Saturday, 20 October 2007

Since i was gone!

Hi blogville buds!!!

I haven’t exactly finished my exams yet, no I haven’t oh, not even close. My exam timetable has been changed five bloody times, another change is imminent. I had a dream that I missed my ENG 202 paper, which was yesterday and my friend Yinka didn’t but she didn’t call me. Immediately I woke up sharp sharp..the devil is a liar…I bound and casted..and flashed my friend almost as if to warn her…no try that rubbish oh. I will fuck u up!…

The next day I left home by 8:30 for a paper that was by 4:00pm oh…fear catch me no be small…make them no go shift paper. Almost got the same paper canceled …Nepa struck in our Arts theatre during the exam (remember I said that happened during a test) and it took them twenty minutes to get the lights back on. And students started whispering and they threatened to cancel the paper…I was so scared…cause I just wanted to get that paper over and done with…pour out everything I have read and not have to read all over again for it. Thank God the lights came back on.

That was the only paper I had this week, and I have like seven left, those damned fools put all of them next week when they could have just put some this week. I am so tired of their slip-shod manner of handling everything. I can’t shout abeg.. wo ni kpa mi

So what has been happening with moi?

Okay got my hair did...haven't braided my hair in years and now i knw why...i miss m weaves!!!!

Thats me with my old hair do..

and me with my new hair do!!!

which one do u prefer?

Okay went for Badder chic’s birthday

Thats me before i left!!!

She decided to celebrate at an orphanage and aptly tagged it “Come hold-a-child with me”.

took some picutures with my crappy phone....not quite clear sha!


it was so sweet of her and more people should do this. And those kids are just the best, I almost cried cause they just want someone to hold them, yes they are taken care of and all, but they need to be shown affection too..and I could see it by the way they all jumped on me and every one of them wanted to be carried. They just needed attention, needed to know they were important too…I really should do that again…maybe Valentines Day…instead of sulking that everyone’s being valed and I am not. Lemme go val some kids who need all the love they can get. Anyone interested in going with me? Lemme know.

I saw badder chic’s crush…hmmmm!!!

Oh yeah I also met someone I’ve known for like 2 or 3 years but never met. Met her at Badder chic’s…Miss Tosyn..a.k.a Contradiction…a fellow writer too….i just love her…seriously….she’s so eccentric…like moi…and crazy….like moi sometimes…and not just like every other person…er…like MOI….i like people who are not normal…normal is boring jare. Oh yeah she is an accessories freak….LIKE MOI!!!!!!!!

Went for my first interview, well didn’t do much interviewing but took pictures and maybe later I would do the interview. Met Jimmy Jatt, he was really nice and extremely busy…nice crib too…décor was fab.

That’s me and him.

The interview is for a new magazine called ‘234’….look out for it okay and buy it.. don’t borrow it.. buy it!...It will have nollywood actress Uche Jumbo on the cover when it comes out by the end of the month, also have a column in it called size about all things FAT-Fabulous and Thick that is and many more sha!

Something good happened that I prayed for, so I thank God for answered prayers! Him only deserves all the glory.

Simply gorgeous is back…..yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Missed u sweets..Hope ur here to stay and wouldn’t do any disappearing act on us again oh.

Happy belated birthday to Douglas…thots moi!

By the way who knows where I can buy plain round neck T.shirts of all colours and sizes in Naija in bulk? I really am interested in going into t-shirt designing and all.

Can’t wait to finish my exams….got loads I need to do. I hear we have two months holiday (not confirmed yet)…Halleluyah!!!..if we do.


wavemasta said...

Yaaaay! Im first ....(OMG I cant believe I just said that)

Naapali said...

Weekend has been good so far, chilling with family. I hope the rest of your exams go well. Some day you will look back on all the tribulations of Uni, shrug and get on with your life. As Sefi Atta's book title says "Every Good Thing Will Come". Fast becoming my favorite saying.

Take care and thanks for blogging!

Ugo Daniels said...

Wow, you've been having a swell time, ain't you? And the hair looks nice!

Badder chic's buffday cleb. with orphans is CLASSIC!

All da best and have a lovely weeke ahead :)

30+ said...

Your hair's nice

Lovely gesture from Badderchic

Arewa said...

wow...well good luck again with the remaining 7 exams.....
I see ur having a ball though...enjoy!!
oh yeah hair looks the second one...x x x l8r

Zahratique said...

Celebrating with Orphans is such a good idea....very original and rewarding. Bless her.

Good Luck with your exams


congrats on d mag babes!!!!! Looking forward to reading ur piece. hair looks great by the way.

Anu boy said...

GOD bless Badder chic, Ex baby, i don miss u oh, sorry about missing ur exam... u go take the paper next session... no mind that yeye unilag, they aint gat nothing on u jare...

keep it real babes

יש (Yosh) said...

Wow, good thinking by BChic. If at all I'd be around then, I wouldn't mind going with you to that place. I've never been anywhere like that.

U look taller than Jimmy Jatt! :D

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Abeg your friens is an inspiration jare
I like you too
How bodi? long time

Twreckx said...

Glad to see someone from the old estate is all grown up and doing so well for herself. You definitely have a knack for blogging you go ahead girl and do your thing. Are you studying Journalism btw? Good choice.

From someone u knew. Vaguely. A long time ago.

omohemi Benson said...

Pele love,
wa ye and you'll come out in brillant colors.

I love what badder chic did, nice concept. Happy belated birthday to her.

omohemi Benson said...

I like the braids,I haven't braided in ages too, Doubt if I will the thing too dey chop my hair.

Twreckx said...

Ola's cousin.

Twreckx said...

Yes, it is :D

Obinwanne said...

you've been having a great time and you look fab on braids....

im still preparing for my exams...and my b'day fell in between...can you imagine...anyhow take care...

Kaydee said...

Wow!!!!! U're looking great.I've been reading ur 1st blog and i think u should too.

Teediva said...

good for u that u now write for a magazine. now we get to share with the rest of the world the talent that blgger has been hoarding!

psykotikdiva said...

congrats on the magazine thing,happy for you.hope your exams were good,sorry bout the one you missed,im back to blogging now since im done wiv school,ive updated so check it out and leave a comment,oh yea, the vals day thing,count me in.

Fatoumatta said...

havnt been here in a while...hows u girl??wld come back to catch up..meanwhile wan invite u to ma blog so send me ur email pls on