Sunday, 4 March 2012


So i stumbled on a blog yesterday that sort of inspired me to do this, this also means i get to update my blog everyday *fingers crossed* i am really excited about it because i think its the kind of thing that gets my creative juices flowing...... Its A PHOTO CHALLENGE for the month of March. Everyday i post a picture with a theme attached to the date...see picture below to understand. Since its already the 4th of March i am gonna post 4 pictures!!! Enjoy

March 1st - Words to live by

Now i chose this picture because it reminds me of an experience i recently blogged about and it reminds me of a moment that changed my life when someone special said those exact words to me. I hope it changes someone elses life when you realize that what people say/think about you shouldn't rule your more concerned with what God thinks :) So yeah they are definitely words to live by....

March 2nd - Stolen DP

I steal alot of DP's everyday.. LOL... like if stealing DP's were a crime i'd probably be doing life with no chance of parole...but so will many of us. Most times its something profound or funny and i just have to have it. Now this one is really really cute... of course i dont think anyone can carry me like this...oh how i wish!!! except Andre the Giant of course...anyone else is just trying to die...i love the picture and i just don't know why

March 3rd - Funny Picture

I remember how i literally rolled on the floor when i saw the above picture.... i was crying... it was just to silly to be true...what??????

March 4th - Someone who makes me laugh

Everyone in my family is a riot, but my brother takes the cake... This particular brother is the reason for my sense of humour... He just has this ability to turn any topic into a joke. And so this is my favourite comedian... My bro :)

Till next time :***


Krimmedic said...

This is too much fun. *sigh*
You're just a modeler for fun and greatness. May Jesus be with you as you mod. Amin.

Feisty said...

Cool idea!!! Am I allowed to tif this idea too? ;) Laide, it's day 17 oh! No updates from u yet *sighs*