….

Meryl- Oh mi gosh! Breasts out 24-7, after the bum bum shorts on 24-7….gyrating 24-7…probably has a thing for the Ghanaian dude (Kweku) as they’ve been hanging out a lot..sleeping in the same bed,doing something under the covers, climbing his back, massaging him occasionally, and she even used his hand to press her…that girl is in serious need of kpanshing. She is dumber than a rock (pls I am not hating just stating the obvious) and a wannabe lerato…you know all duz girls that always want to hang with the “supposed kool girl”…yeah that’s she. “Attashe” we used to called them in boarding school. She doesn’t have a mind of her own, uncouth, coarse….oh my laide!! Ur are evil.(insert evil laugh)

Kweku- Mumu olodo rabata…Mr. am too sexy for my shirt…part of the people who called Ofunneka a witch. Has this American accent that is pissing everybody off, he over does it sometimes I swear. Always rapping feeling like some Ghanaian Talib kweli which he so is not. He is just a pretty face…sadly! I just want to go to South Africa when he is evicted and give him an abara from the crowd.

Bertha- Green snake under the grass…I don’t just like the chick. She’s bossy and has this need to tell everybody what to do. She tore a ligament in her foot during a task recently so she has a cast and is using crutches…..stop smiling laide. She was nominated for eviction by the housemates and she said she was shocked by it (duz she think she cant be nominated?) She was saved by Meryl (who nominated her oh!) being the head of the house(I wonder how that happened) she has the power to put someone else up for eviction. Her receding hairline makes matters worse. I fear for her!

Code- I have no idea what Mr. man adds to the show…I guess I spoke too soon for Malawians…They have another Bolo in disguise! If he picks up that frigging guitar and plays some silly tune again I swear I reach into that house and pull his dreads so hard….

Max- I can put money down that this dude is not from Zambia but from Onitsha. I swear anytime I see him I remember those Tejuosho boys selling jeans…am half expecting him to bring out a jean and ask “Sister I get ur size”…Funny thing is I like him the most out of everybody. He is funny, smart a lil bit lousy but good fun.

Tatiana- The Angolan chick, I can’t understand what she’s saying half the time. Not her fault anyways, she can’t really speak English that good. She’s okay I guess…am just very scared she will hurt herself when she’s dancing…Eish!(am now using south African words oh)…she reminds me of that stick insect. Okay am just bloody mean.But pls allow me.

Ofunneka- Am sorry but I still am not a fan, she has started one kain boarding house like friendship with Maureen from Uganda. Maureen come lemme oil ur hair, Maureen come lets sing praise worship, Maureen come lets go to the room and gist about nothing, Maureen come lets cover our selves with blankets wherever we go and act like old women. She’s just Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Not making any impact….Just to do Ova sabi…we know u r Nigerian already..just shut up and stop acting all over-patriotic and shit and stop that freakiness with ur legs…what is that? Do something, go naked…wear a friggin g-string like bayo….just act like u r in the house. Let ur presence be known…Naija’s never go unnoticed. She’s quite smart sha, and not afraid to speak her mind those r the things I like bout her. A couple of people already dislike her like that Kweku from Ghana…and Lerato and meryl and code and Richard and bertha …oh yeah u get the picture, practically the whole house.

Maureen – I just wonder how dis one take enter the house shaaaa….every minute she’ll be making kwi kwi kwi like a wounded rabbit….always in the room as if we r watching Big brother to watch somebody sit in her bed and only come out to oil her hair. I don’t think she was right for the house, infact a lot of people are not right for the house..the people that chose these set of housemates are dunces!(am sorry to say) Big brother Nigeria was even a lot better. I am so sure there were other people more qualified to be in the house…We need people weed personalities…Not someone with the personality of a carrot.

Richard- this one is just a mad person on his own, I heard he showed his thingie to the world during shower hour and to some of the girls in the house…the married man that he is oh! Olori gbeske…He says he cross dresses at times and he doesn’t suck up to big brother…although sometimes I don’t understand a word of what he’s ranting about.

Jeff- From Kenya,He needs a personality transplant... his morning exercises are weirder than weird, you need to see them to understand..they make him look retarded and they look too sexual. He has been called everything from Shrek to a beast, and someone even said Obasanjo was finer than him.I think this is quite harsh, I don’t hate him or anything, yeah am a sucker for the one they call the hurtful names..ive been dere..what can I say..i feel for him..Though I think he should go cause he’s the least interesting housemate but I wish him luck. Maybe he can make a very popular exercise video tape called “Weird exercises to shape up that body” and go into personal

Oh yeah Code kissed maureen..and now regrets it cause he remembered after the kiss oh that he has a "shawty" back home...thunda faya that his dreads...tatiana and richard bath together...richard is married.I know who wont be happy bout that-HIS WIFe..Max says he cant fall for lerato because of the person he made a promise to at home..but he can grope and kiss and rub on her..thats alright abi? hmmm

That’s all today is eviction, bertha has no clue she has been saved…and Jeff has no clue he was replaced with bertha all thanx to cuntirella Meryl.

Okay quick update JUSTICE just got evicted!!!! i almost cried...his height really did him in.

Yeah and for those who would probably ask why i didnt go into the house if i am so heres why....i have this recluse/hermit/loner thing going at times on that big brother show is totally not about....and i know ur asses would definately not let me leave with yall after my dad puts all my belongings by our estate dustbin because he saw my ass during shower hour....and um there's school...and you know so many know who i really blame the idiots that picked this bunch..i think the first big brother was better cause they had more personality.

Tata!!! till next time


wavemasta said...

Yay!! Cant belive Im first.
Thanks for making me laff by comparing max to someone from onitsha, selling jeans at tejuosho.......cracked me up silly!

exschoolnerd said... pleasure was ur weekend?

Arewa said...

lol.. u r funny. Thanks for the BB update.Dont get to follow it as much as i would love to.

But I beg make una stop dissing the Ghanaian bobo ah ah ah! You have made it very clear that u dislike him so i beg no more...

Oh and abt me being 21 again...Dont mond me jare i am i denial...thanx for stopping by though x x xx x

Anu boy said...

hey babes, u and Big Brother... i think that thing is so boring...

Teediva said...

this girl u can wriiite! ah ah, when am i going to finish reading this thing..and i looove big brother too!

Ugo Daniels said...

For some unknown reasons, i'm not just feeling this BBA2, unlike BBA1 and BBN, where i had a cult-like followership

Teediva said...

i love ur analysis of these ppl, and even the hating appeals to me. they have simply no personality to impress us.

that stupid code person, he is just lost in that house. lion in the house ko, cat in the bush ni. he jsut irritates me. of course maureen would be attracted to such an idiot. and going on and on gossiping with that clown max is a total turn off. maz is trying to feel like some strong guy who is in control of everythhing, but he sleeps in the same bed as lerato, what does that say about him?

anyways girl, luving the update.

Nyemoni said...

This BBA2 is dry sha... yeah, Justices' height did him in and Offuneka aint reppin at all...wetin she find go the house sef?

LurLar said...

Happy belated buffday to ur brother!!!

exschoolnerd said...

thnx sweets!

Anonymous said...

That was a good read... had me laffing ma head off esp with all d yabs u gave "eash hand hevryone of dem"!!! like one of ma teashers used to say....
not feeling the big bro thing this tyme like u said serious "lack of personality" dey worry dem lot..