Sunday, 19 April 2009

no title o!

Whoa! I haven’t been here in a while.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone..i really appreciate it..yall r far far too nice..make a gurl blush like a fool..thanks a lot..ur messages were part of what made my day.

So my bday has come and gone, I was determined to have as much fun as I I did…but the day hectic gaan.

In the morning I was SUPER HOUSEGIRL..washing plates at the speed of light, sweeping faster than a speeding bullet….it wasn’t funny..after I prepared breakfast and lunch my fairy God mother came down turned me into something fabulous and was like off u go with ur foine self...and i was on my way too have some fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!

First stop the bank…to cash a cheque…but when I see the queue for bank wey reach door…as in there must have been like 40 people before me…I ran out…and took a bike to anoda branch…same thing dere…I think dey hv some problems n people cudnt use the atm to withdraw..anyways the bank was also full bt not like d oda one..took an hour to cash the cheque..walking back to my get a bike to my hostel.i hear laide! Laide! I see some dudes in a car..and m like.. who be these ones! Cause I didn’t recognize them..neways they start shouting..laide! laide facebook! I sha wave to them..

I meet them again in the front and dey r like we just checked facebook and its ur birthday…my name is ……… and I remember I actually know him, we yarn on facebook..they give me a ride to mai hostel.

Anyways buy some stuff for me roomies and then I treat justina, layo and chiago to a movie at ozone!!!

The only watchable movies were ‘marley and me’ and 12 rounds..and we decide to watch 12rounds…big friggn mistake..but neways I had a good time, we took pictures!! Justina and I acted a fool big time..taking crazy pics…like people were staring laik ds chics r definitely lesbians…hehehe..jus wnted to gv em sumthing to talk about.

You know I complained the last time I went to that bloody ozone…bout some chics dt just cudnt shut up..there was this one chic dat was worse… in..i cant even explain how retarded she was..if uv read my story ‘biliki goes to sliverbird’ that would help u picture how she was actin..every friggin minute this girl was shouting making a comment, laughing when it wasn’t funny, forming scared when na action movie we dey watch, asking silly questions..making foolish comments…up to the point wey mai friend talk shut up! And then another one of my friends-Godwin actually told her ‘excuse me you are disturbing us here’ that was when she actually shut up..and that was when the movie was almost ending….frigging annoying I tell u!

I had so much fun that day, hanging out with mai friends was just the best! Thnks yall for making my day and those who called, texted, facebook msgs, wall posts, blogville love..thanks a lot.
So uncle innocent is gone…lasted for only two weeks..he caused it anyways goodbye fine-boy no blemish innocent

Helloooooo tina!

Or tina fey! Like my brother calls her lol.

She comes scoin scionlified too o! but better than innocent..her own quanta is dat she can watch tv…and the sad thing is u can see the tv from the kitchen so she has burnt soup twice cause she was watching tv.have u ever seen sum1 look so mesmerized when they r watching in she’s so engrossed in it…but she’s smart and even though she only speaks broken..she is able to grasp anything she watches…even Fringe!!!

its back to school 2mrw!!! drats!


naija shawty said...

haha, happy bday in arrears oh.
i dont like attn seekers eida. not like she seeks it in a nice way eg dressing up and coming fashionably late. as for tina fey, those girls and fashion. dey no send oh.

by the way, first!!!!

mizchif said...

Good to know you had fun on ur day.

You see yasef, small ,small, u go turn superstar based on fb and blogville. Anyway, me i want my own autograph before the queue starts oh!

As for Tina wey watch TV so tey she burn soup...hmmm, she lucky say no be my house she dey!

Anonymous said...

i love FRINGE....awesome!

happy birthday in arrears...better late than never....

olu said...

LOL!!! Good to know you had a nice one.

Phoenix said...

Lol @ fine boy innocent.
Im glad yo u had fun babes!!
Here is wishing u a fruitful year.

bumight said...

lol, laide u're now a celeb o! if u hear about some chick in yankee dropping ur name like its hot, know its bumight!

as per tina fey, she gets fringe? cool. wairraminute sef, both of them actually posed for u to take their pictures? lmao!

Dante said...

Happy birthday joo..
Knowing you, bah? Too much fun was on the table..

some people can be so annoying....attention seekers..I can't stand them at all..
That tina wey dey watch TV...wetin she for do nah?

Tigeress said...

omd u are taaaaaaalllllll!! :)

Glad ur was a blast. How uni?

blogoratti said...
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blogoratti said...

Loads of fun on that day uhn..nice.

Afrobabe said...

Awww you actually got a lift from ur facebook

lol @ Tina, she is all posed up...

ibiluv said...

you dey enter lift cos of facebook.......hmmmmmmmmm


Nefertiti said...

Jezoooos! How tall are u, lady? the girl looked like a midget standing next to u! lol

LMAO @ Tina. See as the girl pose. u guys have sumtin on ur hands o. She will soon be wearing booty shots and fixing blonde weave. Mark my words!

Here's wishing u a prosperous and favor-filled year!

Miss Natural said...

Hey I'm glad you had a great birthday and I can see that you had fun. Plus you were looking mighty 'foine' lol

BSNC said...

Glad you had fun.. wow you take style tall..

make tina fey no go burn house oo.

LG said...

lollll@biliki goes to silverbird, Glad u had fun'

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Happy birthdays in arrears and Good to know you had fun. Love reading your blog.It makes my day

Tisha said...

u r crazy gal
but that is why we love you
happy belated birthday
take kai.
ur pics are totally crazy
u r laide all the way.

Buttercup said...

im a friend of a celeb..wooooooohoooooooo! :D

eeya, sorry bout the super housegirl morning o..ahnahn why dem do u like that na? at least the day ended well..good for u..

lol @ innocent lasting only 2 weeks..nawa o..

i thinks its all house helps that love blame em tho..

bArOquE said...

ah ah, some serious fun oh...just wondering, why were you washing dishes & cleaning up so fast?

LIL WOMAN said...

u didnt invite me to ya byeday parry!!!

Nice Anon said...

your friend looks like a midget compared to you. No pun intended!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday,
Uncle Innocent looks kinda hottish from where im sitting lol send him over I know a few 'errands' he could be running around here

ManCee said...



Like I always say
'nada like good food and good company (-a good shag features in there somewhere).


Original Mgbeke said...

Happy belated birthday babe! LOL @ peeps saying 'Laide Facebook'...this Facebook dey good o.
Meanwoos you dey feature una help for on top this blog, dem don become famous be that. Na im I go see am for Balogun market and tok say 'Hey, don't you live with Laide dem?'
Tewww funny. The babe fit find bobo on top blogsville sef, one fine boy go scope am and tok say 'I like her ringtone'.

~Sirius~ said...


You had mad fun........
I can imagine how annoying that girl was.

You guys had better close the kitchen door when Tina Fey is in there........

If not, be assured 1 meal out of 3, as she will burn the others......

Woomie O! said...

Baby, why wasn't I invited to this Ozone? Don't we owe eachother? Anything to have appeared in some crazy pictures.

InCogNaija said...

I know say i late...Happy Bornday in hariars! lol
im glad u had fun. mine is in a few weeks. i have no clue what i will be doing sef.

chayoma said...

nice that u had fun on your day!
happy belated
mad love yo!

wellsbaba said...

c u n ur complainin dat u didnt get a mess frm me on ur u had sooooooo much fun!

Chi-Chi said...

Happy Belated Birthday dear
Lmao, at the girl who was acting scared when it was an action movie LOl
Haha this post is funny, lol @ your maid, she’s sharp o dis one she was able to grab fringe hehe…x