Thursday, 17 April 2008

Currazy week!!!

This week has been one helluva week, I’ve had presentations and tests and it hasn’t even been funny the stress that I’ve been going thru.

I had a presentation on Monday for my Teaching Oral English class, we were grouped(I hate those group thingies) neways I didn’t even know my group members until the day we were supposed to present…not my fault anyways….we hardly mix in class so we don’t all know ourselves…theres this very senseless segregation going on..the diploma students feel superior to the jamb peeps cause they paid like some huge ass amount, while the jamb students don’t want to be looked down on,the fact that they passed jamb and didn’t have to pay for diploma doesn’t mean they don’t have doe..which one consain me with all of them and their yeye beef…I just don’t know neone cause am supposed to be in yr 4 and when I joined their class they all started carrying their face like shit and I didn’t have time for anybody…the only person I yarn with like that is my friend Yinka…every other person na wasuup wasuup friend.

Stupid fucks! Fancy yall not talking to each other because one person entered tru jamb and the other tru Diploma…the height of joblessness.

Anyways the whole presentation was to emphasize either two vowel or consonant sounds anyway possible. That saw me and my group members singing “Where is the love?” by Black Eyed Peas infront of the class, while everybody else laughed, I also had to read the poem “Two black birds” to emphasize the /p/ and /b/ sounds…standing in front of the class scares me shitless but I just did what I had to do…f everybody jare, just try and get your message across and get your score. We also acted out a market scene and all and we were actually the best group the lecturer said she was quite impressed and asked every other person to re-do there’s.

The other presentation was a critical analysis of two poems…I studied one of the poems thoroughly. Johm Milton’s “On his blindness” and even learnt it by heart. I was like ready to kill the shege, we were also grouped but my group members were a bunch of unserious somethings…anyways on this day I was actually going to be one of the four presenting while the other group members answered I was preparing for the class thats how one boy from nowhere just came to disturb me.

“She is burriful, tall, gorgeous,oh I just like her, tall girl” I just looked at him are you sure you are okay? He started asking me Jamb questions, when I wanted to revise all I had read, he asked for my name I told him, he was like you look like a delta girl, can I have ur number? I asked for what, give me yours and ill call you…he saved his on my fone..when I saw his name I giggled….Preston!...didnt look like no preston…looked more like a Suraju…neways he sees my screen saver which reads “SORRY, HEART CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE” and he’s like , why would you close your heart now, you need to open it up to someone now..and he sings that song by one Nigerian girl “Baby baby open the door to your heart make I enter” at this point I was about to stone him with my fone…”common will you getaway from here!” …he finally gets the message and I am able to get back to my reading.

After revising it was time to present, I was I scared..Hell ya! But I was like laide you have been on TV before infront of God knows how many people, this is small fry you gat this jare…homegurl was still scared oh..them jitterbugs in my tummy…chei! Make I no go tiyaun or lose my train of thought…anyways after other groups had presented I got my game face on, who dey this class sef.Shebi my own is to just make sure I hit my points home and get the attention of the lecturer with the little time I have.

It was time for me to present o! I forgot the lines of what I memorized…chei! I was now looking like dodo! Checked the book quickly and was back on track..i started off not to good but picked up later on. I critically analysed the poem to the best of my ability, the lecturer was listening and nodding her head, that was all I was concerned about, anyways I did my thing and allowed some other group member do hers, she let the classget to her and started making mistakes half-way but she did good, the third person almost messed us up but I think God was on our side….we did okay sha!

Later my friend Yinka told me that some chick and her friend were like I was going to bore them to death. The heffer is usually vocal and all she should have said it to my face if she had the balls…whether I push her receding hairline further down…cunt like her…idiyoot stood infront of the class with her group and didn’t utter a word o! couldn’t answer any questions..her stupid friend came late for the class and even missed her own presentation and they have the nerve to be talking smack….this isn’t laide of secondary school all scared and shit…I wished she said something..then she would know how so not boring I am..Harers oshi!

Neways I was so glad I went thru with it and I know slowly but surely talking infront of crowds wouldn’t be so much of a problem to me…I have teaching practice very soon and those children will have me for breakfast once they realize how uncomfortable standing infront of the class makes me feel, so I need to let them know I got it.

I had a test today and it was so messed up ,first of all the lecturer came 30minutes to the end of his lecture,a two hour lecture oh and gave us just 20minutes to answer to questions and this is a course where you can’t just list have to list and explain your points….then my biro stopped working…and then they put one wannabe FBI agent in our class,who was tryna act all smart like, tryna prevent everybody from dubbing and all…while the other class were dubbing yakata , I dint even answer my second question, and guess who was now dubbing from me oh, begging me to remove my hand so she could see my answers…One of the Harers! that said I would bore her to death……bish just kept disturbing me…..what the lecturer did was just plain wickedness cause he knows even he cant answer those two questions 20 minutes, sometimes ehn the way these lecturers behave pisses me so much I was so sad.

Todays my roomies, HAPPY B.DAY LAYO a.k.a PUMICLE.
Home girl is turning 16, I feel so old!

My roomies and i are so broke that I had to come up with something quick and wrote something on one of those post-it papers and pased them on our room door with the hopes that people might just be nice enough to patronize read:


Layo = N5
Laide= N50
Ada= N100

When nobody was coming for lap dances, I sorta assumed everybody else was broke so I just changed it to

Laide= I’ll manage two pure waters! But don’t expect mind blowing lap dance o!

God dey!

Exams start on the 28th, wouldnt be blogging a smuch, maybe one entry before my exam not too sure...wish me luck sha...cause omo with the courses this semester i will need it.


darkelcee said...

Class presentations can be crazy. ko easy to face crowd oh.

Wishing you success in your exams

hugs and kisses

olu said...

This UME/diploma rift is immaturity at its peak. It also goes on in my class. Haba!!! My courses this semester are insanely difficult or maybe I no just sabi book, but warrever men.

I wish you (and me) luck with the fucking exams.

princesa said...


Lol! Laide na so you broke reach?? You for call aunty princesa na, lol!
I kid o! Go meet ur papa.

exschoolnerd said...


so so true!!..thnx sweerat!

@ olu...its just very senseless jare. i dont even hv deir time...good luck with ur exams sweerie..and we must see before this semester is ova oh..and have u seen me around skool after that day? me saying halleluyah...i go call aunty princesa..u come burst my bubble...not fair o!

olu said...

Thanks. No, I haven't seen you since then. I have been looking into the eyes (I'm terrible like that) of every tall girl I see (I'm fucking short as they come, so understand my stress) to see if its you, but na voicemail. No wahala sha.

The lap dance/pure water thing is a master piece, I can't get over it. Perverted?! I know, I know.

B said...

in my class is was A-level/Diploma/UME rift. Funny like at the end of year 3 everyone started being friends!

exschoolnerd said...

@olu..sent u a mail!!!

@b..a three way beef..must have been crazy!


haba, laide na so u broke reach and u no call me? i thought we were tight like dat? good luck with ur exmas babes!!! pass well o!!

musco said...

ur middle name should actually be controversial.i feel u as per d was just d same while i was in skl.

i will be glad to give u survival tips as per teaching in lagos when u start ur teaching practice.

all d best in ur exams!

eFJay said...

Goodluck sweerie! e mi na ni exam!

Charizard said...

mehn...I tot it was only in ma set that that UME/diploma rift existed in...nonsense in ma mind its jus palin stupidity...