Saturday, 10 May 2008

So i got tagged!!!

i knew it wouldnt be too long before someone tagged me, tryna find out some things id rather keep hidden huh!!! no wahala!

I wa stagged by ICEQUEEN and WELLS

1. link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3.Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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1) I might have a split personality….when u meet me (from my blogs)you probably expect someone who’s running around in her pant like Fela acting like a loony with bags of energy. When you meet me you’ll be like is this the same laide, but really I like observing people and studying them and all….and I just don’t talk cause I have a mouth but unless I have something to say. If I meet you and we flow good and there r no airs about you and I feel comfortable around you…I tend to open up….then I’ll start acting like Fela running in my pant and all. My friends think I have a split personality cause when we are in the midst of strangers everybody’s like Laide is so quiet does she ever talk and they are like little do you know…….but then when am with them am cracking them up or doing a strip tease and they are asking…Laide you shack something so? Am just high on my supply….some people can just open up to any body, but I can’t.

2.I think too much, as I type this I am thinking, I am thinking about thinking, I think during class, during a dump, while reading, listening to music, while people are talking to me and they think I am listening but I am actually thinking about something. I think about what I am going to think about when I get home, its sort of a thrill for me, its like a meal that you prepared and you’ve had a long day at work and you know when you get home you’ll get to eat that sumptuous meal,the thought sot of excites you, that’s how thinking is to me, when I get somewhere comfortable I can think away. I feel ill trap myself in my head one of these days cause I get so lost in my thoughts I have this world in my head, where I create situations for myself, where I retreat to, to feel safe, feel happy, all those things I can’t feel in real life, happens to me in my head. I think I think too much!

3.I am weird. I don’t function like the normal human being, I can’t just make friends with anybody..its not being snobby its just something about me…u need to hold my attention, there has to be something not normal about you, not bland, not everyday like, not simple, something extraordinary, u have to be weird too, normal people don’t excite me and I meet them everyday, most especially you have to not be stupid, can’t stand stupid. I think about weird things too, sometimes horrid things like people dying and I think I have a problem, some thoughts in my head are just horrid and I have to say a silent prayer everytime it pops in. I think about the meat am about to eat coming to life and begging me “plssss plssss ma se me be”(don’t do me like that)…I imagine funny funny weird things that I don’t think normal people do. I am not just normal, don’t think like the normal person, don’t act like one. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but its just me. I guess this is my I don’t make friends easily or have a relationship….i meet people but they don’t move my weirdo bar…so I just don’t bother. There are a few exceptions though, I have friends who aren’t really weird and I flow with.

4.I am constantly thinking up new stuff in my head and I have this urge to write them down, my saved msgs on my phone is filled with idea’s or thoughts I don’t want to let go of, I cherish my thoughts, my words, ideas, I have a million and one books in my room and I don’t know what to do with them, when you open them up they might mean nothing to you but they make sense to me, I just scribble and write anywhere, doesn’t have to start from the first page…sometimes I have used 2 pages in a book and I dispose of it longing for a new one, the old one has served its purpose….i just act crazy like that…I just love to write whatever is on my mind somewhere and there just seems to be a lot on this mind of mine. Maybe it OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder)

5. I cry a lot! because its sort of like therapy for me…I cry about something and I forget it….i cry over a dude a couple of times and I forget him, I cry over an issue and it slowly fades from my mind. So I tell people if I ever cry because of you, know that our relationship can never be the same, if u get me to the point where I cry….things won’t be the same, that’s just me.

6a) I can be alone for days and wouldn’t feel lonely, as long as I have certain things-non human that is. E,g As long as there is Light, T.V, radio, my phone, the internet and food. I can exist by myself..oh yeah how could I forget…books too…I might be a hermit….who knows….but I have my moments when I need to be around people talking and all….but I can also role alone.

I like to break rules every now and then which is why I am going to add some extra's.If u don’t like it SUE ME!

b). I don’t like sex, just like to think about it alot. i am turned on and off within the the space of like 5mins…lol…like light that fluctuates….this minute am turned on, 2mins later am like..abeg I no do..could be annoying…but that’s me.I cant shout!..oh yea I am not a lesbian but I got get turned on by thinking about a girl, or seeing a picture of a girl…but I am not a lesbian. I would tell you if I was.

c) If I was to ever be a serial killer, I would only kill fussy people (I misplaced a gurls eraser last week and she nearly impaled me with her pencil…wtf? On top eraser she talked so much it was as if it was more than eraser, my friend opened a girls blade(u know those naija blades in that red wrapper) the right way and the chic had a fit) I can’t stand them..there are different levels of fussiness though and I would also kill the people behind teletubbies and dumb bunnies.

d) I have a PHOBIA for anything that flies, especially cockroaches. It is not even funny, its not a joke, its not a girlie thing…it is a PHOBIA…that I pray ends very soon..i am some steps away from carrying a raid can everywhere I go. Which is why when I start driving I would have to flit the car an hour before because I don’t know what I would do if I see a cockroach and I am driving..oh God help me….i used to pay my brothers to kill cockroaches for me, I turned my cousin into a cockroach serial killer….if u tell me there is a bomb in one room and there are 100 cockroaches in another, what am I talking sef…even 2… I would most likely enter the room with a bomb…u catch my drift now.

All this said and done, I feel these six habits are as a result of something that probably happened to me in the past…that just got me weird and shit.



Doja said...

If you are a serial killer I think I might be your first victim!

olu said...

Intresting! I feel you on #1, every other one is weird but its Laide now so WTF. How were your exams?

Simi Speaks said...


i thk weird stuff too.. OMG, some deadly. then i quickly reject. gosh. lord help us.. lol

shola pacheco said...

kai,laide u are really a weirdo,but unique,hope ur exams went well

AlooFar said...

i share 2, 3, and part of 4.

How ur exams?

TinTin said...

LMAOOO..are u serial killer tendencies!!!

Afronuts said...

You really are WIERD!!

I like it!!!
And I do remember you. Youre the sweet cute mama with good flesh on da bones. lol


oh my, flying roaches are just the worst! The naija ones na dem pass sef. lol!

LG said...

Ms.laide quriky quirks, lol!!!
i feel u on nos.1 & 5 tho'

*how u?*

ibiluv said...

i totally DETEST cockroaches too.....i have a can in my room,toilet,living room ..i am tempted to have a can of baygon in my roll alone for days on end too without the feeling of loneliness

wellsbaba said...

I like to think alot too attimes I get trapped in my head n then get also write my ideas down too,my mind is too xplosive ideas are alwais erupting I go errwhere with my pen n paper in my pocket...they might not mean much to others but to me its worth a bar of gold(my ideas alwais have financial u chic,im glad u hav finished exmas too..4me its time to make money!

eFJay said...

I think the one that say you are 'wierd' is supposed to say you are very 'special'

'ef babe'

Anonymous said...

this babe u dey weird o!no be small thing o!

Ms. Catwalq said...

i believe I have told u before, that u and I are sisters. except for the phobia of airborne things and the crying...u got me

ineffable said...

sweets...huh...tagged me?
what do you wat me to say?
you ai i are almost exactly the same...i might just have to copy and

Fehintolu Olaogun said...

miss jekyll and hyde with the split persona maybe u should rili try serial killing for a change, u know u can always blame it on the other guy (HYDE) if u get caught and laide(JEKYLL) can go scot-free. good going laide and I'm still waiting for your reply to my request. hey guys don't get ideas about the request.

Anonymous said...

You have got really long quirks i kept on losing concentration, anyway its my first time here and would be back to visit.

bumight said...

i remember reading about how ur cousin became a cockroach killer!
I think about stuff i want to write too, problem is I have to write it down that moment or else the vibe is gone.

badderchic said...

True true true, sometimes she can be so quiet it is scary! but me i know that beneath it all na were!

lovely hanging out babe albeit accidentally do it again soon?

cally-waffybabe said...

so you gat some small scoin scoins aboutcha? lol.

good luck in your exams girl.


exschoolnerd said...

@badderchic...definately!!! u roll with the maddest of them all..and i like me some mad peeps.

Mz. Dee said...

So letz see. 1,4, d... it was lyk u were describin me! Ok well.. mainly 4 and d sha..i am soo scared of roaches. Due to a past experience of one flyin directly into my eye.. when i see one.. i get rily freaked out. I cant even kill them.. alwayz beggin ppl to do it 4 me. i've even cried once when i was in skul cos i found a dead one in my locker.. they're disgustinnn!!
Ur rily.. "quirky" :p lol