Saturday, 17 March 2012

March Photo Challenge

March 5th - What i ate for breakfast

It was some sexy ass acara(Yeah i know its akara) and bread, too bad i finished the bread b4 i remembered i was supposed to take a picture *covers face*

March 6th - A sad picture

Its sad because, well look at it... isnt it sad

This picture is sad because well the car is completely totaled which is sad for the owner and also cause i was in it. Me and a friend, whenever i see the picture i am thankful but it also reminds me of a very horrifying experience. Thank God

March 7th – My hair
My hair has been long, short, twisted, braided… in the land of hair mine is definitely not a virgin. Lately with work and all the heat… I find myself fixing nothing longer than 12inches if I want to push it maybe 14. Biko I cant come and die because I want long flowing Lagos big girl hair… I’ll wait till I get my Armada. So this is what my hair looked like on March 7th

March 8th – Baby Picture

I wasn’t exactly a baby but I was about 3 or 4 I think…. Loool see me flashing what is not there…they say ive always been an exhibitionist… not true…

March 9th – I cannot go a day without this item

oh how i love rings… a day out without them and i feel naked, almost incomplete....

March 10th – Weird super hero

I don't quite know what i was thinking when i put this up as one of the topics.

A weird superhero would be someone called - Cleavage lady
Distracts you with her cleavage and goes in for the kill.

March 11th - My nails

I have lovely nails if I do say so myself…loool but its true… I do...

March 12th – My office

The Souvenir Shelf... everyone likes the shelf when they visit my office. It looks a lil scattered right now but its my favourite part of my cosy lil office.

March 13th – Inside my bag

Hmmn this was a good day..loool I basically didn’t have much in my bag except my trusty beauty rush Appletini lotion, my Dean Koontz novel which is a nice read, hair brush, lip gloss, sleek pout polish,a lil perfume bottle, a flash, TRACE key holder, wallet…oh yeah my new phone that ‘ll forever gush about the Nokia Asha303…loves it

March 14th – Something new

I just finished raving about it. My NOKIA ASHA 303… Touchscreen I think out of all the Nokia phones iv ever had this is my fav…and iv had alotta Nokia phones. Browsing is a breeze with this phone,there's shazam …and it’s the unlimited version so no more trying to figure out who sang what song..i just ‘shazam’ it..pls permit my razzness I am excited, there's angry birds too… the media player too is also something..

March 15th- Something Old

Some things are old but worth keeping.

March 16th – Something borrowed

Lol okay more like stolen, but the funny thing is the owner actually thinks he stole it from me… I love buttons…iv had many but not sure if this was one of mine…but since he thinks its mine..who am I to argue? Hehe lool I tell the folks at work that they should use the button to monitor my mood so they know when not to get me angry..i don’t think anyone listens though

March 17th – Makes me smile

In the words of the great Sophie Ellis Bextor..
Music gets the best of me.


Sugabelly said...


That car picture!! Is that your car??? What happened? Thank goodness you're okay.

Your orange nails look fierce!!

femmelounge said...

i enjoyed reading your photo challenge. lol @the baby picture!

Ayob Alariwo said...

loool @ "Cleavage lady"