Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Its time to give good naija music the attention it deserves!

The first time I heard about ‘Funbi’ was when my friend Otoide sent me his ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ freestyle… first thing that came to my mind was ‘dayuuuum who has this orgasmic voice’ like I was in a trance…u know me and my ashawo ways…neways I forgot about him for a while hoping to hear some stuff by him later on.

The next time I encountered Funbi was at the twitter event ‘Fun Turf Soccer Fiesta’ he performed and I know good music when I hear it, I was bumping my head to the song and made a mental note to ask Otoide to send me the song.

I kinda put it off for a while until I remembered recently and asked him to send the song - ITS YOU I SEE…. he did and believe me…..I WAS WOWED…I was blown away….i was mega impressed….sounds cliché but I do not hype undeserving music.

Now i am a PROMOTER, but i don’t promote artistes cause frankly there r too many of them, everybody and their transverstite cousin is an ‘ARTISTE’ and i don’t want to be the one to say ‘Your music is not good enough for me to promote’ nah lets leave that to their family members...

But FUNBI....it would be an injustice if i kept such good music from yall..

His First single to be released is titled "Superstar" it talks about the desire to live the life and all that being a superstar entails and requires... the actualization of a dream. A pretty good first effort if you ask me….
It features deep verses from Loose Kaynon (@loosekaynon) and Ice Prince (@iceprincezamani).

Download link - http://www.4shared.com/audio/lxF_PTGu/Funbi_-_Superstar_ft_Loose_Kay.html


Its a follow up to his first single "Superstar", Funbi has put his vocal abilities into creating a tune to make you move on the dance floor. He calls this one "Its you i see" it features rapper Loose Kaynon @loosekaynon

This is my personal favourite…you know how its Friday, its been a long hard week and you just want to go to the club and let it go..baraje…HAVE MAD FUN….forget all your worries forget everything ….hmmmn its been a while since I did that…last time was at koko lounge….hmmmmn…but I digress.
And then you get to the club and you meet this fine looking girl/dude…yeah there are a million and one other hot dudes/duddettes bumping and grinding around you…but this one…just this one has your attention….common you know you’ve experienced that before....

Its great dance music….i mean you cant hear the song and not want to move something….Funbi’s silky smooth vocals also does the magic…it has a techno feel….some say he sounds like ‘Craig David’ - which is quite a compliment…but he is FUNBI not Craig….

Download Link – (The fast link not the 300secs snooze fest)


His latest single – CLOCKWORK is equally awesome..here Funbi finds himself in a situation most guys can relate to - caught up between his official mistress and a side chic.....*cough* don’t act all clueless....you know you’ve been there....its the never ending battle between love and lust.....

Produced by the talented @Kraftmatiks, clockwork deserves a place on your play list.....Do not carry last....download it now not later.....i know you get all these links every time...with people telling you to download this song cause its awesome....BELIEVE ME – IT IS AWESOME.....

Download link – (fast link) www.bit.ly/funbiclockwork

Connect with Funbi on

Booking & General enquiries
Email: topleftentertainment@gmail.com
Phone: 08066118072


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AfroSays said...

We shall,
and we're trusting your judgment on him... only because you like Drake too

Tisha said...

Feasting ma eyes
He's a fine boy

Just might listen to his music.