Thursday, 4 September 2008


You were an amazing fuck, too bad I have to do this to you. The guy from the club

Tinuke was startled by the text message she just received.

The guy from the club.

She cast her mind back to that day, trying to remember all the details of that night. She almost didn’t make it to the club that day, she preferred the comfort of her room, reading a book, rid of all her clothes, allowing the softness of her bed caress her body to sleep. She didn’t care for the noise and ruckus that came with clubbing, but she had promised Titi she would go, leave her cocoon and try to have some fun.

That boy, the one that stared at her a little too much, that flirted shamelessly with her, but she didn’t mind, she actually loved the attention, reveled in it. She saw him around school, and had always had a thing for him, everybody knew she had a thing for him but she had been warned many times that he was bad, so bad, too bad for a good girl like her, at least that’s what everybody said.
And so she kept her distance and just admired from far, she didn’t need any drama to disrupt her at the moment.
It was her first time in the club, Titi practically dragged her out and she decided she was going to have fun while she was there. She looked around the club for familiar faces and that was when she spotted him, he was dancing with this girl who was all over him, grinding on him with so much concentration, like it was a job were she was being paid by the hour and she needed to make the most out of every minute.

He seemed quite disinterested in his dance partner, rather his eyes were fixed on her, their eyes met and she turned away. Every now and then she glanced his way and he was looking at her. She decided she was not going to shy away this time and stared back at him, but his gaze was too much to hold and she gave up and turned her back to him.

He approached her after they had engaged in what could be likened to eye sex, he emitted something that was new to her, she was always used to the nice boys, clean shaven, can never do wrong types but he was different, a total opposite, he had bad written all over him, but surprisingly that was such a turn on. She wasn’t used to guys like this, she knew he was so wrong, she shouldn’t even give him the time of day but she couldn’t resist, he had her in the palm of his hands and he knew it.

“Meet me outside” he whispered in her ear and walked away, she watched him as he maneuvered his way out of the club, squeezing through crazed dancing couples.

She found her self standing up, she must be crazy she thought, but she couldn’t stop herself.

She sent a text to Titi, apologizing that she had to leave, something came up, that was her excuse.

He was standing by a blue Honda when she got outside and motioned for her to come over

As she walked towards him, she knew she was going to sleep with him, she just had to, se had fantasized about it, she even told Titi about it, she just needed to, there was something irresistible about him, she just had to have him, she had never wanted anyone before, but him, she just had to have.

And he wanted her too, his eyes relayed it, the way he looked at her.

This is not what good girls do, a voice in her head warned.

Maybe I don’t want to be good today she thought.

She knew she should have just gone back, she shouldn’t even have followed him, but she wanted to do something crazy for once, something that she didn’t have to write in her diary before she did, that didn’t fit in her schedule, that the mould of her perfect, everything must be planned life. She was the girl that always did the right things every time, she wanted to do something bad for once, something spontaneous and although everything in her said she shouldn’t she just couldn’t help it.

Thirty minutes later, they were at his house, in his room tearing the clothes off each other, the sex was even more mind blowing than she expected. He did things with her body she didn’t know could be done, it was so good it brought tears to her eyes.

Slowly but surely they both drifted into sleep, she woke up in the morning, forgetting where she was until she saw his naked body, tangled in the sheets beside her, she got out of bed hurriedly, making sure she didn’t wake him up and put on her clothes. All of a sudden she was enveloped by guilt, what did she do, this wasn’t like her, she just wanted to get out. She hailed a cab as soon as she got out and replayed last night’s events in her mind till she got home swearing that would be the last time she went to the club.

Her message tone went off again,it was an MMS from the same number, there was some text attached to it “this is just a sneek peak” it read and she played the video attached to it.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, her hands shook nervously as she watched the video of her and the guy from her one night stand, he had recorded everything that happened. When? How? Why? Questions flooded her mind, when did he set this up. The river in her eyes could no longer be contained and she let it out. Why was he doing this?

She searched frantically for her other phone and dialed his number but he didn’t answer

Minutes later she got another text

‘It could make for good porn on people’s fones….dont you think?”

She couldn’t think straight, why was she doing this to her. She wanted to scream, wanted to shout, wanted to tear her hair out, she wanted to do something to let out the anger, anything. What would happen to her if it got around, oh no, please, not that, no.. people at school , her friends, her parents, someone would surely tell them about it and then it would be on the internet. These things have a knack of spreading. She’d seen it happen to other girls but she never imagined, not for a minute it would happen to her too.

She couldn’t help thinking that this was God’s way of punishing her.

She grabbed her phone to send him a text

Why are you doing this, what have I ever done to you…please don’t do this, please I am begging you, what do you want from me? Whatever you want ill do it but please just delete it, it could ruin my life please I beg you”

She sent the text, hoping and praying he would have a rethink, he would somehow feel sorry for her and not act on his promises. She prayed under her breathe that he would reply telling her he wouldn’t but she didn’t get a reply.

She typed another text and tried to appeal to his conscience, hoping he had one.

“What if I was your sister and someone was doing this to me, how would you feel, please whatever it is I have done to you. I am sorry but pls don’t do this pls.

She dialed his number afterwards and it was switched off.

She slid off the edge of her bed to the ground, tears still streaming down her face. She imagined her father’s face if he ever got to see it, and how disappointed he would be and her mother, oh her mother will never let her forget. She would talk about it every second, everything she did would somehow be linked to this one act.

She needed to tell someone, she needed to be with someone right now, who could she call?

She dialed Titi’s number, it rang for a while before she heard Titi’s voice.

“You! where did you run off to yesterday? Or who did you run off with? ehn, you just jabo-ed me and I was looking for you when I was about to leave, that’s when I saw ur text”



Titi please! She cried out hysterically, Titi please I need to see you, please come to my room please

“Tinuke! Are you okay, why do you sound like that? Are you crying? Calm down! Calm down! What is wrong?

“Titi! Please just come abeg il explain when you get here, I am in so much trouble ehn, pls abeg”

“Okay! okay, immediately I get to school I’ll come to your room”

“Yea!” she said in between sobs.

She narrated yesterday’s events to Titi, who was more angry than anything.

“The boy is a bastard! Let him try it, what is his number? If they born him well let him try it and he will see what will happen to him.”

She dialed his number but it was still the same response.

Titi comforted her friend, she could only imagine what she was going through, she had seen how these kinds of videos had destroyed many girls’ reputations even if they weren’t the kind to sleep around. That would become the impression of them once people got round to seeing them. They would be the bottom of all jokes, people would stare and point and would laugh. It could make a girl go mad.

Anybody but Tinuke, she thought, not poor Tinuke.

“you sef but shebi I warned you about that boy, everybody warned you…I told you….that he was bad, I’ve even heard gist that he might be a cult boy, he’s a major player a stupid boy that thinks he can do whatever he likes to girls, I’ve heard his gist now…That boy is a bastard! And he will die if he does this to you Tinuke, ah! no Tinuke, he will die.

“ I…I ..i… don’t know what I did to him Titi, I don’t know..Titi what will I do….Titi I am dead o! I am dead….she said amidst tears.

Stop crying, crying will not solve anything now….

“But Titi o!....titi what will I do….

Just then a text came in on her fone and they both rushed to read it

My sister huh, my sister is not slut like you, she wouldn’t meet some random dude in the club and fuck him, so don’t even try and make me feel bad about anything. If you want all this to end, it will cost you 150,000 naira, am sure daddy’s girl can afford to part away with such a paltry sum. If you fail to do so, you know what will happen right and if you send anybody after me,I will make sure this video is seen in every nook and cranny of this country, do not test it into this account number 09384982727363 Henry Ossai Zenith Bank. And if you do I promise you this is the last you will hear of me and I will delete the video. Yes you can’t be too sure but you have no choice do you? But I promise you if you stick to your part I will do the same.

Tinuke dropped the phone and slumped on her bed crying.

Titi dialed the number but it rang continuously till she gave up.

This boy is a bastard I swear ! so this was his plan all along

Titi I have to get the money! I have to or else I am finished…

Waaaaait!! Calm down! Stop shouting now! How do you know that after you send the money he still won’t distribute the video or ask for more money when he’s spent the 150k, ehn? How do u know?

Titi that is a chance I have to take o! what if I don’t and he decides to send it

And what if you do and he still sends it’ Titi countered

“Look I just have to, I have to, he promised shebi?

“And you believe him, me I say don’t give him any money and we’ll think of something else”

“No Titi I can’t take that chance, I can’t…I need to get that money before Sunday. I need to”

Okay so how are you going to do that now, how much do you have in your account?

“I think I have like 38,000…and I have 6k in my cupboard…

“That’s 45, no 44k…how are you going to get the rest?”

“I don’t know…I don’t know…can you lend me some money pls

“I can give you 10k..that 54, what about if you ask your dad?

“My dad, what would I say the money is for? You know my father, he won’t give me, unless the money is for school or something” she said pacing up and down the room.

“What about a laptop? Tell him you need a laptop….you can say it’s like 130,000

“130,000? Do you think he would believe me?"

“How much do you think a new laptop costs, just tell him"

“And what if he asks to see it, what will I say then"

“We will borrow a laptop from someone, Seke just got a new laptop we can use hers and then after a while you can say it got stolen”

She ponders on it for a while.

I’ll go home tomorrow, I should get the money by Wednesday, will you come with me to the bank please Titi!

“No wahala! I will, just stop crying okay? Everything will be alright sogbo”

Tinuke nods her head unconvinced.

The ruse with the laptop works and she pays the money into his account by Wednesday as she hoped.

She sends a text almost immediately

I just deposited 150,000 into your account, and I hope you will keep to your promise. Please I did what you wanted me to, please delete the video and let that be the end of it.

She got a reply soon after and they both read it again

You have been a very good girl, I just got the text confirming your deposit and so this is where I say bye bye, like i promised this will be the last you hear feom me and of your porn debut..hahaha…gosh too bad it had to be like this, you were the best fuck I ever had.

Ps: have you ever thought about going into porn, you’d make a whole lot of money. Call me if u are ever interested.

Bastard!!! She said as she finished and deleted all his messages and his number.

Lets just hope he sticks to his promise, don’t worry Tinuke, everything will be fine’ Titi adds taking Tinuke into her arms, who sobs quietly on her shoulder.

‘It will be alright!”

Seven months had passed and not a word was heard from him, no texts, no calls, and no video of her in circulation. The bastard really did stick to his word. Thank God it’s all over. Tinuke returned to her vibrant self, she put all that happened behind her and vowed to move on with life, with a lesson learnt. She never saw him again in school after the incident and was happy she didn’t.

Three days later while reading in her room she got a text:

“I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccck!!!!!!!!! Thought I was gone for good didn’t you? No baby….daddy is back to collect again….200k to 09384982727363 Henry Ossai Zenith know the deal, am giving you a week…bye love

“She screamed, her throat felt dry all of a sudden, her breathing became heavier and the tears followed shortly, she dialed Titi’s number but it was engaged.

“No no no no!!! not again…pls no!


“Hello dear, I guess you just sent her the text right?”

“Yes I did, she must be going crazy right now cause she just tried to call me , but she was on call waiting, so how much did you ask for?”


“You are a fool, I told you 450k, her parents have the money, its chicken change to her she will get it one way or the other”

“Look titi! I just thought it might be too much”

“Shut up! You don’t think, I do the thinking I was the one who thought up this plan in the first place so you do what I say or its bust okay”

“Okay ma! I’ll send her a text now and ask for 450, Na wa for you o! kai! and this girl no go even think sey u get any connection in any way”

“That’s the whole idea fool! That’s the whole idea.


Ms.O said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...WOW WOW WOW!!!! tht was HOTTT!!! I was like no way at the end!!!!!! plz continue the tory abeg!!!

Ms.O said...

ohh and I AM FIRST..YAY!!!!

bumtight said...

this was great!

there is a reason that this things only happen to good girls - cos they are that naive!

Minky said...

Loved it!
Part 2 plzz! lol.

Minky said...

@ Bumtight- Im a good girl o & im not naive! Ok,ok maybe

Anonymous said...

nice one babe...nice one...loved it...

Bloody Nigerians! must there be a part two???!

zara (my alter ego) said...

wow... hmm na wa for titi oo.. dont know why i kinda wondered if she was involved.. amybe too many suspense novels.. so wen's the conclusion?

Invisible said...

I thought of Titi at we beginning but I said no, it can't be. Serious ending o.
Chari, leave us alone o. Wetin be your own?

pinkyandbrain said...

Nice One Laide...Its Was A Crunchy Read At The Office.Thanks For The Piece.

Funms said...

This is a beautiful story... cant wait to read part 2
One should be careful of people they call friends

IDK said...

ahhh...titi, titi, titi!!!

theicequeen said...

omgomgomg! loved it!!! Laide, it was brill mehn..brill! this thing must to get part 2 oh!...kinda figured the titi chick was involved..ha, no be naija people dey this story?

wordsmith said...

I KNEW it was Titi. i'm just not sure if she was the original stalker or just jumped the bandwagon when she got the chance lol

Afrobabe said...

Wow….Just wow..I am suddenly cold…wow, who ever saw that ending???

archiwiz said...



You got me...Good story. Popsy usually says, "Beware of "friends"

rayo said...

that was so tyt. i dint have a clue.

Woomie O! said...

titi is a beotch!!!
not fair at all...
this is one one night stand too many for Tinuke...
she should just accept that she's now a porn
Madam, you dey too dey think. he he.

musco said...

@chari-i dey 'gbadun' u jare.why didn't she finish the story?

i was wondering wot happened to ur muse for some time nw & i saw this ... wow!

friends cannot totally be trusted especially when u ve have d privilege of having what they don't have!

Mz. Dee said...

abeg.. i dnt c any reason 4 part two. I like the way this ended.. even tho it was bad.

I knew d dude wud be back.. but i didnt think Titi wud be involved.

Friends... god go help us.

Tyger said...

oh me goshhhhhhhhhhhh

that girl does not know the first rule of blackmail

call his bluff!

He will show the whole world... it will rock the school for a few weeks... when she will just go underground and then wat?

people have sex all the time! aint news!

and her frienddddddddddddd!



Tyger said...

and not all good girls are THAT naive!

smart good girls are cautious!! very cautious!!!!

Anonymous said...

love it.

iwa said...

Girl, you should write for Nollywood! Seriously! You've got just the right balance of imagination and experience to ensure that your scripts will not be tired! They will be realistic, and worth watching. I think the industry needs people like you.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Nothing does you my sister!
You had me from the beginning!
Oya release part II sharp sharp

Buttercup said...



i really dont think it has anythin to do with her being naive, people have one night stands errday n nothin goes wrong...she was just unlucky..

*talks to God* Please dont let me encounter any Titi in my life, amen!!!!

great stuff Laide!!

H2O-works said...

nice story...twisted in an interesting way...may this not happen to anyone u know (that is if u r not just narrating a true life experience...)

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When U turn Jeffrey Archer???????? Nice One

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Wow!!!!!! never saw it ending that way but TITI (some friends are worse that lucifer himself)Good one

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stuck in my throat o said...

If it were me, I would call the damn nigger's bluff.
She needs to choose what kind of man she wants to hook up with.
She made a bad choice. Everyone has sex, and since she was a good "fuck", she should tell him to share it with the world.
Everyone has past and if she is scared about her future,she will cross the bridge when she gets there.

ShonaVixen said...

wow!!!this was great, captivating...great work of art!!!

Tisha said...

too bad
i agree with tyger
she should have called his bluff
or lured him with the money
and knocked him off
if her dad's filthy rich as u say
there's bound to be a gun
somewhere down the line.

nice read!

olu said...


Beulah! said...

Girl, u too mussssssssssh!, this ur tory, no get part 2. Very interesting, i enjoyed it...

Omosewa said...

Hmmmm, life.

Naija Idol said...

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Hw r u? hw've u been?

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Good Work