Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Girl: hello! Is this chuks ?
Boy: yes I am chuks by name, who am I on to
Girl: this is amanda
Boy: (trying to remember) amanda! Amanda! Amanda!
Girl: amanda! U used to call me..we met at uche's wedding last year
Boy: oh oh oh amaaaanda! I am so surprised and shocked... U have never called me before
Girl: So r u now complaining should I drop?
Boy:No no I was just saying o..
Girl: How are u?
Boy: I am fine, I am really excited n stil shocked dt u r calling..
Girl:Yeah no problem..u popped into my head n I wntd to greet u
Boy: d last time I called u..dey told me u had died..that I shd stop calling uu if I didnt want to die too.
Girl: dey did? Who would hv said such a thing..God forbid
Boy: that's what dey told me o.thank God its a lie..i wonder y someone would joke about death
Girl:*coughs* I wonder too o
Boy: well we thank God hw r tins..hw r u preparing for tmrw
Girl: tmrw? What is happening tmrw
Boy:Tmrw is vals na!
Girl: Oh wow I hd totally forgotten...dey still do that?
Boy: what!
Girl: Its just another day to me jare
Boy: Common what do u mean? Do u mean u hv no plans..
Girl:U can ‎c I even forget twas valentines day
Boy: Soo
Girl: Soo what?
Boy:Soo ur boyfriend is nt takin u out
Girl: Did I tell u I had a bf?
Boy:But bck then u always used to tell me to stop calling u cs ur bf said he would iron my balls...

Girl: erm..yeah yeah..ehn oh we broke up now...
Boy:Oh really y? When?
Girl: what's up with the interrogation?
Boy:No, no am just wondering y anyone wd break up wt someone like uu
Girl: ask him o
Boy:So no plans tomorrow?
Girl:Nah no plans I'll just be free at home by myself, doing nothing..nepa will take light sef..just bored...
Boy: What if I...
Girl:What if what?
Boy:No, never mind...u'll say I am too forward...
Girl:No no say what's on ur mind
Boy:Nah never mind...sorry
Girl:(getting impatient n angry)No pls tell me
Boy:I dnt knw why I brought it up, its nothing..
Girl:No I insist..what if what
Girl:(Shouts) SAY IT!!!
Boy:(Scared and startled) sorry I was just wondering what if I could take u out tmrw..that's all
Girl: will I even be chanced..I'll think about it sha
Boy: well then maybe some other time
Girl: did i say i was not interested?
Boy: But ....
Girl:Err..well u knw I dnt really care about ds vals tin bt take me where first
Boy: Dinner at whitehouse
Girl: I'll definitely b busy
Boy:Or or...if u dnt lik dt..we cud go to this westown hotel...very lovely place for dinner...
Girl:Ehen hotel..well well if u insist sha..since u r begging
Boy: But I didn't...
Girl: (cuts him short)Since no one else will go with u and I am d only one who will pity u and even consider
Boy: But...I hvnt asked ne...
Girl: Okay pick me up at 5pm at my house
Boy: Ah ur house...hope those ur dogs u use to warn me about will b in deir cages oo
Girl: What dogs?
Boy:U know? when i used to 'call' u, used to tell me that u hd 6 pitbulls that roam ur compound and tear on sight back then dogs..don't worry when u come just call I'll meet u outside..
Boy:How about u take a cab to the hotel and I'll wait for u will make things easier for me.I'll pay for ur cab
Girl: Ehn well okay... What time?
Boy: 7pm I'll text the address to u
Girl: Well okay sha...I might change still my mind later n not go sha..dnt think am all dose girls dt get carried away by stuff lik dis
Boy: No...I don't...this is d longest we hv ever spoken though..usually weneva I call..u usually drop after I say my name..but now u r even d one calling!!!

Girl: All those times r in d past now..
Boy: Yes dey are
Girl: So 8pm tomorrow right
Boy: Yes 8pm..pls come looking hot...
Girl: *hiss* when don't I look hot...
Boy: Takare
Girl: Bye

Click...cuts call..
Boy: mugu oshi, U go wait tire..dinner ko supper ni... *mimicks her voice* ‘i’ll pity u and consider’.....dosgbe!

Girl: just wasting my credit least I won't roast for vals..after vals I'll delete the mugu’s number


Anonymous said...

LWKMD!! d geh is a real dosgbe!!

Anonymous said...

lmao.. was finkin d dude was d mugu sef..

tonikuyinu said...

LMAO! The girl is a mugu oshi!! Boys are not smiling.lool..

mo said...


Xorra said...

Hahahaha!! Oshofree dey run belle o!!

Anonymous said...

ooo lawd am rotflmbo.....this is so hilarious



Just...Toluwa said...

LWKMD! i knew the end wld be too funny!

kitkat said...

ahahahaha! lool.. i can totally picture one typical naija babe and one sharp guy playing out this scene in real life,lol!

akopac said...


LohiO said...


Hussein Saadu said...

Lmao..nice 1!

Anonymous said...

Better mumu girl... Hahahahhahahaha!

cutelypweety said...

Hahahahaha...2 cruise-catching pple....dey even fit sef!Lmao!

Nutty J. said...


Evee said...

The girl na real MUGU. Very funny

Mz.T said...

Buahahahahahahahahaahahha! I love how the girl is the Mugu. Nice!

Anonymous said...

I laughed till I started crying. Classic! @ThisGokeBoySef

Anonymous said...

Lmao.....nice one!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Love it! they both crazy

Nonso said...

LMAO!!! d babe thinks she's overflowing with sense shaa...

AfroSays said...

I definitely should suggest that to my sister for next year!

Tisha said...

both stupid

why would you want to spend
vals day with someone who is
not special?

I hate idiots!

Chyk Gerald N. said...

LMAO!!! Tis cracked me up (Y)

Pointless Celebrity said...

U funny ooo

Anonymous said...

Oh u funny uhh!!! Nice to say d girl entered first class one chance...all d same big ups to d dude he's a bad guy jare!!*beazy voice*

ifeloju said...

so who is the real mugun...?

Anonymous said...

funny enough shit like this do happen

enigma106 said...

LMAO! You're the ideal 9jirian i swear!

ThisIsMDizzy said...

dogsbe? mugu? +lost+ . haha,, i stumbled upon this blog, and i must say, it makes for a pretty interesting read even though i get lost in translation at some points ... will be sure to rss this..