Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dis Social Media Marketing Thing Sef

I love the INTERNET. God bless the people who invented it, as I hear a single person isn’t responsible for it but a couple of people have helped contribute and develop the Internet.

The opportunities that have opened up to me because of this massive resource portal have been more than amazing and the ones I am yet to discover. There is money to be made on the internet.....Major money.

But I digress, I wanna talk about Social Media Marketing for a bit.

Internet/Online Marketing is the future. Social Media Marketing is just an aspect of Internet Marketing which is vast and wide.

According to Wikipedia, Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A definition which is quite apt.

Now I didn’t go to any school to learn about Social Media Marketing, I don’t have a degree in Marketing or Advertising..i am just a young girl (yes young) who has been surrounded all her life by people who are major players in the Advertising/Marketing industry and has learnt a thing or two, who is creative, who has done a little bit of her homework and who still knows there is more to learn.

Below are a couple of things you should know about Social Media Marketing, now these are just the basics i haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Social Media Marketing is important because, look at it this way. When you go online you check at least one social media network. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Naijapals, 2go. Whichever one you are addicted to. You always check in when you are online. People love social networking sites..we love to discuss, make friends, network and exchange ideas… now if you have a large following on one of these networks anything you put up will be seen by your friends/followers.This is your selling power or rather this can be your selling large your network is and how influential you are and how interested you are in it...because its not just about making money and doing a shoddy job.

You can have a large following and still not be able to convert your followers into consumers. You have to be a thought leader/Influencer. Who are influencers? These are people who others listen to, whose opinions people take seriously. As such, if a person like this recommends a service you’d be more willing to try it out or even find out what it is about as opposed to someone whose opinion doesn’t really hold water with you. They might have a lot of followers but you just don’t trust their opinion enough to want to even bother listening to any product or service they are recommending.

Another thing about S.M.M is that most businesses think it is a one-off thing, you know the saying “out of sight is out of mind” also applies to business. If your product/service or event isn’t buzzing how do you expect people to know its available? Now I am not saying you should spend all your money on S.M.M but at least set aside some money every month for S.M.M even if it’s not for the whole month. For at least 2 weeks in a month. As a small business you don’t have that big a budget to do a TV ad, billboards and the likes. The next best thing to get word out about your business is the internet. Funny thing is even the Major brands and Large businesses know the value of Social Media and so apart from their TV ads, billboards and radio and print ads they also engage in social media buzz.

Do not open an account strictly for tweeting,posting about your business, this is just the easiest way to drive people away and get "unfollowed/unfriended". You don’t want people to think you are a bot. Tweet at people, chat with them gist about other issues that don’t have to do with your business/brand ask questions…be social and every now and then tweet about your brand but it is important to mix it up. So many things can piss people off on social media networks, the thing you should remember is to not impose anything on anyone, give them the chance to choose whether they want to try a thing or click a link…constantly tweeting at them to try and get them to do something every time might get you blocked or muted.

So you have identified some social media influencers to tweet about your business, but that is NOT enough. What are you doing to also create buzz, in this time and age it is a crime not to explore the different social media platforms for your business. All the big companies have totally seen how effective Social Media is and spend loads of money on social media campaigns, please Google. You cannot afford to relent,you need to also ensure you explore social media too. You have to be on deck, if you are not managing your social media accounts someone competent whose only job it is to engage people about your brand, business, product should be hired. It is very important. If I drive traffic to your social media platforms and there is nobody to take over from me what do you think will happen. These potential consumers will just assume you are not even serious and unfollow you and won’t even bother. Social media is more ROP (Returns on participation) than ROI (Returns on investment) the more you engage people, participate… the more people listen up and want to try it out one day.

It's not magic! It doesn’t happen overnight especially if you are not giving out money or gifts. You have to be patient but with time your network will grow. You cannot get 10,000 followers in 2 weeks (except like I said you are giving out something or doing a competition of some sorts or you are a major brand but still na major brand dem wan chop? or if you are a celebrity..but people love giveaways) if your account just lies dormant it discourages people. I always feel the need to let people know that you cannot afford to slack on social media right now, if you are too busy get someone to handle your social media accounts. You need to monitor what people are saying about your brand/product, business and address it the very moment it comes up, whether good or bad.

Social media marketing later leads to word of mouth marketing.

For example,
Someone sees something on a site they frequent every day, maybe about a clothing store. You meet a friend who says they need a shoe or something …and you remember oh yeah “there is this person whose opinion I trust and was advertising this really cool clothing store with affordable stuff, I think I can get a number” and that is how it happens. Slowly but surely your network will grow.

So like we say in Secondary School. I hope i have been able to convince you and not confuse you on why SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is really important, and some of the things you should be doing right now. There is still a whole LOT to talk about but this is just the first of many other Social Media Marketing discussions to come.

That said if you need SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ please do not hesistate to contact me.


UCHEUGO said...

Really nice info and the western market is experiencing a huge shift already.

Social media BUSINESS marketing is an excellent tool, when used in conjunction with traditional advertising and other marketing efforts – it’s not an end but it’s a good beginning! thumbs up for the info.

Obidara said...

I agree with you about the possibilities SMM spurs up for a business, I've seen it first hand. Thanks for the tips, I'll need them. Good one, 'Laide... Bless You.

Chimah Ikechukwu said...

I like this! Hope they work for me doe. Thanks for the word!

spice said...

You are right about the fact that SMM is the fastest way to get your product and services across to pple, faster than radio and tv ads' cos its not every1 dat sits to listen to them but almost everybody has one or two favourite social site. Good job babe. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Good one laide

EpicTemi said...

Was a little confused about SMM but this blog has helped ease that... Gracias!!!

livelife said...

Totally loved this post, thanks for all the info.

Tamsdiary- livelife.blogspot. Com

GadgetJunkie said...

Really useful stuff, especially for someone who is still new at this kinda marketing strategy...Nice one!

Anonymous said...

It's my first time but dis piece was educating and hope to make use of it in my bizness....Thanks

Ayob Alariwo said...

Hehehe Nice... *Notes taken* :)

Abita Okutinyang said...

Just exactly what I'm looking for Mz got a new product that I want to introduce into the market, so hope you can help. Please contact me on Thanks.