Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I hate you! Yes you!!! You!!!!!

No not you reading!!! Have no fear. Those are just what you'd get and more from watching the stage play "OH HOW DEARLY I DETEST THEE"

DONT MISS the grand finale of the stage play at Terra Kulture this Sunday, the 29th of April, at 3pm and 6pm.

Those that went to watch the play the past Sundays in April all ‘loved it’ with comments like "fun", "engaging", "crowd cheering", "easily relatable".

Come watch this insightful stage play about 2 people in a relationship who seem to argue about everything and anything..

So what is the PLAY about you ask?

Well this new stage play is an adoption of the life of a modern day couple Tambe and Aku married into the traditional arranged marriage.

The play shows the couple that have been married for years then find themselves living in a ‘hamster cage’ filled with hatred and disgust. Can Tambe and Aku withstand it? Who, really, is at fault?

Find out what happens to a marriage hen Husband and Wife don't talk to each other.

The past Sunday's show was powerful and very brilliant. The casts were note-perfect, especially the lead casts Eyiyemi Rogbinyin and Kenneth Uphopho. The other casts also played hard tasks in different ways.

Watching a play can be a magical experience for most people and "OH HOW I DETEST thee" is not an exception.

VENUE IS ---> Terra Kulture in Victoria Island on Sunday the 29th of April

Tickets costs N2,500. For bookings and enquires call 08037177106, 08034448812 and

Come relax, turn of ur mind and just enjoy the experience.

This stage play brought to you by PAWSTUDIOUS.

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