Wednesday, 30 March 2011

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I don’t want to bore you with too many details... i just want to get straight to the point

you know how in Lagos, having fun can be kinda expensive... its the weekend and u wanna hang out with your friends at the cinemas, a concert, go-kart riding, a restaurant or you wanna go to your favourite salon. Dealdey brings you discounts at all these places..having fun just seems to have this large price tag on it in Lagos...and that takes away all the fun from it. Having fun shouldn’t cost that much but hey its Lagos..
Now has come up with ways for you to pay less while doing all the things you love by getting you 30-70% discounts at all the places you love to hang out.

Some of the recent deals on the site are....a deal of crepes, waffles and ice-cream at ice cream factory , an offer to have all the racing fun you ever imagined at GET and also tickets to the FELA BROADWAY SHOW were sold at 30% off.... so you see they are really looking out for you.

Dealdey encourages group buying.... If a deal is on offer a certain number of people have to buy the deal before the timer runs out..usually the timer is for a day and a half... lets say 15 people are needed to lock the deal in...once 15 people buy this deal then its sure...the deal goes live and as many as 1000 people can now buy the deal before the time runs out...thats why u need to tell your friends and family once a deal u r interested in is on the site . If the timer runs out and only 4 people have bought the deal instead of 15 then the deal doesn’t go live and everybody who has paid will be refunded immediately.

Now lets say there’s a deal for movie tickets.... you pay online or at the dealdey office for the deal and you will be sent a voucher to your phone with your details. It is this voucher you’ll take to the cinemas, show them and they’ll give you ur movie ticket(s). The vouchers usually have an expiry date of a month so you have ample time and also you can buy as many as you want.

The first thing you need to do is subscribe at the site...that way whenever there is a deal you get an email sent to you about it. You may or may not be interested in it, but at least you know about it and can share the info with anyone who might be interested. By doing this you NEVER miss out on any deal. Who knows it might be a deal on IPADS...
Subscribing is easy go to the site and at the top right corner you’ll see ‘SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY DEAL EMAIL’ just enter your email address in the box below...and that is all...dont worry they wont spam your account.

Now you get the mail and you are interested in the deal...go to the site and click BUY NOW and sign up... If you haven’t registered do so before you can sign up....this is different from subscribing... signing up gives you access to the site. Once you register you can then sign up and follow instructions from there.

You can also pay at the DEAL DEY OFFICE, which is at 109 Awolowo road, opposite Standard Chartered, Falomo.Ikoyi.

For more info or how DEALDEY can help your business call them on Call us on 0700 DEALDEY (0700 332 5339)
If you need HELP you can also email :


Chizy K said...

hmmm nice, i really wanna explore naija on my nxt trip, thx for this

Kemi said...

Thanks for the love exschoolnerd...youre a champion!!!

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Bagz' bloggin! said...

You're a darlyn! Been wondering what come is all about and now you gave me more than what I need to know! Las gidi is ripe for this, thanks a million!

Ronke said...

The QuickTeller option is not quite an account. Its to fund your Dealdey account. So you pay on or using their payment code on the QuickTeller enabled atms.

Anonymous said...

Super cool and i'm so happy its hapening in lasgidi. But did i miss it out or visa.card payment isn't an option? Quite sad.