Saturday, 23 August 2008

My week!!!

As I sit here…okay sleep here, listening to Rihanna's Disturbia

that i just cant seem to get out of my head and type this I can’t think of anything to blog about so ill just tell u about the past few weeks…yeah I can do that…

•My friends had their costume day, they r final year law students and its one of the many activities they partake in during their last semester in school….so I helped ODB dress like a GEISHA..the other one dressed as a British school girl…

Lol she actually had to drive to school like that so u shud have seen the stares from motorists and okada men and she also had a class…lol.immediately she entered class everybody was laughing their assses off...the lecturer kept staring at her strangely…and they later took pictures, twas fun. Maybe ill go as a mime when/if our set has their costume day!

My other friend didnt want her picture up!!!

•I wore a dress to class!!! This deserves a mention because I haven’t worn a dress in a decade..yes oh…as in I actually showed my legs..not that they r ghastly or anything but not the biggest fan of em..but I didn’t care jare…and I actually looked nice…

•I met a blogger….okay charizard….funny hw I met him…I just entered a bus and saw someone smiling coming towards me was a lil scared till he mumbled something and then said he was…and then we hooked up the next day in school…and just gisted and I haven’t laughed like that in a long time..twas nice hanging out.Plus he did some blogmebo….as in the boy loves amebo kai!!! Chari u need to go to amebo’s anonymous…I swear…the way u crave gist would land u into hot soup…he sha told me some juicy blogville news….taught me the amebo handshake…lol…the boi is a character.

•I just read John Grisham’s ‘THE RAINMAKER’ and it has officially joined my favourite books read list…I thoroughly enjoyed it…a page turner definitely….loved It loved it loved it…before it I attempted to read a book titled ‘BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR’ until I got to a page and read this

“Patrick faced her. He looked at Helen in a way that caught her heart between giant hands and mangled it. Then he spoke
‘One more night together. I know you are my sister but you’re my lover too. Let me make love to you again. For the last time.’

Chari i bet ud like to read it..wont u?

Lol…I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Straffing your sister…no I don’t want to be reading about that I jejely put the book down jare….i dnt think anybody has been able to finish the book I thought I could but gosh I cant…imagining a brother and sister going out it has an EWWWW factor to it abeg!!! But if you won’t mind reading it its by a chick called “Martina Devlin”

•Exams are around the corner, cant wait to be through with that am sure the usual wahala and chaos that comes with every exam will definitely not be absent so ill keep yall posted.

•Weird toaster week, I think almost everyday of this week I’ve had one boy/dude/man walk up to me in an attempt to toast moi..i mean what happened to the permanent scowl I had on my face that usually told them…fuck off unless you gat some sense!!! I have been smiling too much lately, plus my ear phones got spoilt this week so I can’t listen to my ipod as a way to deter them. Like on Wednesday I was standing infront of my hall…this dude walks to me “ Eh plix sister, I saw you infront of newest hall some minutes ago but I didn’t want to come and talk to you, but now that I just see you, *he squints in an attempt to look really serious* you see as I just saw you here…the spirit just moved me to talk to you….(as in I was like that line hasn’t been retired) u sure say no be evil spirit so?

I just looked at him like….oooohkaaay!!!
‘plix I will like to be your friend,can I have your number’

I told him I couldn’t give him cause I didn’t know him, he asked for my name I told him ‘Yinka’…waiting for him to say what a lovely name so I can just walk away….i tell him am in a hurry but I don’t like being rude..i dnt know I wish I just wasn’t too nice/polite sometimes…anyways I start walking away and he’s begging me…I get angry and tell him he’s starting to make me angry and he says something about me being rude that annoys me further…walking away he’s asking “ what state are you from?” and then he’s like okay let me write my number for you and he asks me for a pen I say I don’t have….bo bo yi free me I no wear pant jare!...he keeps following me…”check your bag for a biro now, plix”…I don’t have a biro, am sorry and I keep walking and he keeps following me till I enter one office….some people can’t take a hint shey, until I forget my hand on his face..then he will understand ..

I need to get my scowl back and new earphones..

Big brother Africa starts tomorrow!!!! well am a huge big brother fan and i can't wait for sunday, i dont know if anyone agrees with me but the last one was ghastly...lets just hope this one is alot better..i will keep u posted as time goes by okay!!!

Finally i just wanted tot ake the time out to tell all those lovely people who comment on my entries that i totally totally appreciate your comments i know i dont get to do my blog rounds and i hate that but i do visit all ur blogs, i dont exactly have unlimited acess to the internet, but that might change very soon and i promise ill be at every one of ur blogs...yall would get tired of me sef...takare!!!


Anonymous said...

XsN u dey craze!

of which i cannot want to read that book mehn! how now!


Naija Idol said...

2nd... make i go read

Anonymous said...


Distrubia is rockin me too ooo..

yeah I have read rainmaker...speakin of which laide I need novels book dey for ma haus again mehn...

babe the dress I saw u on that they we jammed was too hot mehn....ur head is not correct o laide...why u call me out like that now? *hiss I WILL GET YOU!..which amebo shake did I teach u?

the spirit!!!! buahahahaha!!! I told ma neighbour this and the girl wanted to laff to death...mehn babes u sha know how to reel them in shaaaa...ahnahn! only u!

bumight said...

I'm sure when u saw chari u were thinking

"Stalker alert!"

lol, your friend's geisha make up is on point sha!

Buttercup said...

for some reason, im still yet to like 'Disturbia'..

wow, u really r good with make-up, ur friend really looks the part..

kai, u've met chari before me..

wow, i dont think i'd want to read that book o, ahnahn..

lmao @ 'plix'! what the hell?? just readin it got me irritated, talk less of u who actually experienced it..

mizchif said...

I really like the geisha concept. Highly creative, @ least she drove, instead of having to catch a bus, now that wld have been mega wierd.

I can jus imagine the level of "mebority" displayed by Chari, and he's a boy o!

Plix babes, u seem to be hotting all over d place, dis one u have a toaster per day. U can like to share ur recipie.

I totally feel you on the scowl that used to chase them away, i think mine has started to disappear as well, and i suddenly have become nice. Maybe it's d time of year.

Naapali said...

plix ma gi him your numba now, ahn ahn. de broda jus wan a babe.

@chari; u and dis your flaming avatars sef.

Mz. Dee said...


grrr... erry1;s meetin chari.. NOT FAIR!

spirit??? i for slap d guy.. no hestitation jo!

Naija Idol said...

LMAO. Lahide plix hakcept d guy now??? .

1963 called and said she needs her line back. gosh. that was a bad

I dont read books. dunno y. will try someday sha. but hw can a bro and sis be straffing. SICK!!!

Im so loving disturbia now.

Afrobabe said...

hahhahaha...chari is an amebo eya eya oh...

plix give lover boy ur number oh plus ur email add so he can "shat" with u!!!

zara (my alter ego) said...

eehn chari which amebo u do for her.. do for me too u looked totalli nice in ur gown!!..

badderchic said...

plix babe, i just want to know how u dey? this is a shat ot

Simi Speaks said...

straffing.. learnt a new slang.. am obviously a big time slacker! lol.

how u dey?

abeg share the gist now!

Tisha said...

nice blog comment
just making the rounds
so i'll keep checking ur blog on and off

AlooFar said...

So are you going to give us details of Chari's blogogists?

ibiluv said...

have not been here in a vex......

share the blog mebo oooooo
me sef love gossip

geisha pic is hawt

that guy u for generally tell am
"ye tele mi abi mo je e lowo ni"

exschoolnerd said...

@ all....hmmm the blogmebo will not come out of my mouth oh....before they come and start fighting me on blogville sey i dey spread one kain news...plix u can like 2 hear from the horses mouth...just go to charizards blog...he will be willing to tell u...i told u he loves amebo lik ders no 2mrw..

olu said...

LOL at the toasting episode. Give the guy your number and, pls,post his text msgs here. I can imagine what it will sound like.

Exams will sure be dramatic cos no one is prepared - or so it seems. Maybe I just think no one is prepared cos I'm anything but prepared ::shakes head in self-pity and goes to pick up a book to read:: Goodluck babes!

musco said...

hilarious as usual!

how's studying english going?

Woomie O! said...

baibay works up???
you di no know that that guy is mai buroda???
plix behave yourself and gi him your nomba joo, we willi take goo kia of you in awa family.

As for that charizard, he must be aware of my beef by now.

IDK said...

u know..maybe it was his step sister, which reminds me of this one naija movie i sister,my love....that says it all abi?