Sunday, 23 October 2016

Just here gushing about my infinix Note 3

So I've had the pleasure of using the Infinix Note 3 for the past three weeks.  If  you are in the market for an affordable phone that does super cool things then please read on.

 I'm not a full on techie person so i'm not going to feed you a tech review cause i'd just be talking out of my *bleep* and you definitely don't want that.

For me personally, this phone has too many features that makes sense for my everyday life and things that I do  which is why it's a win for me.

I've used an Infinix phone before, the Infinix Zero is amazing. Lost it twice, bought it back twice so i'm not newbie here.

For the Infinix Note 3 the design, the 6 inch screen/ display are the first things that hit you when you see the phone. It's a dream, sexy thang! i tell you...but see, it's not just a pretty face.

Hey Sexy

I mean come on look at it, doesn't it look beautiful? Up close there's no way you won't be tempted to grab this phone. It's got sexy on lock down. Design wise it's awesome...sleek and that metallic body....ooooh weee. Bottom line it looks good and solid but it is big.

Then again BIG is not necessarily a bad thing

6 inch screen BIG means you can comfortably watch your movies and series on it. Plus it's not just big for nothing, the display is divine. 

Now let's talk fav features

Screen Record 

Move over screenshot, helllooooo screen record.. being able to record whatever is on your screen as an actual video.. Do you know how awesome that is?

Now when i see a video or a bunch of tweets i need to share i just screen record as i scroll through them. I love love love this feature


Fingerprint sensor 

I don’t know about you but I like that one tap is all I need to access my phone. Pins, passwords, patterns….nope miss me with all that. I just think it’s too much stress but with this I can still keep my phone secure without having to remember anything.

But wait…there’s more

See all these selfies? I took them with just a tap on the sensor, so no more struggle front tapping just comfortably keep posing and taping the sensor behind when taking selfies.

But wait…there’s still more… 

you can also scroll through pictures on your phone and answer calls with the fingerprint sensor…you see why i love it?


Selfie camera (front)– 5 megapixel (has a soft flash)
Everything else camera (rear)  – 13 megapixel

Yeah the mega pixels don't particularly make you want to skelewu into the sunset but see it's a pretty decent camera..ESPECIALLY under natural light...amazing.

Battery life is very important this side of the world…I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you why. 

I’ve been monitoring how long my battery lasts and being a full on social media person who also  watches movies on her phone, my battery life has been pretty good, not completely depleted like i'd expect with all that activity going on.

So I found out more, and with the 4500 mAh battery that the Infinix Note 3 comes with your battery life isn’t drained so quickly. The Note 2 had a 4040mAh battery so this is an improvement.

It also charges super-fast, so i don’t have to leave the phone overnight to meet a fully charged phone, it can be fully charged in less than 2 hours so that’s a plus for me..


I gather it comes with a new software that everyone swears by – XOS

If it’s the reason for the pretty cool themes and wallpapers I have been admiring since I got the phone then way to go.

The icons also look better and not tacky at all and  the fact that you can switch between apps easily should be music to anyone’s ears and with this phone you definitely can.


Internal storage is blah, just 16 gb but hey it supports a memory card/micro sd card of up to 128gb…wawu! Yup so that makes up for it.


Feel free to read up so more about it and if it sounds like the kind of phone you need in your life please by all means get it….it goes for about 60-63k now and you can get it at any of the popular online sites or phone stores

Now it's not that alot of phones don't do all these super cool things, it's just that they would probably burn a hole in your pocket and at times like these you need a phone that comes through for you without having to clear out your account really.

One snag is that it doesn't support  the 4G experience, but i hear the 4G version will be released soon.

Check out my unboxing post for more pictures of the phone : UNBOXING

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