Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Get You A Phone That Can Do This


              Imagine you were on the phone with your crush (bae in your mind) 

twirling in bed and lost in the conversation. Then nothing, your phone dies

so you have to wait till your phone charges properly till you continue what's probably one of the best conversations of your life.

Or imagine you had the Infinix Note 3 where you could just charge your phone for 5 mins and you continue the conversation  for up to 200 amazing minutes.

Forget everything you thought you could achieve in five minutes cause the Infinix Note 3 fast recharge just tops it.

Thanks to duo 4.5 A charging engines in the #InfinixNote3 your phone charges quickly so you can get back to doing whatever it is you love doing on your phone.

Especially in a place like Nigeria with power outages, knowing that sometimes all you need is 5 minutes to continue that important conversation makes a whole lotta sense really.

So get you a phone that can do this...yeah that's right only the Note 3 can.