Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011- the year of parking well and staying in ur lane.

Happy New Year yall!!!

Last year was a rollercoaster year, alotta stuff happened. Alotta them I've already shared with much drama than I've ever had to endure happened last year but I am glad that is all over and I can move on with my life. Thank God for everything and for keeping us alive to see the new year.

2011 is here... Yipeee! And on twitter I termed it 'a year of parking well and staying in ur lane) alotta peeps found it funny but what I really meant was ... This year EVERYBODY's BS(bullshit for those of u who don't have ur abbreviations down like that :p) and DRAMA needs to stay far away from me.I do not want to be caught up in any human being's drama.

Unfortunately I was included in some funny shit yesterday on twitter...and I wake up this lovely morning that is my mom's bday for my friend- (kiss kiss dear) to tell me that some individuals have been talking to her about this issue and still putting my name in it.

Don't let the thunder,fire and lightening of God strike u down. Do not include my name in ur drama. Same way some chic that I thought was my friend went around telling people that I uploaded wande coal's pic on twitter...where I for c am? And we later found out that the chic -rondo was actually the one that did it.
I don't know if its cause alotta people know me or my name or twitter handle is the first to pop into some people's heads...stop it! take my name out of ur mouth if u want good things for urself this year.
Get ur facts right before u include me in some he said, she said, they said bullshit.

I will not dedicate 5 minutes of my time discussing an issue that doesn't directly involve me. Ask the people I call my friends if we r even discussing one of such issues that concern me at one point I tell em I don't wanna hear again cause I just don't need headache..cause frankly the problems I am dealing with are
more important than ur lives so please get over yourselves.

If someone sees me in the midst of someone who said something about u does that automatically mean I am discussing ur issue? Like I said NOBODY IS THAT IMPORTANT... Nobody! I am going through alotta ish right now that ur story,even if I hear it is quite irrelevant to me. Know this.

This kind of drama I do not need that is why I don't walk with a clique, or a group, at best I am a loner...I have a few friends I can talk to because of ish like this. That's how much I detest drama. So if u hear from some lily livered sources that I have been discussing your matter, it would do you good to ask me first before chatting shit so I can let you know YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT
And Laide Olabode doesn't give a fuck about what you do with YOUR life.
I just don't want to be a part of anybody's drama this year,I've had enough.. so like I said before, let us all park well, stay in our lane and have a lovely 2011.


Mamoose said...

Nice piece

Sola Kuti said...

2011- the year of parking well and staying in your lane. Love it! I'm going to use this phrase a lot this year

faizah baruwa said...

nice write up, i like..happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Babe dats wat u get for bein popular, peeps want 2 associate wit u and feel important enuf to want u to be interested in their ish... Dat
They make things up. The truth is... It may not stop, so u myt av to up ur game and live above it all.
Love dear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laide. Enjoyed your writing as always. However, I must say you should develop a thick skin. I've had my fair share of 'he said, she said, they said' and the only day it'll stop is directly proportional to the day you die, which I pray isn't in the next 70 years. That's 70 years or more of all sorts of bs-hot, cold, grilled, baked, sautéed, sunny side up...I'm in no position to advice you I know. I'm yet to wrap my head around some of the things that I've heard that I did. Probably never will. I just put my game face on and turn my back and never let them know if they got to me or not. Think you should try it. May not stop em talking but makes the bs more swallowable. @cindyswizz2

Oyeromade Oluwafisayo Ogunjimi said...

Nice to know you want drama no more. Wishing you all the best in the new year. ..

Anonymous said...

Laide if u read the girls tweet well, u would notice that she said Phatgirl slim told exschoolnerd and not the other way around. She didn't say it was you that was spreading lies so why did you get all mad. So why are you making this all about you when the pinkmurphin girl did not say anymore. Maybe u have also been spreading the lies. You have hate in your blood. I don't blame you , u are huge, have a flat nyash and looks like a Man. I would be a sad kid also if I were in your shoes. Hugs x

Anonymous said...

i really need to tell people this: 2011 - the year of parking well!!

BTW, happy new year :)