Tuesday, 22 January 2013

R.I.P My Friend

Rest in peace my beautiful friend. Rest in peace Nicole Opeyemi Adedeji.

I usually have a way with words but words fail me now.

When i saw your twitter handle attached to RIP yesterday i screamed! i screamed! i didn't care that i was at work... for 30mins or so it was like i was dreaming, it felt unreal, not nicole, not khimmy possible...not you

I remember buzzing you repeatedly but no response and asking about you on twitter cause i hadn't heard from you/spoken to you. I had no idea you were sick.

One would think that we had actually met, Nicole, but something always came up. I've known you for what? i think like 4yrs, from Facebook, Bb and Twitter.

I remember last year you were supposed to come to Lagos and you wanted to come for the TRACE party and we would finally meet, but you missed your flight and you were really sorry even if it wasn't your fault.

Do you remember that time i tweeted about that movie Devil, how i was scared to watch it cause i was alone and it was late and you buzzed to tell me you had watched it and that it wasnt really scary and took the time to take me through the plot and told me to watch it jor.

Or that time you buzzed me to tell me of what some folks said i did and how you had my back and told them i wasn't involved.

Or when there's a twitter fight you'll buzz me for gist....amebo :p

When you told me about your interior decor job and the place you were remodelling

Or the time i told you about that relationship and you tried to make me feel better

the many conversations we had ....

I have NEVER lost anyone i cared about, even though we never met physically, you were a friend. A sweetheart, always happy and willing to make me smile. Easy go lucky. Free-spirited. Unapologetic.

I have learnt one thing from you, to try be kind and nice to everyone you meet. To be friendly and to reach out to people like you reached out to me.

This always gives me solace - 'The ones truly dead are the ones that are forgotten'

You will never be forgotten dear.