Friday, 29 August 2008


When all a guy needed to impress a girl was a 3T song ‘I will do anything for you’ and it felt like heaven.

When holding hands was all a guy wanted from you, but it felt so good didn’t it?
When I still had the milk & cookies notion of life
Then adulthood did to it, what a pin would, to a balloon…splaaaaaat!!!
All of a sudden life wasn’t so sugary and spicy anymore
When I didn’t need the right clohes to make friends
Playing with sand brought more happiness that anything else
Oh except cartoons!
Cartoons were the shit weren’t they?
Smurfs, Centurions, Jen & the Holograms, Scooby doo, hammer man,super ted,secret squirrel

Singing the theme song to Sharky & George on a Saturday morning
Breakfast was always a sumptuous meal of Ewa Agoyin
Weekends were never complete without visiting some place
Mr Biggs, Amusement park, Water parks, Apapa club, Mega games were usually the favs
Lawn tennis, table tennis, basketball, football, ten ten, my mother told me, tinko tinko, Cinderella dressed in yella.i could go on and on

When songs were sang to chase the rain away
And shouts of Joy were heard when nepa‘brought’the light
The only thing I feared was my mother’s pankele
Which paid me more visits than i could handle
And I’d swear that I hated her with all my heart
But she always knew how to melt it afterwards
Usually with her teasing ‘ide wa wa wa, olaide mi mi mi’

Sex! What was that? male or female
Such innocence lost, I long for now
When a lollipop was a stick with a sweet on it, nothing more nothing less
When I never bothered to ask whether my ass looked fat in this
And putting on weight wasn’t a death sentence
Impressing people occupied very little space in my mind
And you believed you could be anything you wanted to be
Till jamb came and put sand sand in ur garri

Music was hip-hop hurray, heres comes the hot stepper
The fugees rocked,TLC told you not to chase waterfalls
Warren G and Dr dre, Non-chalant’s 5 o’ clock
Tupac was the truth.
i had that crush on the group immature
They had this song that stirred up things that shouldnt have been stirred up

Listening to Dolly parton and tracy chapman tapes in mum's car
and ebenezer obey in dad's

oblivious of all that was vile and sad about the world.
hapiness was found in little pleasures

-being pushed on a swing
-plucking 'fruit' with friends
-hide 'n' seek and catcher
-riding your bicycle
-listening to folktales

Boy do i long for those days.


Invisible said...

Wow, I come into work and the first thing I do is check blogs. I haven't even checked my emails yet. Anyways, I need to claim my gold medal as first, I'm off to read.

FineBoy Agbero said...

ok.... 2nd sha...

why's evyone going back on memo lane these days?

abi, is it bcos na August we dey and evryone suppose dey on long vacation? (primary sch sturvs!!!)

nice post sha esp at d "pankere" and "ewa aganyin". men!!!! those things!!!

Invisible said...

Hmmm, good stuvv. Brought back memories for me. I sorta miss those days too sha.
Well, what can I say? Welcome to the 21st century.

By the way, I think you need to adjust your colors on your post, some links are black until when moused over which kinda makes it hard to find considering you have a black background. Except you did that on purpose.

Woomie O! said...

it's not fair!
ah haaa!
Tupac IS the truth...
and I loooove! Dolly Parton.

Anonymous said...

awwww...I remember those days with lil tears in ma eyes [yeh right!]

buh those days were the bomb I sweasr!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I too long for those good old days

as long as they have the additional advantage

of todays fat paycheck......

good old days or no good old days

I aint going back to those days of having to speak composition after compostion to my mama about why i needed an extra $3 for my lunch

or having to deliberately drill a hole in my school shoes as proof that I really needed those new rockstones/weinbranuers (sp)

zara (my alter ego) said...

awww. true tALK.. was just thinking the same thing some days back.. back wen we were kids before life came along and robbed us of our innocence.. ~sigh~
where we didnt know wat 'size zero' meant or eating healthy or having nice eyebrows ..~sigh~

Sting said...

The good ol' days. I miss them, esp the innocence that comes along with it. This growing up business is hard men.

IDK said...

sighs...those days sha..if only we knew it dint get much better that that.

Omotayo said...

Hmmmm, cool entry and brought back some memories .... and dat song 5 O'clock was dat bomb.
Anyways, hope U good. Nothing do U.

Tears said...

awwww i miss childhood too :(

cartoons still ROCK!and lollipops still are sticks with sweets on...aren't they?? o.0

howdy dear??

bumight said...

if I had known that growing up would suck this much, I would have wished to grow up at a slower pace and totally enjoy my childhood!

Ms. Catwalq said...

men, u and i grew up in the same house...

Buttercup said...

ohhh nostalgia go away!!!!!!!!

nice post..

rayo said...

wishi could find the rewind button mehn.

mizchif said...

Unfortunately, we r not on the set of "click", so there's no rewind button, but wouldn't that have been nice.

To go back to a time when all that mattered was Popeye, dangermouse, family matters, waking up on saturday morning to Cadbury's breakfast television.

Being able to lick icecream oreat out without worrying abt smudjing ur lipstick.

Hmmm, yea, dose really were days.

olu said...

"Lawya, dokita, enginia, ewa agoyin". Laide, o ni pa mi. Geez, I need to listen to some Warren .G & 2pac. Those were the days!!

La Reine said...

Yeah, cartoons were IT, weren't they? The old ones still are....
This reminds me of Ony's lastest one :

-- Something all Nigerians should read:

Afrobabe said...

yes and no...In a way I long for them days and in another I really dont...

those same lovely days were the days I fought with my folks everyday...I was the househelp when they kicked the househelps out...I was the washer man when they felt they no longer needed one..I was the sales girl for my mum when she sacked her sales people...

No, I dont really wish for those days biko...

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I long for those days too!
The joys of doing the waterfall to TLC and meaning a piece of candy when you talked about licking a lollipop...
Like the new blog look!
PS: Gaining weight is still not a death sentence:-)

stuck in my throat o said...

If we sit and write about the things we long for...e go tey...but you pretty got it all down...

scomiss said...

i miss those days as well

remember the days when my mother would do our hair for class they dnt want me to go to any

azuka said...

Those days abi? I think I was as pure then as I am now.

Anonymous said...

This post gave me goose pimples....I miss those days!

ibiluv said...

i remember them days
long for them not though!!!!!!

i look forward to being 35!!!!!!!

that just seems like **the age** for me!!!

i'm counting down the years!!!!

theicequeen said...

chei chei chei! why now? why Laide? now you've made me want to rewind time sharp sharp..lord i miss those days..the cartoons i sha miss are Captain planet, and arguably the best one ever, Johnny Quest..and Voltron! and ghostbusters! and magic schoolbus! and and..i wanna climb trees and pluck "fruit" even if i can't "stone" it to save my life..and i wanna ride bicycles and laugh all day, and not care that my bum sports enviable grass and mud stains from slipping on wet grass..i wanna come home proud of the injuries and knee scrapes i acquired, i wanna be carefree again, and have fun like no one is watching!!!

laide..why? lol! but this post is so true! so true!

Twix! said...

Voltron was my favorite. Do you remember pigeon street, molly and polly, those two dogs that never talk and the toy factory? NTA was cool. How about childrens variety and speak out? was anyone ever on speakout? Those days were fun, i played with dolls so much, i had so many soft toys, doll houses, lego bricks, it was so much fun. I lived in an estate and loved riding my bicycle up and down. That was the only time you dont feel bad when they send you to buy stuff from the neighbourhood kiosk because you could ride your bicycle. My mum caught me some day outside the estate on my bicycle sha, see spanking ehn. We acted plays and cooked alot of sand meals too and we had neighbourhood clicks. Growing up was really fun

Phoenix said...

Awwww.......Scarvenger's hunt, Sega, SNES, N64, fooling around in the estate, not to mention Gap video club.....ehn wanna rock TLC die, No Scrubs, No pigeons~ silly guys, LOL. I really miss those days......

exschoolnerd said...

awww!!! i c am not the only one who misses those days...well xcept afro and i understand y dear, but am sure their r still some moments that u cherish and miss..

@ i know u...hmmm..of course i could i forget our scavenger's hunt, throwing banger during christmas, going to gap video club to borrow movies,making fun of yomi and just hanging out..copping destiny' child steps and learning their were the days mehn...miss yall!!!

Afrobabe said...
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