Monday, 13 October 2008

Wat ive been up 2

This is the first entry ever that i am typing from the comfort of my home, sitting in the parlour, mr oyekusibe's

cooking some poison in the kitchen, my brother's watching Fox news some Obama/Mccain news,am sitting in some comfy

chair in the parlour room not worrying who's looking over my shoulder..its such a relief.

For the five years or so that ive been a blogger ive updated my blog at cybercafe's,offices or wherever ther's free

internet acess, i spent the past four days tryna get internet acess at home and all though it was a harrowing

experience...i swear the starcomms office is one of the busiest offices in lagos...on friday i spent almost five

hours there, today i got there 9:00am thinking id probably be the first..yeah right...i think some people propbably

camped in their compound cause the people i saw there at nine...i taya....i was there from 9:00am till like

5:00pm...i kid u not...i was ready to start slapping someone if they didnt get someone to attend to me..finally i

was attended to and now i can browse from the comfort of my crib...feels real good..wait first lemme put my feet up

jare...e don tey wey person go they squeeze imself for one minuscle space,bombom to bombom sitting for one dirty

cybercafe with boys/men talking like women to their maga's...glad to have that behind me...i pray..

so mo da ran...i heard teaching practice has started(okay am an English Education student) so teaching practice is

required, they send us out to one kwe kwe school to teach some olodo children who dont want to learn and we dont

even get paid..mchew!!! I dont have anything officy to wear...skirts,shirts...i am in big trouble cause i have to

report to my school like yesterday and i dont have anything to wear and its strictly office shirts and skirts...i

am so clueless on where to get those now....chei i am not even looking forward to teaching practice those students

will eat me for breakfast i am praying for jss1 students..i cannot shout!

i want to thank God for my father's life, on saturday he was unfortunate enough to hear Holly from 'Girls of the

playboy mansion' on E! say her best physical feature is her Vagina...i was in the kitchen when i heard it...i flew

behind the door immedaitely..i could hear poor popcy coughing....when i was sure the olofo had finished talking...i

sharply rushed to the him some water...and changed the channel...before pupcy says no DSTV for the

next 2months....that girl is a dundee physical feature..most overworked is more like it..idddiyoot

wants to give my father heart attack...

talking about vagina's that blasted yeast infection made a comeback and yet again i had to go through the arduous

task of the pharmacist's wife telling me how to use vaginal tablets in front of other customers....i think i

muttered..."YES I WILL TELL HER THATS HOW THEY USE IT"....alakoba oshi.....

Happy belated birthday to me dear muah!

please pray for me as i go and check where i am posted to for teaching practice 2mrw...i dont want Igbobi

college....pls pls pls...or some rugged as school that the boys look like over grown men in short knickers..and the

gurls carry acid in their bags...I CANNOT SHOUT!


bumight said...

I hope you'll blog about your teaching practice. I'm sure you'll cope.

lmao @ holly giving ur dad heart attack!

aloted said...

ah pls o..make dem no give your papa heart attack o..

all the best with the teaching stuff..hope u have upgraded ur wardrobe sha

exschoolnerd said...

@bumight..thanx dear....i dont have a choice... working on that jare!!!

of which my pupcy doesnt know hw to browse but i am teaching him,he went to google and my big mouth told him if u enter nebody's name and ders something about the person on the net ull find it..and then he wanted to type my name..i just removed one plug....i am scared oh! pupcy might find my so so not good...i am going to have to do what i dont want to do...

scomiss said...

lol.....goodluck with ur teach practice..

Omohemi Benson said...

you are one nutcase,
i have missed reading your blog,
no worries,dem go post u go BIS, wey you go speak constant phonetics tire.

mizchif said...

Ahn, please o, dey should not be trying to kill OUR daddy o, who will now pay school fees. Mumu girl, i doubt that she has actually taken time to look at her vagina, to even say what could possibly make it an attractive physical feature, ode nsi!

As for u and teaching practise, hmmm, go with God u hear, make ur students no plan beat u one day!

mizchif said...

Yeeeeeeeepa, u're not serious o.
You'd berra stop teaching ur papa google sturvs o, b4 he bans internet from ur household. Sometimes, ignorance is pure bliss!

Tigeress said...

The joys of having internet access from the comfort of our homes....priceless! What we take for granted.

Well, welcome back to blogsville. It's been a minute.

As for popsie- that's hilarious- pls keep it on TBN or CNN so he doesnt get a heart attack. Then again maybe he found it very tantalyzing in his ears. lol!

Stingess said...

I can't imagine u teaching. I bet ur students would love u. Just work ur crazy charm on them.

musco said...

had to teach during my NYSC in lagos 2.i survived it & i biliv u will 2.

all d best!

FineBoy Agbero said...

1. You tink say u no go teach when u get admission into Education? Na wa 4 u o! When me i dey try plan a group of teachers dat will teach in d "kwe-kwe" schools for free in order to better d lives of those children... Laide, tink of it as ur contribution to society. And put ur heart into it....

2. WHHYYY people dey kill demselves over STARCOMMS??? I no know o! Broadband is cheaper, easier and faster. MTN has broadband. There's DOPC, Netcom, Swift. (around 6000 per mth for 24hrs!) GLO has started theirs months back and the pay is just like Starcomms... maybe d initial set-up fee sha...

3. Holly, Bridget and Kendra should be shot!! Yeye gals!
"..most overworked physical feature.."

Anonymous said...


Igbobi it is!!! hahahahaah!!!

LusciousRon said...

I thought I was the only one whose father heard that olosi girl talk about her vagina being her best feature. I was so ashamed as I was sitting with my dad!

My cousin went through the same teaching practice thing start praying!

My yeast infection, I had to fake a call to my friend to ask her how she was feeling and to describe it.

Good luck with the students you will need it. Oh and the established teachers in the school.

~Sirius~ said...

Teaching practice ewww! I really hope u don't get some rude kids.
Holly can be excused, she's blonde and has big boobs, what do you expect.
As for starcomms and their madness!!!! some things never change.
Now u have internet access at home, I wonder if some of us will be able to keep up with your ramblings- adjust urself jare and blog on, Nothing do you.

rayo said...

cant wait 4 d posts on ur experiences durin tp, something tells me they'll b funny. i hope starcomms will not disappoint u wit their sumtyms annoyingly slow connection oh. beats a cybercafe anyway

Woomie O! said...

I'm with FBA on 1, 2 and 3...including Heff their sugar daddy. Thank God for our daddy o!!!And I've been praying you end up at Igbobi, what better experience than that?? If you can'r open your mouth and talk to me, maybe you will to them! lol! and I bet you, they'll put you in ss3 or ss4 sef.
Good luck my darling.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you were getting dial-up internet thats why it took you all day! i woulda boned the internet joo. havent u heard of mtn? you can activate it from ur celphone for free - jus check their website. and it's really fast too!

teaching practice... you can make shirts/skirts, there are alot of good tailors around right? you can give them one to copy so that they dont mess it up.

Cappuccine Baby said...

ello there! nice bloog
hahahahaha, play boy's mansion, sorry to your dad ehn, good that you got him some water, nice tacticts, i would have done the same thing lmao

wavemasta said...

Lol at your dad almost choking, and good luck with your posting.

wavemasta said...

Oh, and some Nigerian Nollywood actresses have said their most valuable assets have been their arses, their hips, or boobs, so holly's statement isn't so far fetched.

olu said...

Teaching practice without pay? Arrgh! Kilode? Don't they post you guys to universities cos a lot of Unilag students could use some lessons in English. You know I'm right. LOL! Igbobi college? I can imagine. Laide against the MEN.

Good luck, and pls, update regularly.

ibiluv said...

teaching worry na redeemers them go send u go.......