Sunday, 13 September 2009

wo! i no get title jare!

TWHORE- Twitter whore

Okay when I first joined twitter it was blaaah, didn’t understand it..didnt see the purpose thought it was just a ‘glorified facebook status’…but now…am addicted like whoa! I shud really make one of my shirts for myself…’TWITTER ADDICTS ANONYMOUS’

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Oh yeah that’s another thing..ive been wanting to go into t-shirt designing for as long as I can of the many ways for c’est moi to express my creativity ..and this bloody asuu strike allowed me make it happen….i started working with someone already in the biz recently….but I seriously need to get my own line off the ground….here’s some stuff we did..

but thats his own line neways not mine...

I think the reason why I don’t like blogging as much is cause I am not anonymous..wanna talk about somethings but I cant because I don’t wanna cause wahala abeg! But I need to get them out of my system….arrrrgggh!

I am almost through with my project so am giddy with joy, that thing really stressed me out…man pikin don tire….it has kept me in school for the most part of the strike…which I don’t even mind sef because if I dey house now na to turn pesin into ‘it’s a pot….it’s a spoon… it’s a fork…no its super housegirl” and I am not even down for any house work till I marry…ahan what is it?

Of which is it so hard to get good help these days….remember that our househelp Innocent abi na determination the one that left because his scoin scoin no get part 2…dem employ you as houseboy u talk sey u wan dey drive oga go work..shey na oscar and the friendly ghosts go help u dey wash plates for kitchen or cook the food while ur ass is ‘driving oga to work’
Then we hired ‘Tina’ or ‘Tina ‘THE DIVA’ Fey as I call her, .chei that girl showed us STRONG THING..not the Banky W’s kinda strong thing o….some evil ass murrafucka this girl was…dirty sumbody like this…rude, chic used to mouth off to me, mumcy my bros n pupcy sef…..had so much the point that she caused a fight on our street and someone almost died…..i think she thought she was on vacation in our house…u send a human being to buy bread make the person spend 3 good hours and then come back and still not buy it, the day I knew she had to go was the day my father walked in on her putting salt in her ‘v-jay jay’…and dipping her hand pack into the salt container….the poor man…he had to see such a sight….smh!!! with immediate alacrity dey sent her divalicious ass away….and brought in Patience!

Now far so good…but this one that her fone is ringing every five seconds…may she not pour hot oil for leg one of these days...and she’ll smile sheepishly to me “na my brother o!” who ask u? guilty conscience….which kain brother be brother has not called me more than 10 times this year..and that nigga loves me..i think! na only u get brother? Wey e go dey call u dey text u every five minutes…one day she left her fone in the kitchen and I sharply went thru her text msgs and found the truth ..saw msgs from… ”sweetheart, my love, my yori yori” …brother indeed…. ….anyways her scoin scoin is on the minimal so its still okay now!!..if not we go just hold’ Olabode’s Next Top Housegirl’ till we find one who can be tolerated because all this wahala is too much and seriously am always gunning for a good househelp…cause if not..they will just bring me in as replacement..and biko nu….i cant!

Shey person no go go marry like this ,because its like this asuu strike no get part 2, make pesin kuku marry drop like two children sharply and hurry back and go finish up because I don’t like all this rubbish…like really….an idle mind is really the devil’s workshop…”thou must not go back to school looking like yokozuna” so am doing everything to keep myself busy..everything but exercise…am exercising my fingers at least on twitter!


The Girl with the Red Hair said...


The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Really missing you on blogville oh.

lol@ Olabode’s Next Top Housegirl.

Help don't come easy nowadays and they all must have one comma for us to talk about.

Love you shirts.

exschoolnerd said...

@TGWTRH.. thanks dear!!!

about help..u can say that again!

Anonymous said...

oh my GOD - Twitter is the best since sliced bread!

Anonymous said... mum got tired f housegirls a long time ago...and you are very funny.inukwa salt wa oh.

exschoolnerd said...

@temite...u can say that again..we r never on twitter at the same time..time zones i guess!!!

@leggy...yall r lucky u dnt hv to deal with bull..
abt the salt thingie...the thing wonder me too o!!!

Anonymous said...

lol@the househelp...can't imagine what else she has been doing...
Thought you were in lag not asuuu?

Rene said...

d salt in v-jay jay is disgusting...i wonde rwhat she must av done dt u pple din't see.
lol @ exercising hands with twiter...if dt wuz ow 2 nt 2 b yokozuna, everybody for don loose weight since.

Myne Whitman said...

This ASUU strike sha, me never understand. I love those T-shirts! Good luck with yours.

olu said...

LMAO @ Olabode's Next Top Housegirl & Guilty conscience. So na Twitter snatch you. Not fair o! Cool shirts, and welcome back.

chayoma said...

Oh my goodness
i was rolling in freaking laffta.

no be small thing oh!
Missed u bad.

But come oh, the pikin wey dey put salt for im v-jay jay, wetin??

Controversy said...

I still cannot understand/see what you people see with this twitter thing o

Ebony~!* said...

I really wanna start my tee line aswell, never got through it though! hiss! i was soooooooooooooooo laffing at "My yori yori: heheheh ewwooooooo...bracket has caused confu attack oh! LOL

Adekunle Shobowale said...

Find out how much Popsy will pay you for this housegirl job. Don't knock it till you try it. At the rate this ASUU strike is going.....

mizchif said...

No be small Twhore! You and ur truth or truth partner!

You know i can't believe this ASUU strike is still on, how many moths after, it's not fair oh, tomorrow they will be talking about increase in crime rate.

All the best with your t-shirt line tho.


~Sirius~ said...

I am repented (I think) Been attenting my anonymous classes, not sure how much they can hold me down.

Loooooove the tees, esp the white one.

I wish i had the time to play around with my creativity.

Na wa for ASUU oh.

LOL " Next Top Olabode Househelp.

Simi Speaks said...

I can always count on u to put a smile on my face! I laughed all the way to the end of ur post. u crazy girl.

nice way to get through a boring conference call!

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Kool one...shirts are amazing!!!

LG said...

my question be say, wetin omo babe dey do with salt for her kini??? abi na seasoning????????????

*how u

Tisha said...

its good to see you on blogville
ur love for fb is bigger

Invisible said...

I don miss una o. Yep, I'm back.
By the way, she was putting salt in her what??? For what reason???? I fear o.
I'm back sha and I'll try to stay steady this time.
Yours in apology.

Invisible said...

I don miss una o. Yep, I'm back.
By the way, she was putting salt in her what??? For what reason???? I fear o.
I'm back sha and I'll try to stay steady this time.
Yours in apology.

CaramelD said...

XSN, I won't lie you are spread over Twitter, like margerine in a poor man's house ;)

Please I had to minimise my laughter while reading your posts! Why oh why did she have salt 'down there'? Your poor Dad, that can scar a man for life!

Love your t-shirts! Soon you will start your own line, Amen!

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

i see you decided to make a stop here once again...good to know!!!

LWKMD...omo, nawa for your house helps oh!!!

nice shirts though...

LusciousRon said...

You this girl! You wont kill me! Na serious next top housegirl o! Househelps nowadays are a nightmare! I dont know what they are thinking. Thye have totally forgotten that they are theer to work!

Pele o. This ASUU strike no easy. Open a new blog as an anonymous blogger and write to your heart's content jare.

ManCee said...

Na wah to you o...checking out your housegirl's phone...what were you feeling like ?'snoop-dogg?'

Nefertiti said...

Ewwwww, I can't believe I have thot about like 10 reasons why she will be 'seasoning' her kini. The nicest one was that since salt makes soup sweet, maybe her babalawo tell am say if she put salt, her kini go sweet... LWKMD! Glad you got rid of her pin head. Akoshibero someborry.

Those tshirts are real kewl! I like the white one the most. Lerrus know when you start ur line ;)

That naija school system, na die. God help us.

Lol @ excercising ur fingers. U never see yokozuna. Berra get ur butt on that treadmill, lady!

Missed you! Updating my blogroll now!

Toplaw said...

I got to know your blog thru a friend...u'r rili swaggalicious. am kinda nu to blogville but then, i am quite impressed wit ur kindoff delivery.

TinTin said...

SALT IN HER KINI?? what for?